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London and paris


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Esta es una presentación hecha para exponer las ciudades de Londres y paris, cuales son sus lugares mas exponentes y el uso de comparativos en inglés.

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London and paris

  1. 1. Universidad Tecnológica de Linares Extensión Galeana Student: José Guadalupe Vargas Fabela Date: February 20th, 2013 Subject: English II Using comparative form
  2. 2. LondonLondon is the capital of England and the UnitedKingdom, besides the biggest city and urban area ofGreat Britain and of the whole European Union.
  3. 3. Big Ben is the name with which one knows to the great bell of the clock located in the northwest side of the Westminster Palace, the headquarters of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, in London, and popularly for extension it is used also to name to the clock of the tower.Big Ben, London
  4. 4. The Buckingham Palace isthe British kings officialresidence in London. Thepalace is used for ceremoniesand visits of State, touristvisits and as a residence onthe part of the queen IsabelII, and it is also the mainheadquarters of the realcollection of art whose mainjewels are exhibited thepublic. Buckinham palace
  5. 5. The London Eye, also well-known as Millennium Wheel, finished in 1999 and opento the public in March of 2000, was the biggest treadmill-mirador in the world untilthe opening of the Star of Nanchang in May of 2006.The London Eye reaches aheight of 135 m on the western end of the Jubilee Gardens, in the South Bank ofthe Thames, London district of Lambeth, between the bridges of Westminster andHungerford. The treadmill is next to the County Hall and in front of the offices ofthe Ministry of Defense. London eye
  6. 6. The Crystal Palace, built completely with wrought iron and glass, was a first example of the modern functional architecture. Designed by the architect sir Joseph Paxton for the Universal Exhibition of London 1851, this he/she received more than six million visitors to see the twelve kilometers of exhibitors located in their interior.Crystal palace
  7. 7. These guards of the palace of Buckingham undergo the magazine passwhile they mount guard in the queens residence in London. The touriststhat visit the palace are witness of the ceremony of guardschange, during which the sentries are raised of the service. Buckingham guard
  8. 8. The station of busesVictoria is in the center ofLondon, next toBelgravia andWestminster. Next to herthe meter station islocated and of trainVictoria that connect theinternational airport withthe city and to this withother places of thecountry. Victoria Bus Station
  9. 9. Saint James PalaceThe palace of St. James is one of theoldest palaces in London, England.It is located in the Mall, fair to thenorth of the park of St. James.The palace was built by Enrique VIIIin 1530 in the lands in that ahospital of lepers was erected.This became the main residence ofthe kings in London when thePalacio of Whitehall burned.
  10. 10. Trafalgar Square is a square of the center ofThe National Gallery is the main London, built to commemorate the Battle ofmuseum of art of London, located in Trafalgar in which the British army conquered to the French and Spanishthe north part of Trafalgar Square. armadas in front of the costs of Cádiz, Spain. National Gallery and Trafalgar square
  11. 11. ParisParis is the capital of France and of the region of Island ofFrance.The city is the most popular tourist destination in theworld, with more than 42 million foreign visitors per year.
  12. 12. Pont des ArtsThe bridge of the Arts or gangplank of the Arts, (in French: pontgives Arts), it is a bridge of Paris on the Sign of pedestrian uselocated in the VI District. It unites the Institute of France withthe Museum of the Louvre.Built of 1801 at 1804, it was the first metallic bridge of Paris.
  13. 13. Sena RiverThe river Sign is one of the main rivers and via ofcommercial water of the regions of Island of France andHigh Normandy in France
  14. 14. Eiffel TowerThe Tower Eiffel (Tour Eiffel, in French), initially noted tower of 330 meters (tourof 330 mètres), it is a designed structure of puddled iron and built by the Frenchengineer Gustave Eiffel and their collaborators for the universal Exhibition of1889 in Paris.
  15. 15. Chaillot palaceThe palace of Chaillot of Paris is located in the XVIdistrict, in the square of the Trocadéro, above the hillof Chaillot. It was built for the Universal Exhibition of1937 instead of the square of the palace of the oldTrocadero.
  16. 16. Louvre piramidThe Pyramid of the Museum of the Louvre is a worklocated in the patio of the Museum of the Louvre, in Paristhat gives access to the building.Of international style, this glass pyramid and aluminumwas inaugurated in the year 1989 by the then Frenchpresident, François Mitterrand.
  17. 17. Arc de triunpheThe Arch of Victory of Paris (Arc of Triomphe, in French) it is a victory archlocated in the VIII District of Paris, in the square Charles of Gaulle - old Place oflÉtoile -, in the end west of the avenue Champs-Élysées, to 2,2 km of theSquare of the Concord. Built between 1806 and 1836, it is probably the arch ofmore famous victory of the world.