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Adrian Kingwell, Mezzo Labs - App Analytics


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Adrian Kingwell, Managing Director of Mezzo Labs, gave this insightful presentation on mobile app analytics at Mezzo Labs' "GAWA7: Key Performance Innovators" event in July 2015.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Adrian Kingwell, Mezzo Labs - App Analytics

  1. 1. @adrian_kingwell @mezzolabs #gawa7 App Analytics Adrian Kingwell and Sid Shah
  2. 2. @adrian_kingwell @mezzolabs #gawa7 Mobile and tablet app stores
  3. 3. @adrian_kingwell @mezzolabs #gawa7 Source: Appfigures
  4. 4. @adrian_kingwell @mezzolabs #gawa7
  5. 5. @adrian_kingwell @mezzolabs #gawa7 App Analytics tools • App stores data (Sales) • In-App data (behaviour)
  6. 6. @adrian_kingwell @mezzolabs #gawa7 Standard metrics for Apps • App store data • Downloads • Revenue (by country) • Ranking • Keywords • In-app purchases • Active Installs (only google play) • Reviews/Featured • In-App data (behaviour) • Users • Sessions • Crashes & Exceptions • App versions/device models • Demographics • Screen & Acquisition (requires configuration)
  7. 7. @adrian_kingwell @mezzolabs #gawa7 App campaign measurement http://support.mobileapptracking.c om/entries/25539969-How-to- Deeplink-to-Your-Mobile-App-from- Your-Website
  8. 8. @adrian_kingwell @mezzolabs #gawa7 App Installs: GA campaign measurement Google Play Store  Implement Google Play Store Campaign Measurement  Add referrer parameter to any URLs that will be linking directly to Google Play Store &referrer=utm_source%3Dgoogle (Referrer) ** %26utm_medium%3Dcpc (Campaign Medium) %26utm_term%3Dpodcast%252Bapps (Campaign Term) %26utm_content%3DdisplayAd1 (Campaign Content) %26utm_campaign%3Dpodcast%252Bgeneralkeywords (Campaign Name) iOS Store  Enable iOS campaign tracking in GA. Implement Google analytics SDK and enable IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) collection  Add referrer parameter to any URLs that will be linking directly to Google Play Store ?tid=UA-12345-22 (GA Code) ** & app%2Fid123456789 (App Store URL) ** & (Your App ID, use GA to retrieve) ** &idfa=%{idfa}) (Marco for IDFA) ** &cs=newsletter (Campaign Source) ** &cm=email& (Campaign Medium) cn=NewAppCampaign& (Campaign Name) cc=latestapp& (Campaign Content) ck=newapp (Campaign Term)
  9. 9. @adrian_kingwell @mezzolabs #gawa7 App Launches: Campaigns and traffic source Google Play • Ensure setCampaignParamsFromUrl method is set within your app • mail_marketing&utm_campaign=summer&utm_content=email_variation_1 iOS • In-build “tracker” tracks URL containing Google Analytics campaign parameters [GAIDictionaryBuilder setCampaignParametersFromUrl:urlString] • Use standard Google Analytics campaign tracking parameters • Ensure “referrer” is set on every URL
  10. 10. @adrian_kingwell @mezzolabs #gawa7 Google guide Track different apps in separate properties. Track different platforms of an app in different properties. Google recommends creating an AdMob account for rollup view Track app editions based on feature similarities. Track different app versions in the same property.
  11. 11. @adrian_kingwell @mezzolabs #gawa7 Apps: Using GTM?
  12. 12. @adrian_kingwell @mezzolabs #gawa7 App store optimization
  13. 13. @adrian_kingwell @mezzolabs #gawa7 Apps stores - How does it affect search?
  14. 14. @adrian_kingwell @mezzolabs #gawa7 Loyalty
  15. 15. @adrian_kingwell @mezzolabs #gawa7 Google Analytics: App tracking  Google Analytics SDK for Android  Google Analytics SDK for iOS  Google Analytics plugin for Unity (for game developers, still in beta)
  16. 16. @adrian_kingwell @mezzolabs #gawa7 Resources App Stores trends • App Annie Blog : • Appfigures blog: App Optimization • Mobile dev HQ: • Kiss Metrics : • Sensor tower: