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WanderFund is a mobile platform, in-destination solution that helps young travellers enjoy TUI's Specialist portfolio of activities by letting them crowd-purchase and crowdfund for activities that are normally out of their budget.

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TUI WanderFund

  1. 1. Traveling today Airbnb Got 3 million bookings in 2012 Couch Surfing Now has a global community of 6 million people OTA’s Over half of the UK travelers book their holidays online Trip Advisor is the world's largest travel site. With over 200 million unique visitors per month, Social Media 52 percent of Facebook users said that their friends’ holiday photos had inspired their vacation choice. Youth & Travel: By 2011 travelers between the ages 16 and 24 spent around £400 million less compared to 1999. Only 3% of Nordics from 18-25 choose planned vacations
  2. 2. The future of traveling "Travel will become more collaborative over the next decade, both in terms of how people travel, and how the travel industry interacts with travelers."  Source: Amadeus - From chaos to collaboration
  3. 3. The future of traveling "Travel providers will need to shift focus from satisfying the needs and wants of the traveller as an individual, to providing the environment for networks and flows of travelers as a group to move and flourish." Source: Amadeus - From chaos to collaboration
  4. 4. “The paradox is that by reducing the emphasis on selling, travel industry providers will have a deeper and more profitable relationship with travelers.” Source: Amadeus - From chaos to collaboration The paradox
  5. 5. Flexibility, spontaneity and reliability. The need Budget friendly activities Travel spending young travelers rose 20% in 2010, making them the fastest-growing age segment, according to American Express Business 70% change their Facebook status while on vacation. 70% indicated they expect special places to offer immersive experiences that are interactive and hands-on.  58% of Millennials (20% higher than older generations) prefer to travel with friends. Millennials reject a cookie cutter journey. 85% of leisure travelers use their smartphones during vacation. They’re always looking for opportunities to meet other Millennials and experience foreign countries with new people.  
  6. 6. To harness TUI’s power for the consumer Purpose
  7. 7. Young people are time rich but money poor. Insight
  8. 8. GET young people TO travel with TUI and make the most of their holiday experience BY moving from a model of service and selling to an promoter of experiences Strategy
  9. 9. Strategy TUI’s mainstream Specialist & Activity Idea
  10. 10. Mindset By using WanderFund I can connect with other travelers And get discounted prices for activities that would otherwise Be out of my budget.
  11. 11. Model Collaborative Consumption Crowdfunding TUI gets bulk price deals, increasing demand. If users need help with the payment, the platform enables crowdfunding in their personal social networks. The offer goes into the WF pool so users can confirm their place at the special rate
  12. 12. 1. Possible WanderFund activities are displayed in the platform inventory 2. When an experience has reached the minimum participant number, users get a notification Users can crowdfund in facebook, and the money collected goes into their pledge 3. Users can check the activity throughout the day, confirmed places, number of open crowdfunds and their progress. 4. Credit cards are charged 24 hours in advance to secure the activity The money crowdfunded by the users network goes into their profile, they just pay the remaining fee In case the experience doesn’t meet the goal within the deadline, users get a notification it has been cancelled
  13. 13. Payment Travelers can either pay the regular rate, or use our flexible crowdfunding platform to reach the goal.
  14. 14. UX Authorize Payment Home New Adventures (Other User Galleries) ProfileFind Adventure (Search / Sort / Add) Track Progress Rate & Review Join My WF Ask for funding on FB Join HistoryMy Account
  15. 15. Find Adventure Search and add new activities from TUI’s offerings.
  16. 16. Find Adventure Intelligent search by adventure title, merchant, location, date, price, etc. Sort all TUI’s offerings by “Close to reaching lowest price,” categories, highly rated, price, deadline, etc.
  17. 17. New Adventures WanderFund allows you to browse other users’ galleries and chip in on their WanderFund experiences.
  18. 18. User is able to see other people’s activities. Clicking on each of these activities leads to the next screen, where she can join, or share on FB for crowdfunding. New Adventures How many people have joined Up-to-date price of the activity
  19. 19. New Adventures Detail It’s linked with Facebook, so users can ask their personal network for support.
  20. 20. New Adventures Detail User sees details of the new activity she wants to join. Experience creator’s description of why she wants people to join her / crowdfund for her. It also shows FB photos of other people who will also be at the activity. How many people have joined Up-to-date price of the experience
  21. 21. New Adventures Detail Starred reviews aggregated from various trust worthy review sites Ask for Wanderfund on Facebook Join the Adventure – once clicked, this experience becomes trackable in “My WanderFunds” Deadline to join or fund experience
  22. 22. My Wanderfunds You can also see your own WanderFunds in a simple way, showing the amount of participants who have joined and the money collected so far.
  23. 23. My Wanderfunds User is able to see her own list of experiences she wants to crowdfund or ask people to join. How many people she still needs to get the min. price How much money she still needs to reach the current goal price Clicking on the photo takes her to the screen which shows details of the activity she’s tracking. Clicking on the Wanderfund button shares it on FB without having to see the details.
  24. 24. Track Progress Progress for every experience is easily visualized, showing number of people crowdfunding, days left and how close the project is from reaching its goal.
  25. 25. Track Progress User is able to track activities she has joined or created. Ask for funding on Facebook Collapsible tabs Who and how many people have just joined How many people at this point? Ask people to join Collapsible tabs Who donated money Message How much money donated by FB friend How much money do you have at this point?
  26. 26. Track Progress The total number of people you need for the discounted price How many people do you still need? Up-to-date total price – changes as # of people increases How much money you still need to raise before the deadline
  27. 27. Track Progress (goal reached) Buttons replaced by “Pay Now” when both goals have been reached Flags indicate Goal Reached Once the goal has been reached and date of activity passes, the activity moves into “History” and users can rate experience
  28. 28. Summary Explore While on holidays or before you get there the activities that are being crowd funded 1 Choose The one you like the most, join and wait for more people to come Or kickstart a new activity with TUI 23 Social Media You can even ask your friends and family to chip into your holiday wish. 4 Enjoy The amazing experience TUI has for you.
  29. 29. Thanks!