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Smart Weighing Solutions for Lean Production: Why It is Important To Select the Right Scales for Your Manufacturing Process


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Lean manufacturing manages the entire process to avoid waste of all kinds. As the graphic shows, it is designed to reduce unnecessary waiting time by speeding up manual processes and ensuring uptime is optimized. Defects and rework are also to be avoided by optimizing quality control, avoiding human error and improving processes.

Overproduction and housing of unnecessary inventory are also to be avoided whenever possible. Select equipment including balances that meet process tolerances and optimize the weighing process for operators to reduce unnecessary energy expenditure and enhanced ergonomics. In turn, you’ll decrease downtime for both equipment and people! Finally, doing what you can to minimize transport—including bringing scales to materials rather than materials to scales—can help ensure you are making the most of that important and irretrievable asset, time.

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Smart Weighing Solutions for Lean Production: Why It is Important To Select the Right Scales for Your Manufacturing Process

  1. 1. Smart Weighing Solutions for Lean Production Tackle the Wastes of Lean Download the Lean Management Brochure} Speed up manual weighing processes Weighing is only one process step in production. But an important one. Weighing solutions help minimize filling errors and give away. Lean manufacturing and lean management can help you minimize costs and maximize production efficiency. Count production output Optimize shipping with scale assisted packaging Use Checkweighing to optimize quality Use mobile weighing solutions Select the right weighing equipment according to your process tolerances Rely on METTLER TOLEDO consultancy and 60 years of weighing experience Optimize the weighing process with ergonomic installations Weighing Solutions Can Make You Lean Increase equipment uptime Avoid human errors with exact display guidance Connect weighing equipment via W-Lan Use weighing data to improve processes Simplify data transfer METTLER TOLEDO helps to make your production lean. Benefit from our innovative weighing solutions and continuously improve your processes. Minimize Overproduction and Unnecessary Inventory Reduce Unnecessary Waiting Time Eliminate Product Defects and Rework 01 02 03 Avoid Unnecessary Transport Time Prevent Unnecessary Motion and Injuries Inappropriate Processing04 05 06