Network marketing


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Network marketing which is also known as multi level marketing is a trading strategy in which the sales force gets money from the sales they make and from the people they have recruited.

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Network marketing

  1. 1. Essay About NetworkMarketingNetwork marketing which is also known as multi level marketing is a tradingstrategy in which the sales force gets money from the sales they make and fromthe people they have recruited. In most cases, the sales people are expected tosell products to consumers directly by word of mouth or by relationshipreferrals. There are a number of tips which can be used to succeed in thisbusiness.The first thing is that the sales team has to be passionate, enthusiastic and selfdriven. The second thing is that the sales teams have to market a product thatthey believe in, for instance make up products and vitamins. This helps tosustain longevity in the direct selling industry.The next step that the sales person should take is to join a good multi levelorganization. A good organization is one which has a good mission as well asvision. The organization should have good long term and short term goals.Joining an organization that has been in the market for a long time is also likelyto increase the profit of the sellers.The other important factor is to recruit great sales people. The reason behindthis is that if they are able to sell a lot of products it will increase the recruitersprofit. Good recruiters have the ability to sell without being too pushy oroverbearing. It is also important to teach the other people in the sales teamabout good trading tips that will make the customers happier and satisfied withthe product.Nowadays the internet is also one of the main ways of increasing the sales. Therecruiter should create a blog which informs people about the products and salesteam. The blog should be designed in a way that it allows people to subscribevia e mail and through those mails the clients will be informed when there arenew products.
  2. 2. For the new sales people, they can easily increase their profits by aiming for thetop, and this they can do by creating a good network. This is a god moneymaking business because each person is his or her own boss. There are alsomulti level businesses which sell services. It is a bit easier to venture into thisbusiness because the capital required is so minimal.If an organization is selling new products, it is good to introduce themselvesofficially in the society by hosting an event. Network marketing, for exampleSynergy Worldwide, is a very nice trading strategy. In some countries, therecruiters are confused for pyramid schemes, but this is a legal business.