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Criminal background records


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Criminal background records are required more frequently then one would imagine. These checks can be accessed at various levels, as all law enforcement agencies keep their own files.

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Criminal background records

  1. 1. Word On CriminalBackground RecordsCriminal background records are required more frequently then onewould imagine. These checks can be accessed at various levels, as alllaw enforcement agencies keep their own files. Some agencies ordepartments make their information available to the public, especially inthe case of registered sex offenders. All history of the crimes andmisdemeanours of sex offenders are freely available. Other agenciesprefer to keep their files private.These files are kept at every level, with the federal government at thetop tier. The federal government keeps the National Crime InformationCentre as one of their databases. Agencies and departments then entertheir data into this database.Federal government record information is kept private and is not easy toaccess by the public. Companies do exist that claim to access thisinformation. They are usually fraudulent. The FBI website tells visitorsthat only you may request a copy of your record from them.Citizens need a history record check if they wish to buy firearms. This isenforced by what is called the Brady Bill and extends to both handgunsand "restricted firearms". This is to prevent dangerous convictedcriminals arming themselves. The National Instant Criminal BackgroundCheck System exists to run these searches quickly and efficiently.
  2. 2. Another common need for these past checks is for travelling to othercountries. Usually it required for living and working in another country.But some countries go as far as requiring a check if you are just visiting.Different countries have different requirements for these checks.Many young Americans wish to go teach English in Asian countries likeSouth Korea after graduating. Working and travelling in Asia is anincreasingly popular way to see the world and save money. This isimpossible if you have any kind of mark on your record, even aconviction for driving under the influence.South Korea has recently changed their immigration laws to require UScitizens to get a criminal background check at Federal level. Up untilrecently it was acceptable to run a history check at State level. Thismeans graduates need to apply to the FBI for their check.If you are applying for federal employment or seeking naturalization inthe United States criminal record search is also required. If you wish tojoin the military you will need one of these checks. Additionally, if youwish to adopt or foster a child you also need a clear record.