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Mettl Certification Platform


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You know it isn't easy! Test center logistics, contacting candidates, collecting payments, creating certificates, oh, the complexity of it all! There had to be a simpler way to run a certificate program, and at Mettl, we just created one.

Introducing Mettl’s Online Certification Software – a unique, cloud-based, integrated online certification tool that allows you to set-up your own certificate program in minutes, and manage it with the sophistication and ease that comes with state-of-the-art technology. We recently set-up the platform for the world’s leading A/B testing company, Optimizely, and recorded the success story.

So what makes our offering so unique?

Cloud-Based Platform that lets you reach for the skies. With a webcam proctored online test, anyone across the world can participate in your certification program. That’s right, no setting up physical test centers ever again!

Advanced Remote Online Proctoring to conduct fair, reliable tests through webcam based automatic proctoring or the option of using manual proctors to invigilate candidates through webcams.

Easy Certificate Management for customizing a certificate’s design, and look-and-feel; and publicly verifying certified professionals.

Minimized Set-up Time that lets you kickstart your certificate program within a few hours. Literally!

Intuitive Exam Development and delivery using varying question types, performance based tests, simulator-based assessments, and more, to test hands-on skills across industries.

For a more comprehensive list of features, request a demo now. Join us at ; manage your certificate program today!
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Mettl Certification Platform

  1. 1. Measure skills, not just knowledge METTL’S CERTIFICATION PLATFORM
  2. 2. Mettl’s Certification Platform Mettl’s online certification platform makes it easy, intuitive and effective to create and conduct certificate exams on the cloud.
  3. 3. Intuitive, Scalable and Customizable Platform Easy and Intuitive Authoring tools Multi-level Customization Robust Candidate Management Strong Concurrency, Security, Redundancy Easy and Secure Payment
  4. 4. Certifications using Mettl platform Final Certification exam Practice / Mock exams • Highly scalable platform for conducting high-stakes exam for large number of candidates • Virtual supervision of candidates through advanced proctoring panel • Candidate login for taking mock exams at any time • Easy to use interface with downloadable reports for future reference
  5. 5. Conduct certification exams with widespread reach and reduced logistics costs Remote Proctoring Paper based test Computer based test Manual Proctoring at designated exam centers Delayed result delivery Instantaneous Results and Certificate Virtual Test Centre provides the flexibility to take test from anywhere Online Test taken by candidates on Mettl Certification platform
  6. 6. Customize each certification as per your requirement
  7. 7. Intuitive candidate dashboard Online payment for certification Take test directly after payment Free practice tests can be made available Real-time access to test report and Certificate
  8. 8. Real-time certificate generation
  9. 9. Live Example – Online Certifications for Optimizely
  10. 10. Thank You!