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Techniques of swedish massage and its importance

A good massage when in need for a relief of muscle tightness and strain will do a lot better than any other method one may choose. This is why many register to attend health spa and consult therapists after a long tiring day.

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Techniques of swedish massage and its importance

  1. 1. Techniques Of Swedish MassageAnd Its Importance
  2. 2. • Swedish massage involves various techniques intended to relax muscles through application of pressure to them between deeper muscles and bones. This is also followed by rubbing in strokes that follow the direction of flow of blood, when going back to the heart. Such an act leaves the body and brain feeling fresh.
  3. 3. • This kind of massaging helps to increase oxygen flow into the blood while helping removal of toxins from the muscles. People suffering from muscular strain will find this very useful. It helps in flushing out uric acid, lactic acid and other metabolic wastes therefore enabling one to experience quick recovery from muscular strains.
  4. 4. • This kind of exercise is one way to keep your ligaments flexible. People taking this massage will help in stretching their ligaments. Besides, it acts as a stimulant to the skin and human nervous system. In the process, the nerves themselves are soothed.
  5. 5. • Those looking for ways to reduce stress, after a long chaotic day, then here is a good remedy. One can control both physical and emotional strain through such a therapy. Doctors also suggest this as a good program for lowering stress levels.
  6. 6. • Besides, this body workout has other specific medical uses as suggested by doctors. People that receive this kind of body work regularly will boost their immune system, have increased number of white blood cells and their body defense system against ailments like colds and flu is raised. Besides, it improves circulation without overloading the heart.
  7. 7. • It is characterized by long gliding strokes done using the palms, fingertips and the thumbs. A lot of pressure is applied in circular motions that may feel uncomfortable for those new to it. Other techniques include oscillatory movements, bending and stretching, percussion and others. It is also good to note that these can be customized to suit the needs of your body.
  8. 8. • Since it involves a lot of pressure and force, one should inform the therapist areas that may be strained or have pain. Any allergy or pregnancy is an important condition to let the attendant know about before the massages. It may also not be suitable for people who are sick.
  9. 9. • In essence, Swedish massage is quite invigorating and leaves a client feeling good. This kind of kneading increases blood circulation and causes relaxation of the muscles and nerves. In addition, it is not only a relaxation therapy but has many other health benefits. In any case, it is among the world known best body workout.
  10. 10. Swedish Massage