R Word 4 Mm P2


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R-word brochure designed with middle school students in mind.

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R Word 4 Mm P2

  1. 1. 10 Ways to Tell People It’s Not Cool to Use the R-Word: 1. Some words should never be used to describe a person. The R-word is one of them. The mission of Special Olympics Texas 2. Clean up your vocabulary. Wipe out the R-word. is to provide year-round sports training 3. Change a word and change the and athletic competition in a variety of world. Eliminate the R-word. Olympic-type sports for children and adults 4. Medal in respect. with intellectual disabilities, giving them Don’t use the R-word. continuing opportunities to develop physical Erase the 5. Save labels for your closet. fitness, demonstrate courage, experience Don’t label anyone with the joy and participate in the sharing of gifts, R-word; it’s never okay to say. skills and friendship with their families, R-word. 6. Erase the R-word. other Special Olympics athletes You can help rewrite how and the community. society thinks and speaks. 7. Eliminate the R-word and join in the It’s never okay to say. campaign to change minds and change attitudes. Special Olympics Texas 8. Words hurt, so watch the ones 7715 Chevy Chase Drive you choose to use. Remove the Suite 120 R-word from your vocabulary. Austin, TX 78752 9. Be a fan of acceptance and inclusion. Eliminate the R-word. 10. It’s not cool and it’s not a joke. The R-word is not an adjective; 800.876.JOIN (5646) don’t use it to describe anything w w w. s o t x . o r g or anyone. A project of the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities
  2. 2. How Did the Campaign to You Can Support the Erase the R-Word Begin? Take the Pledge R-Word Campaign Sometimes people don’t think about the Eliminating the R-word and The R-word campaign is dedicated to impact their words have on other people, promoting the use of proper changing the negative ways that society but words do hurt. Using the R-word terminology starts with you! Take labels people with intellectual disabilities. to describe people with intellectual the pledge and encourage your Special Olympics Texas and its partners disabilities, or even using the R-word friends and family to join you in provide the vehicle for making this change a reality, but we need your support. Join in ANY manner, is hurtful and ending negative stereotypes and us in our efforts to create a world of disrespectful. helping to build more inclusive dignity and acceptance for all humanity. In 2004, Special Olympics changed its communities for people with terminology from mental retardation to intellectual disabilities. Start your own campaign. Start the R-word campaign in your school! intellectual disabilities in response to a call Post information, text everyone on your phone from our athletes who deeply felt the negative list, start a letter writing campaign, or host a connotations associated with the R-word and meeting or assembly and invite SOTX to speak. the term - retardation. Also, updating our Your influence and ideas can help us engage terminology put Special Olympics more in line more people! with the international community that has used terms other than mental retardation for years. Spread the word. Sign the pledge and ask your family and friends to Special thanks to Tribe Pictures for their support of this campaign. do the same. As part of the Meet in the Middle school project, points are awarded toward an end of the year celebration based on school participation. For more information, contact your Meet in the Middle school sponsor. Your support of this campaign will give our athletes a voice that will echo loud and clear across the Lone Star State. If you’re interested Add your name to the growing list of people in getting involved but don’t know how, we who have already made the same pledge online can help! Partner with Special Olympics Texas at www.specialolympicstexas.org. in your efforts; call 800.876.JOIN or email director_pr.chp@sotx.org and ask for the Join the campaign on Vice President of Communications. MySpace, Facebook and YouTube.