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Employee engagement ideas at the workplace


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Modern business organizations are waking up to the enormous promise inherent in employee engagement strategies in the workplace.

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Employee engagement ideas at the workplace

  1. 1. Little Known EmployeeEngagement Ideas At The WorkplaceModern business organizations are waking up to the enormouspromise inherent in employee engagement strategies in theworkplace. It is the concept that many are increasinglybecoming reliant on in driving performance and productivity.However, there is a perception that to deploy a successfulplan; a lot of money must be invested. The following ideasshow why this is a misconception that could be holding backsome valuable achievements at the corporate front.A veritable tool in engaging employee is removing obstaclesthat hinder innovation and productivity. Human resourcemanagers often forget that they took every effort to hiretalented individuals who have consequently been working on thefrontline of the companys production. Putting obstacles onany new ideas such employees have about doing things can onlystifle innovation and bring down productivity.Allowing workers enough flexibility to accomplish tasks theway they prefer will also help the businesss productivitygoals. The management needs to realize that productivity andoutcomes are the parameters that determine performance, notthe processes by which the workers achieve these goals.There is perhaps no other corporate practice that leads todisengagement of employees as endless bureaucracy. The answeris not in firing managers but in devolving accountability suchthat employees do not have to feel that their work and ideashave to undergo endless reviews before it is accepted.Removing even a single round of review gives workers the sensethat their efforts have been recognized for their quality andexcellence.Companies can also engage their employees further by givingimmediate feedback on every aspect of employee performance. Ifa worker is going the extra mile in achieving their goals,they need to be given more than just a thank you. If genuineappreciation of work well done is not given, the employee isunlikely to put in as much effort in the next engagement.
  2. 2. Conversely, failure to identify and censure underperformingworkers will only encourage further laxity.The power of open communication is often ignored in manycorporate circles. Workers need to feel part of the strategyat every level of operation so they can be as passionate asthe management in achieving goals. Both good and bad newsshould be shared in equal measure. Trying to bottle up a pieceof bad news will only fuel rumors and conspiracy theories.Research shows that engaged employees are much more productivefor their organizations. Such workers are more customer-focused, much safer and likely to be tempted into leaving theorganization. Leading organizations strive to implementemployee engagement strategies in a bid to achieve corporategoals and thereby attain profitability.