Improved Production Yield Through Computer Based Formulation/Recipe Weighing


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When consumer safety and regulatory compliance are paramount, businesses can turn to computer-based formulation and recipe weighing systems to provide error-free results. These systems track and trace every step of the production process while increasing efficiency. Computer-based formulation and recipe weighing systems make incorrect formulations a thing of the past, which reduces costs thanks to less rework and less waste.

Learn more about what a formulation system designed with safety and compliance in mind can do for your business. Download a new white paper, titled Improved Production Yield Through Computer Based Formulation/Recipe Weighing, today:

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Improved Production Yield Through Computer Based Formulation/Recipe Weighing

  1. 1. Formulation/RecipeWeighingImproved Production Yield throughComputer Based Formulation / Recipe WeighingContents1 Increasing regulatory pressure requires traceability2 Traceable weighing / formulation is computer-based3 System components / configuration4 Real-world tracking / tracing5 Summary6 Additional resourcesFast changing consumer preferences, pressure from regulatory authorities and growing con-cerns of consumers about safety of nutraceutical products force the manufacturer toimprove the supply chain and take care about the correct formulation procedure.The safety of nutraceutical products is an indefeasibleissue often in the mind of manufacturers, suppliers andregulators alike. Numerous regional and internationalstandards (e.g. GMP, ISO, FDA, etc.) have been createdover years in order to enhance the quality and thesafety of nutraceutical products.The correct formulation and weighing procedures alongwith the centralized database and relevant documenta-tion process one of the prerequisite to guaranteed con-sistent product quality, process safety and stability aswell as to increased flexibility and productivity.This paper will address the benefits of investing in theformulation system as well as considerations that helpsensure the system enhances manufacturing process.
  2. 2. 2 METTLER TOLEDO - White Paper - Nutraceutcials - Formulation / Recipe WeighingFormulation/RecipeWeighing© 2012 Mettler-Toledo AGCertain ingredients used in nutraceutical, such as fra-grances and preservatives, can trigger an allergic re-action. These ingredients play an important role in thenutraceutical formulations of consumer choice. Thecorrect procedure of the formulation recipe therefore isone of the crucial importances to avoid negative effectof nutraceutical to consumer.To prevent such situations and protect consumerthe regulators worked out the guidelines norms andstandards to ensure traceability of all raw materials,intermediates, formulation recipes, and the finishedproducts.Essentially, nutraceutical manufactures must docu-ment all production processes without any gaps. Thisincludes recipe development, quality control, produc-tion planning, monitoring, dispensing and packagingas well as shipping and distribution. The computerizedand intelligently networked formulation or weighingsystem helps to improve efficiency, eliminate waste ofcost sensitive raw materials, trace the workflow of allintermediates through the whole manufacturing pro-cess and improve quality and safety of nutraceuticalproducts. 1 Increasing regulatory pressure requires traceabilityTruly gapless traceability requires that all involvedparties recipe – relevant data – ingredients, structures,work instructions, batch and production order informa-tion – into a centralized system. A computer-basedsystem’s advantages over a paper-based systeminclude data consistency, speed of data analysis andimproved recall management.An electronic system can also document processes,generate weighing and manufacturing reports, andprint labels to identify goods-in-process. This cor-responds also the main standard and regulations likeGMP, FDA, etc. This type of system is also vital fortransparent manufacturing processes and providing aproper decision base for streamlining processes.End-to-End DocumentationTracking and tracing demands documentation ofall production actions from goods receiving to end-product shipment. To be effective, manufacturers mustensure systems provide relevant data quickly. Somegovernments request access even within few hours.For example, in a recall, a manufacturer must identify:• Who delivered the intermediates used in batch XY ofVitamine recipe Z?• What quantity was used?• Who released the recipe?If end-product taste deviates from recipe expectations:• What area of processing needs to be adjusted?Most critically:• How quickly can a manufacturer’s current documen-tation process answer these questions?In an effective and fully networked system, this infor-mation is immediately available when the system of-fers features such as: 2 True traceable formulation / weighing is computer-basedA traceability system shall be in place which enables the identification of product lots and their relation tobatches in direct contact with intermedients, packaging intended or expected to be in direct contact with nutra-ceutical product itself. The traceability system shall incorporate all relevant processing and distribution records.
  3. 3. 3 METTLER TOLEDO - White Paper - Nutraceutcials - Formulation / Recipe WeighingFormulation/RecipeWeighing© 2012 Mettler-Toledo AGClearly identified materials via labeling/barcoding.At each stage a label indicating material and status isaffixed. Corresponding entries are made in the data-base.Online monitoring. Monitoring functions offer informa-tion about exceptional factory situations.Industry-standard networking. System componentscommunicate with a centralized database via EthernetLAN. Clients such as dispensing stations and controldevices such as balances, scales and other peripher-als exchange production data with the server. Win-dows-compliant applications use standard resourcessuch as network printers for reporting.Expandability and connectivity. System expansionsare possible without disturbing other components un-less software is updated. A dedicated ERP Gatewaycan offer a configurable interface between the solu-tions and an ERP system such as SAP.Benefit in Terms of ROIVirtually any company blending different materialsin a well-defined recipe can benefit from a computerbased formulation system to streamline procedures.More expensive or higher risk materials will producethe fastest return on investment; however, nearly anyprocessor should be able to prove ROI on an appropri-ately scaled system in 12 months or less through:• Reduced consumer risk• Enhanced regulatory compliance• Less product waste• Lower disposal / rework / recycling costsall leading to substantial bottom-line enhancements.A standardized configurable system that has beentuned to manage critical weighing process parametershas many advantages over client-specific systemswith custom programming.Standard interfaces allow a high degree of customiza-tion while offering expert system maintenance andsupport over the life of equipment and software. Theinitial investment better maintains its value and cansecure optimal production performance well into thefuture.Master Data ManagementIn a networked system, a master station allows overalldata management and maintenance. This can includetracking of:• Materials• Instructions• Recipes• Orders• Preparation batches• Warehouse status• Containers• Operators• Consumption data• Exceptions• Production activities• Password activities• User connections• Database activity log• Weighing / calibration• Audit trail• Electronic and hardcopy reporting on the aboveReliability and security are critical. While processescan be controlled at individual process weigh stations,all process data is gathered at the master station. 3 System components / configurationRecipe DatabaseRecipeRecipeRecipeRecipeSwiss AppleTasteIngredient #1Ingredient #2Ingredient #3Ingredient #4Ingredient #5Ingredient #6RecipeSwiss MountainHerbsIngredient #1Ingredient #2Ingredient #3Ingredient #4Ingredient #5Ingredient #6ProductionRecipeSwiss ValleyFreshIngredient #1Ingredient #2Ingredient #3Ingredient #4Ingredient #5Ingredient #6Production ReportTraceability ReportTraceability ReportFinal ProductWeighing & MixingRaw MaterialPreparationUpscaledRecipeRecipe10,000 SwissMountain Herbs100gIngredient #1Ingredient #2Ingredient #3Ingredient #4Ingredient #5Ingredient #6ORDER10’000 pouchesSwiss MountainHerbs Candies100gDelivery date:xx.xx.xxxxCustomer Order10,000 pouchesSwiss MountainHerb Candies100gDelivery date:xx.xx.xxxx
  4. 4. 4 METTLER TOLEDO - White Paper - Nutraceutcials - Formulation / Recipe WeighingFormulation/RecipeWeighing© 2012 Mettler-Toledo AGSpecialized Weigh StationsFor required formulation activities, the following weighstations are available:• Dispensing – batch components are pre-weighedand ready for execution• Production – components are verified before mixingaccording to recipe sequence• Dispensing & Production – combines both actions,used primarily at smaller companies where pre-weighing is performed in the production areaScreens must be designed for optimum readabilityfor fast information recognition and analysis. Clearlyvisible instructions and color-coded weigh processresults can help ensure a straightforward and efficientprocess that increases accurate throughput.Security plays a role here, too: Only trained and autho-rized users are be able to manage materials via userrights configured to their processor status. Additionally,if an ingredient entry scanned and checked againstthe recipe does not match, the system can reject itand produce an error message, reducing human-errorrisk. Steps become immediately traceable. Hazardousmaterials precautions can also be clearly indicatedwhen necessary.Ease-of-use considerations reduce time spent in train-ing. Standard log-in/lock-out procedures also reduceunproductive downtime between operator shifts andenhance security.Seamless Data Exchange withERP/MES SystemsAs noted previously, ERP interfaces permit integra-tion of an appropriately configured and effectivelynetworked weighing system with many ERP and MESsystems. Seamless data exchange avoids redundantdata maintenance:• ERP system data becomes available in the weighingprocess.• Production data is sent back without manual inter-vention.All consumption data are available in the ERP/MESsystem without manual interaction. Based on this dataexchange stock levels are automatically adjusted.Seamless exchange supports batch release in theMES/ERP system, simplifies data handling and avoidsmanual input errors.User-friendly screens simplify weighing and minimize potential operator errorsAfter successful log-in, planned production orders are presented tothe operator
  5. 5. 5 METTLER TOLEDO - White Paper - Nutraceutcials - Formulation / Recipe WeighingFormulation/RecipeWeighing© 2012 Mettler-Toledo AGIn every production step from goods entry to shipment,database entries correspond to in-process materials.In a computerized system, barcode-reader enabledlabels assist with component identification and overalltraceability during processing.Printers connected to weighing workstations can printlabels at the point of identification that enable fast ma-terials recognition. Label types include:• Stock labels. These ensure stock is known uponarrival and becomes traceable. Descriptions, lotnumbers, quantity, delivery date, expiry and statusis entered. The material enters the database and isavailable for processing.• Weighing labels. Dispensed materials for an orderare marked. Order, batch and lot number help guar-antee processors do not mistake components.• Pallet labels. These identify a pallet and its contents,particularly when materials are placed on a palletbefore they are moved into production.Scans help avoid confusion as materials are broughtinto production and ensure that the right material isadded to a mixture at the right moment. Recorded re-sults help manage stock, FEFO (first expired, first out),overall inventory and enhance process transparency. 4 Real-world tracking / tracingA newly printed weighing label helpsguarantee component identificationCompany logo and safety / danger symbols, as well as importantstatus informationBarcodes guarantee simple, fast verification with the connected reader
  6. 6. Formulation/RecipeWeighingMettler-Toledo AGIndustrialCH 8606 GreifenseeSwitzerlandPhone +41-44-944 22 11Fax +41-44-944 30 60Subject to technical changes© 06/2012 Mettler-Toledo AGIn the modern era of computarization where the safetyof the consumer products are in the line with the in-ceased regulatory scrutiny, a well- designed formula-tion and weighing process results in straight forward,efficient and fully traceable nutraceutical productionWith easily integrated, standardized weigh stations,label printers and barcode scanners, materialsmix-ups and wrong quantities become history.The resulting active stock management makes surethat components flow into the production processtimely and that available materials are fully exploited.The results are less waste, less rework, less recycling,and lowered production costs. Productivity issignificantly improved at the same time compliancewith international regulations regarding materialstraceability is assured.Enhanced output and higher yield from available rawmaterials should result in ROI on initial system invest-ment in 12 or fewer months. 5 Summary 6 Additional resources• 21 CFR Part 11 Controls Used for Manufacturing, Processing, Packing, or Holding Dietary Supplementsfor FDA 21 CFR Part 111 CGMP• METTLER TOLEDO more information