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Turn one blog post into content gold


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Repurpose your best small business website content into pure content gold that will help you extend your reach and better serve your ideal customers.

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Turn one blog post into content gold

  1. 1. Repurpose a Numbered List Blog Post  Extend the reach of your most important information  Present info in all the different formats your audience likes  Meet the need for new content
  2. 2. Write a New Blog Post for Each Item
  3. 3. Make an Infographic from the List
  4. 4. Turn Each Item into a Meme to Post on Social Media
  5. 5. Use All the Memes to Create a Slide Presentation
  6. 6. Create a Motion Graphics Video from your Meme Images Add music and voiceover
  7. 7. Produce an Ebook or White Paper from the Blog Posts and Images
  8. 8. Record a Podcast
  9. 9. Make a Checklist for Download
  10. 10. Look at All the Content Gold You Can Make from One Blog Post 1. Several blog posts 2. Infographic 3. Social media memes 4. Slide presentation 5. Motion graphics video 6. White paper or eBook 7. Podcast 8. Checklist
  11. 11. For Help With Creating New or Repurposed Content Meyer Baron 1SmartPuppy 727-235-2841 Fueling small business websites with content that attracts, engages, and persuades!