Why Governments Need a Mobile Site


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Why Governments Need a Mobile Site

  1. 1. Why Governments Need aMobile Website CONIP 2011 – Rio de Janeiro
  2. 2. Why my mom uses Facebook ?  technology envolves, people also  adhesion technology => include (/exclude) social:   participation, involvement, communication, etc.
  3. 3. The technology has envolved  1992: cell phone   « Calls to my house at the time of soap-opera »  1993: first web browser  2000: skype  2004: orkut + facebook  2006: twitter  2007: iPhone   « I’m in the checkout line, i  2010: iPad saw your message in the  2011: interactive TV Face, deal! What’s your Social Security number? »
  4. 4. we require the services also envolve  thechnologies change   our behavior   our demands  we assimilate technologies and require their use to facilitate our day-by-day:   online payment   location on online map   view photos online   e-tickets   etc..
  5. 5. Aspects of e-Government  Improving the access of government with the best use of the Web (http://www.w3c.br/divulgacao/pdf/gov-web.pdf)   Participation and involvement   Open Gov Data   Interoperability   Providing multi-channel   Identification and authentication  “Citizens have adopted mobile devices as their primary interface to the Web and increasingly demand mobile access to information, services and interactions with government”
  6. 6. Use Case #1: State of California  m.ca.gov ( http://www.webtools.ca.gov/ Downloads/Mobile_Template/)  The site provides access to:   traffic information, state parks, hospitals, etc. near a users location   Employment Development   Department One-Stop Career Centers   Department of Motor Vehicles Field Offices   Voter Information   Public Libraries   etc.
  7. 7. Use Case #1: State of California (2)"Now more than ever, state government must keep up with the growing demand of mobile Californians who need information, whether it is finding unemployment benefits or where to register a vehicle," said Teri Takai, State Chief Information Officer. "This new application is part of our ongoing effort to improve services, reach the public and make government information more accessible, including through mobile devices."
  8. 8. Use Case #2: Proxima mobile Identify, encourage and promote free services accessible through the mobile phone that facilitate daily life of citizens. Preferably services with strong social impact affecting people with few resources, the elderly and disable.
  9. 9. m.gov.[br state]  traffic information, flag accidents, work, etc..  cycling guide  schedule your inspection DETRAN  where to donate blood ?  where to find notary ?  where to find UPA (emergency units in Rio/Brazil) ?  etc.
  10. 10. Why governments did not havemobile websites  community ready to interact  citizens ready to use  mature technologies   app, mobile web, smartphone, html5, tablets
  11. 11. Conclusion“Explore the features of mobile phones, location, photo, video calls, within the governments systems is a challenge that will eliminate barriers to access their services and provide options for access to their information and services to facilitate citizens lives” Interest Group of the W3C eGovernment
  12. 12. What else ?  thanks to PRODERJ  questions, observations, discussions: victor.dias@meumobi.com http://facebook.com/meumobi