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Hr Training Outline


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Hr Training Outline

  1. 1. Management Mix Presents a Training Course On Human Resources Management (Competency based Talent Management) • How to Attract, Retain & • What are the Develop Talents? categories of competencies? • How to identify talents? • How competencies are • How to identify used for recruitment & competencies required? Performance Appraisal? • Who to Promote? • What is the relation • Poor Training? Poor results? between • Hire the wrong person? Corporate Performance High Turnover? & Competency based • Useless Interviews? Management? Don’t let it happen to you Talent Management
  2. 2. COURSE OBJECTIVES Track the latest developments in Human Resources, Talent Management and Competency Management, Get exposed to the Competency based Management model, Identify people development metrics that support corporate strategy, Track human performance against established strategic and operational goals, Identify corporate human indicators, The corporate deployment of the HR Scorecard through the EFQM framework, Identify specific tools: Training and Ddevelopment, Salary scale, Performance Appraisal, Succession planning. COURSE OUTLINE HUMAN RESOURCES AND PEOPLE MANAGEMENT Best Practices in People Management in Europe, US & Canada, Middle East, CIS country and Armenia The Organizations a system KR5 Standards: - IIP - Investors in People (UK), - EFQM - European Foundation for Quality Management. STRATEGIC HR PLANNING How to integrate your planning with your organization’s business objectives. How to identify and plan your company’s human resources needs Hoshin management in the HR perspective Strategic Alignment with the Vision From Mission to HR Policies COMPETENCY MODEL COPETENCY LEVELS Knowledge Skills Abilities / Attitude / BUILDING YOUR OWN COMPETENCY MODEL Generic Competencies (across the organization) Sectoral-Industry Competencies (specific to the Industry or Company) Support Competencies Managerial Competencies
  3. 3. STAFF APPRAISAL COMPETENCY BASED JOB DESCRIPTIONS Duties & Responsibilities Competencies required Performance Indicators & Job Objectives THE COMPETENCY MODEL AND THE MAIN HR FUNCTIONS Recruitment Training and Induction Salary Scale Performance Appraisal and Career Planning Succession Planning Course Leader : Mr. Raffy Semerdjian CEO of CSP Middle East Education : • DEA University of Paris 1 – La Sorbonne • MBA Saint Joseph University Professional Experience : • Senior Consultant & Trainer in Talent Management, Total Quality Management (EFQM), ISO series, Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems, Environmental Management Systems, Human Resources Management, Sales & Marketing Management, Organizational Development, Project Management. • Senior Lecturer & visiting professor in several universities. • President-Founder, Lebanese Society for Quality. • Board Member – Lebanese Tourism Higher Committee. • Founding Board Member – Middle East Quality Association (Dubai, UAE). Some of his References: • Holcim (Swiss), Civil Service (Armenia), Ministry of Environment (Republic of Lebanon) Chamber of Commerce & Industry ( Lebanon ), Arab Leasing Corporation (Algeria), MTC- ZAIN (Kuwait), Jordan Telecom (Jordan), Academy for Educational Development (Armenia), Petrochemical Industries Company (Kuwait), Dubai Municipality (UAE), VivaCell (Armenia), MobiNil (Egypt), France Telecom (France), ACBA Credit Agricole (Armenia), SFERE (France), TUV (Germany), GRUPPO SOGES (Italy).
  4. 4. COURSE DETAILS: Place: Armenia Date & Time: June 23, 24, 25, 2009 Achievement certificates will be delivered by Management Mix to full-time participants. SIMPLE WAYS TO REGISTER: Call us at +374 10 58 04 41, +374 93 00 11 44. For registration form please call us +374 10 58 04 41 or email. E-mail:,