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Youth rally respect


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This was our Youth Rally promoting our program and RESPECT!

Published in: Education
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Youth rally respect

  1. 1. Youth Rally of R e s p e c t !
  2. 2. Ready to Spread the word!
  3. 3. We each tell what MIM means to us!
  4. 4. Cheerleaders support our Youth Rally!
  5. 5. Ms. Valls tells the crowd how very proud she is of each of them!
  6. 6. Everybody yell RESPECT!!!!!!
  7. 7. Numberto tell the crowd what RESPECT means to our kids!
  8. 8. Changing the way people think!
  9. 10. Albert speaks to the crowd about his experience with MIM.
  10. 11. Tools for the future: Respect, Unity, and Acceptance.