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Accounting solution slide

  1. 1. Cash Flow structure The profit center manager is held accountable for both revenues, and costs (expenses), and therefore, profits. The manager has to drive the sales revenue generating activities which leads to cash inflows and at the same time control the cost (cash outflows) causing activities.The management can follow how much profit each center makes and compare their relative efficiency and profit. Shared services accounts Design/Dev PR/Social Media Sales Funding Customer support AirHelp Project x Project x Project x Standardized service prices Project Accounts Project accounts with budgets Project x Weekly/Monthly profit/loss statement for each project and service + Status on project funding INVOICING budgetting Funding as loan to projects Invoices from partners Huubla ILP Snow potion Hong Kong
  2. 2. ILP Nicolas Michaelsen Asser Smith Ferdinand Kjærulff Henrik Zillmer Bearskin ApS AirHelp Ltd LMH ApS SOLD ApS AE ApS Magiske Byeventyr ApS ZYX Legal structure Snowpotion (psn company) Huubla ApS ICT Group (psn company) Hong Kong (psn company)
  3. 3. Accountant supervisor Organizational overview: Roles and responsibilities Data entry Workers Local accountant Customers E-conomics Customer Support in Zendesk DropboxE-bank Email Service manager 1. Customer Support responsibilities  Follow up on all contact with clients  Follow up on all tasks by accountant  Send reminders to client/workers 2. Accountant supervisor responsibilities  Expert in accounting  Supervising data-entry workers  QA of workers data-entry  Sending reports to customers 3. Data entry workers responsibilities  Bookkeeping  Data-entry 4. Service managers responsibilities  Performance management
  4. 4. Standard operating procedures for the accounting Service (SOP) 1. Lead is received in zendesk: 2. Customer support setup the following customer settings: 1. e-conomics trial account, 2. dropbox folder connected to the e-conomics account 3. Customer email to forward annexes directly into e-conomics (storage) 4. (Bank account in e-banking) Send customer the welcome mail with completed information and instructions. Ask for the following information to be updated in Zendesk: 1. Name of local accountant: email, company information, website etc. 2. Bank statement in excell spreatsheet 3. Existing scanned files/folder with existing annexes - shared dropbox folder/google drive 4. Company type: Weekly/monthly/yearly VAT reporting => Move customer to preperation phase 3. Customer support: collect all materials, update zendesk with information, insert reminders and request the material to be processed by the accounting supervisor => Move customer to Implementation phase 4. The accounting supervisor setup the basic settings in e-conomics and forward the tasks to data entry workers => Move customer to Implementation phase 5. Data worker update the e-conomic account with the information from the bank account and match each budget post with invoices/annexes and send result for approval by supervisor => Move customer to operation phase 6. Customer support follow up on weekly updates, missing invoices, etc. and request for further information
  5. 5. 'ILP - Accounting' This is the Folder which shall be available for the Customer 'ILP'. Step 1 - A team member of 'Accounting Services' - opens Dropbox / ILP- Accounting / and observes those 3 inputs. Step 2 - The pdf is copied to 'Dropbox /Accounting Servies / ILP/ 2013 / INWARD' (I do not want monthly folders - that makes searching very difficult. All will be brought into this INWARD folder. I will comeback to this shortly). Step 3 - Since there is no more process for this Annex, this PDF shall be moved to the 'Dropbox / ILP- Accounting / PROCESSED'. Step 4 - The jpg is opened, edited it in Picasa (if necessary) - cropping, straightening, contrast etc - and then printed it to PDF. It is named the PDF as per procedure and is filed into the 'Dropbox / Accounting Servies / ILP/ 2013 / INWARD'. Thereafter, 'Step 3' for the jpg. Therefore, the team-member is only required to check the customer folder (Dropbox/ILP Accounting/). When this folder is opened, only those Annexes are visible which are either pending or are new ones. Rest all are filed away in /PROCESSED. Step 5 - The members who shall be further processing these, shall directly go to 'Dropbox /Accounting Servies / ILP/ 2013 / INWARD' and start processing those for e-conomic. Step 6 - The Annexes shall be renamed with 'e-conomic Transaction ID Number' prefixed to filename and moved to 'Dropbox /Accounting Servies / ILP/ 2013 / ACCOUNTED' folder once the process is complete. Standard operating procedures for documents processing
  6. 6. A) We create a single email A/c - then the associated G-Drive and the 'DropBox' - 'ILP Accounting' B) When a new customer/client is added, a Folder in the DropBox shall be added for that client and the link shall be provided to them. C) The customer shall be requested to create a new folder for the date of submission (the date for folder name - e.g. 20 Mar 2013). each and every occasion (date-wise) they are submitting new file/s. The customer shall be requested to scan and file all the documents, with filename of their choice and simply drop those files in respective 'Dated' folder in the DropBox. In case there are multiple companies for a customer, they shall be required to mark the same on the face of the document (the way it has been done on many of the annexes in ILP) or shall add a short-name for the company in the filename. My emphasis here is - to expect the least effort from the customer. Typically, I would like to reduce the requirement of 'create date-wise folder' - our team should be capable of handling that part too. D) Our teams shall pick-up those files, open those, print those into PDF, if required, and 'SaveAs' those with unique filename: Shortname for the Company - 2/3 alpha - e.g. ILP Date on the document in DD/MM/YYYY format - e.g. 20042013 for a document dated today. Amount on the document (irrespective of currency) - e.g. 123.45 (whether USD / DKK / EUROS) e.g. /ILP 20042013 123.45.pdf (intentional double-space between the blocks) And, file all those in a single folder within an independent DropBox folder within a master folder (CUSTOMERS) by the shortname for the customer. The staff/team which is handling a particular customer accounting shall have the access to this. Standard operating procedures for documents processing
  7. 7. Training requirements for ”on boarding” of new personel: This is a small test of the procedures to see, if you’re qualified to work as a data assistant on this service. The test will consist of three steps: 1. An English accounting procedure, 2. A Danish accounting procedure , 3. Live test on customer In this test you will be asked to create a two week trial version here: and send us the log-in information, so we can track your progress. You can always ask questions or find the answers to your questions here: You will be asked to watch the tutorials below and use your trial period to create sample data and send us screenshot for us to evaluate how much you have learned. 1) Getting started with Economic UK: 2) Create new customer account: installing a default company setup: 3) How to import your opening balances into e-conomic using an excel csv file: 4) How to use Scanning and get the best out of the functionality: 5) How to match a supplier payment on account with the invoice: 1WbTADBE9c&list=UU_gB95wQxDMtoZQhKs7qQCQ&index=17 6) How to process a VAT only supplier invoice: 7) How to complete a bank reconciliation by importing your bank statement: The instructions for the second test will be sent once you have passed the initial English test.
  8. 8. Thank you for signing up to the book-keeping service brought to you by Bearskin Ventures We can run your entire financial back-office with minimal effort on your own part, so saving you both time and money to focus on what you do best in your business. What used to be a time-consuming, frustrating and expensive activity can now be put on auto-pilot with a fast, effective and affordable service which gives you an overview of your company’s financial situation, so you can see where every penny goes and make only those money decisions you feel good about. No more sleepless nights - we promise! Accounting software For a completely free 2-week trial period we have already signed you up to our online accounting software called At the end of the trial period, of course we hope you deicide to continue using our monthly service. Here is your log-in information: Aftalenr.: 566674 Bruger-ID: Fer Adgangskode: yr4uikrr How does it work? We will do all the book-keeping for you from this software – the only thing we need from you is a weekly bank statement, and all your receipts and invoices sent to us on an ongoing basis. You can send the weekly bank statement to the following email address: and receipts and invoices to the following email address: 896bilag566674@e- . If you only keep hard copies, just take a photo of the invoice on your smartphone, and send it to us. If you send us your DropBox username/email, we can share a DropBox folder where you can store your recipts and invoices, if you think this is easier. You can always log-in to view the current status of your accounts and we will send you a monthly report. We can also grant access to your accounts to any accountant authorized by you when it comes to making your annual financial statement. Just send us the email/contact information to your accountant, and we’ll take it from there. If you are paying invoices on a regular, recurring basis via a secure log-in on the internet,,we can collect a list of your suppliers and ask for those invoices, so that we receive them automatically. Bank transactions If you want us to manage your financial transactions, we can provide you with an account at Danske Bank that you can use as your company’s bank account – we can handle both Danish and international bank accounts. You will be the only one authorized to approve payments from this account, although we can prepare payments based on incoming invoices/salaries/etc. for your approval (or rejection) on a weekly basis. TAX/VAT reporting If you want us to manage your employees’ salaries, VAT and tax payments, you only need to send us your company’s “tast selv kode” for ( together with the name/CPR number/salary for each employee. Then we can create your employees’ salary slips and prepare all the transactions for your approval from your online Danske Bank account. Please let me know, if you have any questions, or if there are particular issues you would like us to address. If you’re not completely satisfied with our services, you can always put any complaints in writing to Best regards Welcome and introduction mail to get customers started.
  9. 9. Getting started: - Read this intro to Base CRM system: - Log-in - - sign up and please send me log-in details? - Install this clipper to your chrome browser Base CRM Tutorials for sales campaigns – I have used Airhelp as an example, but the principle is the same Intro: Converting leads: Sending email: Sales material: 1) email template: 2) script: – needs modifications to this service. Accounting sales process 1) Leads are hopefully created from landing page: 2) Convert lead into a potential deal 3) Tag the deal 4) Add contact to this deal – find the information by searching the internet a. I have created this as automed tasks i. Add company ii. Add company 5) The following automated task are created for the prospecting stage a. Send email: b. Take contact by phone:: When the customer agree to a partnership, move the deal to the next stage: 6) The following automated task are created for the qualified stage . Send instruction mail with terms of services and customer contract: i. signature: (gmail add-in) 7) The following automated task are created for the Quote stage a. Send the customer the final contract 8) The following automated task are created for the closure stage a. Store signed contract and send first invoice 9) The following automated task are created for the won stage a. Receive signed contract and verify first payment 10) The following automated task are created for the lost stage a. Take contact again in two weeks. Sales and marketing proces for the accounting service
  10. 10. 1) Customers can send invoices/annexes and bank statement through a gmail account or using dropbox as a shared folder. 2) Accounting is done in 3) The customer can choose to let us handle their bank account with – called business online 4) We can fill out what is needed for the TAX authorities 5) We like to use zendesk to track and monitor all communication between the bookkeeper and the customer 6) We might also need some kind of time-tracking tool to bill the customers for the service.. 7) We like to have a service dashboard to track the status of the business/the accounts etc. etc. Can I ask you to evaluate the API’s of gmail, dropbox, e-cononomics (, zendesk and maybe th bank solution: to evaluate how we might be able to optimize the information/document flows. What are the possibilities, opportunities and how could we do it? Maybe do some research of how competitors or other service providers might have build their accounting setup.. what are the best practices. The purpose of the system is to: 1) Reduce the risk of human errors – we cannot miss a date/deadline/or get any rules wrong 2) Automate key processes, tasks and flows 3) Leverage online software services with multiple features into a single service offering 4) Track and manage a scalable accounting department without too much management cost 5) Create perfect customer service so the customer feel safe I think key features would include 1) A unified financial dashboard for the customer.. see the status of the financial/accounting etc. 2) A unified dashboard for the bookkeeper 3) A management time/tracking system IT Infrastructure and evaluation of potential optimization