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Student portfolio. Updated from year 1.

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Meet In The Middle Menu Folder

  1. 1. Fitness Minutes Tracking Date Time Location Fitness Minutes Name of Buddy "Meet in the Middle" Folder in t he You have joined a group of students at your middle school to “Meet in the Middle” for fun activities that pair students with and without intellectual disabilities to log fitness minutes, get signatures to eliminate the R-word, learn about each other, and promote health, wellness and physical fitness goals. New Friends, Fun & Rewards Texas “MEET IN THE MIDDLE” NAME HOMEROOM SPONSOR
  2. 2. Menu of Online: Get your username and password from your sponsoring teacher. "Meet in the Middle Directions: Choose as many of these activities as you would like to do. Your sponsor teacher can give you more ideas. Be sure to get permission for each project first. Keep track Activities" of your minutes and projects, and earn rewards. Teacher Involvement Total Completion Activities Approval for Your Project Level Amounts/ Minutes Date/Teacher Initials 1. “Search for ‘intellectual disabilities’ on YouTube”- View videos then write an essay on what you learned from the videos about people’s perceptions of individuals with intellectual disabilities - Level 1 activity; Presenting it to class or group - Level 2 activity. 2. “Read a Non-Fiction Book”- or story about young people with intellectual disabilities and either write an essay or create a poster, short skit, ad, or other project to promote understanding and acceptance. Reading the book - Level 1 activity; Creating a project and sharing it - Level 2 activity. 3. “Present Your Project”- from the above activity in a class, at a club meeting, or other opportunity for classmates to find out about what you learned. Create a skit or panel presentation and share with others - Level 3 activity. 4. “Morning Announcements”- Write and present regularly scheduled messages of acceptance, participation, “UNITY” (e.g., “Be a Fan” themed, Eliminate the R-word campaign, etc.) - Level 1 activity; “winner” of most announcements created and announced - Level 2 activity. 5. “Fitness Minutes”- Buddies (typically-developing peer and a student with intellectual disabilities) walk the track before the start of the school day or after lunch, increasing distance, speed, etc., tracking fitness minutes. (this is just one idea, buddies can create their own “Fitness Minutes” ideas) - Level 1 activity. 6. “Training Buddies”- Student with ID (intellectual disabilities) and a typically- developing peer “buddy up” during PE class to improve sports-specific skills needed for a sport offered through the Special Olympics Texas program in your district, or a potential new sport - Level 2 activity. 7. “Be a Learning Buddy”- Student with intellectual disabilities invites buddy to his or her Life Skills classroom to work on a project together (e.g., posters for the campus about the R-word campaign, posters for the counseling office, administration offices, cafeteria, etc. about “Unity” and acceptance themes) - Level 2 activity. 8. “Health and Wellness”- Students work together on a health and wellness-themed project such as creating a healthy eating food chart for the nurse’s office at the school - Level 2 activity. 9. “Track Your Eating Habits”- Students track their eating habits and consult with the school nurse about better choices for nutrition - Level 2 activity. 10. “Interview Each Other”- Interview a classmate with intellectual disabilities to find out how many things (interests, likes/dislikes, hobbies, etc.) you have in common - Level 2 activity. 11. “Volunteer at a Special Olympics Texas Practice”- Assist a Special Olympics Texas coach/teacher as a volunteer during Special Olympics practices - Level 2 activity. 12. “Volunteer at a Special Olympics Texas Competition”- Volunteer at a local or area Special Olympics Texas event, with parent/coach approval - Level 2 activity. 13. “Fans in the Stands”- Recruit five friends (or more) to be fans at a local Special Olympics Texas event - Level 2 activity. 14. “Be a Special Assignment Newspaper Reporter”- Take photos of your classmates participating in a Special Olympics Texas event and submit them along with an article about the competition or how your classmate did in the event, etc. to your “Meet in the Middle” sponsor for submission to a school or local newspaper - Level 2 activity for article in school newspaper; Level 3 activity for article in local newspaper. 15. “Let’s Do Lunch”- Eat lunch in the school cafeteria with your “Fitness Buddy” as often as possible, track lunches with partner on the back of this menu - Level 1 activity. 16. “SO Get Into It Videos”- In one of your classes or extracurricular clubs, view a Special Olympics video (from the SO Get Into It! DVD). After viewing, lead a discussion/ brainstorming about ideas for how your school can support Special Olympics - Level 3 activity. 17. “Ideas for a Challenge Day”- Meet with the Adapted PE teacher who works with the students on your campus who have significant physical disabilities. Create some fun, unique sports activities they they could do in a Challenge Day of their own - Level 2 activity. 18. “Organize a Challenge Day”- Help organize and volunteer at a Challenge Day for the special needs students who cannot otherwise participate in Special Olympics competitions. Must work with Special Olympics Texas coach - Level 3 activity. 19. “Promote Your Challenge Day”- Design and display banners for the Challenge Day; recruit classmates to be “fans” at the event - Level 2 activity. 20. “Myspace and Special Olympics Texas”- Visit! Add “Special Olympics Texas” to your friends list, watch the videos and blog about what is happening with YOUR school’s “Meet in the Middle” project - Level 1 activity. 21. “Facebook and Special Olympics Texas”- Meet us on Facebook at! Add SOTX as your friend on Facebook to add and swap “Meet in the Middle” flair and represent your school on the Super Wall - Level 1 activity. 22. “Be a Fan”- Be a fan of fun, inclusion, dignity, joy, courage, etc. Check out to find out more about Special Olympics Texas and the R-word campaign! After exploring the website, create a poster, write a paragraph in your English/Language Arts journal, or do a mini-presentation in one of your extracurricular activities or clubs about how Special Olympics offers something for everyone, and how we can all be fans - Level 2 activity. 23. “Make a Difference”- With your Meet in the Middle classmates, organize a fundraiser to donate proceeds to Special Olympics Texas. Must work with area Special Olympics Texas staff to develop - Level 2 activity. 24. “Honor the Woman Behind the Legacy”- In August 2009, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the founder of Special Olympics, passed away. Visit the website to learn about her commitment and service to the movement. Then create a project of your own to keep the legacy of Special Olympics alive in her honor - Level 2 activity. Involvement Levels: Level 1 - short, easy to do activity. Level 2 - activity takes longer and involves more time. Level 3 - long-term, involved project.