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Ethical school of thought 2


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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Ethical school of thought 2

  2. 2. KANT’S ETHICS Immanuel Kant Deontologism- duty- obligation Intuitionism, internal motive must be good Motivist theoryA man performs a moral act if and only if one does whatever one is obliged to do
  3. 3. KANT’S ETHICS 2 type of of acts 1. Act done in accord with duty  Doctor performs his functions out of fear of being accused of negligence 2. Act done from a sense of duty  Doctors act if they recognize that there is special obligation to their patients because of their relationships with them
  4. 4. KANT’S ETHICS It is always wrong to lie (giving placebo) Treat people as ends not as means Act only on that maxim which can and at the same time will become a universal law Always act as to treat humanity as and end and never as only means
  5. 5. ROSS ETHICS Rule deontology Reject utilitarian precept  Good------- happiness in the end  Actual duty  Prima facie duty  Example Act with the more stringent/stronger duty  Ex: pt ask you, am I going to die?  Actual duty - tell the truth  Prima facie duty  give comfort of the mind
  6. 6. PRIMA FACIE DUTY BY ROSS1. Duty of fidelity2. Duty of reparation/compensation3. Duty of gratitude4. Duty of justice5. Duty of beneficence6. Duty of self improvement7. Duty of non maleficence
  7. 7. RAWLS THEORY OF JUSTICE Hypothetical situation  Under the veil of ignorance  Man is rational and self-interested Social justice Individual is inviolable Erroneous theory is tolerable in the absence of good one Individual liberty should be restricted in order to maintain equality of oppurtunity.