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Metso General presentation 2014


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As a company, we provide sustainable process performance for the mining, construction, and oil & gas industries. We also serve the pulp and paper industry and some other selected process industries. Our unique offering of equipment, services, and intelligence is available to our customers around the world through our 18,000 talented professionals located in 50 countries.

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Metso General presentation 2014

  1. 1. Metso General presentation
  2. 2. Content • This is Metso • Our role in a changing world • Our strategy • Metso and customer industries 2 © Metso Metso General presentation, January 2014
  3. 3. This is Metso
  4. 4. A focused and integrated group Key figures 2012 (1)(2) Market positions Net sales: • 48% of sales from services • 52% of sales from emerging markets EUR 4,499 million EBITA before NRI: EBITA-% before NRI: Personnel: EUR 495 million 11.0% 17,665 2012 sales by end-market(1) Mining Construction Oil & Gas Pulp & Paper Other 12 % €4.50 bn 30 % 22 % 52% Emerging markets €4.50 bn 55 % 22 % © Metso #1 #1-2 #1 #5 7% 7% 4 #1 2012 sales by geographic area(1) 8% 18 % Services Mining: crushing and grinding Construction: crushing and screening Pulp & paper: automation Oil & gas: control valves Metso General presentation, January 2014 19 % Source: Management estimates 1) Figures are unaudited and illustrative. Accounting principles are presented in a stock exchange release published on September 23, 2013 2) EBITA before non-recurring items Europe North America South and Central America Asia-Pacific Africa and Middle East
  5. 5. Leading market position in all our businesses Services Mining Construction Automation Mining equipment >1.2 bn Construction equipment ~500 m Automation equipment ~500 m Contribution (EUR) Services >2.1 bn Global market positions Mining services #1 Construction services Services in automation #1 Grinding mills Mining crushers #1 #1 Crushing and screening #1 O&G control valves P&P control valves A strong position in selected niches niche P&P automation Addressable market (EUR) Total addressable services market >20 bn 5 © Metso Mining equipment 11 bn Metso General presentation, January 2014 Construction equipment 8 bn Flow control 10 bn Systems 5 bn #5 #1 sy #1
  6. 6. Our role in a changing world
  7. 7. Our mission is to contribute to a more sustainable world by helping our customers to process natural resources and recycle materials into valuable products. © Metso
  8. 8. We are well-positioned for growth Helping customers deal with increasingly scarce resources and improve their operational efficiency Megatrends Globalization Urbanization Emerging markets growth Sustainability and climate change Geological inflation General input efficiency and scarcity Reduced people intensity at work sites Yield improvement Waste handling Environmental impact Health and safety Customer challenges Metso’s differentiated solutions Equipment and systems 8 © Metso Maintenance, wears and spares Metso General presentation, January 2014 Performance improvements Product life-cycle solutions Intelligence
  9. 9. We leverage our global presence to capture growth everywhere 18,000 employees in 50 countries Net sales 968 Asia Pacific Net sales North America 830 2,833 of which 33% in Services €m Net sales 1,371 €m Europe 8,310 of which 38% in Services €m Net sales 997 South and Central America Net sales 2,997 of which 62% in Services €m At the end of 2012 Africa and Middle East 333 €m 9 © Metso Metso General presentation, January 2014 2,737 of which 39% Services 1,174 of which 92% in Services
  10. 10. Attractive growth potential in our customer industries Market drivers Mining • • • • Demand for metals and minerals Growth of emerging markets Urbanization, infrastructure investments Need for higher utilization and process efficiencies at mines Long-term market growth outlook, p.a 7-9% 4-6% • Growth in energy consumption Construction • Infrastructure building in growth countries • Urbanization 6-8% • Growth in paper, board and tissue consumption in Asia • Customer’s need to improve productivity and reduce e.g. energy consumption 2-4% Oil and gas Pulp and paper 10 © Metso Metso General presentation, January 2014
  11. 11. Our strategy
  12. 12. Our strong assets and strategic must-wins An attractive investment proposition Our assets  Well-positioned to benefit from long-term growth trends  Global footprint, with leading positions in all the markets we serve  Services-driven business model  Competitive advantage through unique combined offering  Strong financial track record to support superior performance 12 © Metso Metso General presentation, January 2014 Our strategic must-wins  Continued growth through an excellent offering Services Technology offering  Develop competitive cost-efficient, market-driven technology  Embed intelligence in machines, services, and processes  Increase presence in growth countries Growth countries Operational excellence People and leadership Our targets >Market growth Sales growth >10% p.a. Services sales  Improve cost-competitiveness and increase productivity 11-16%  Develop common global platforms, processes, and operating models EBITA margin  Develop a working environment that will drive our business success 1) Return on capital employed (ROCE) before taxes ≥30% ROCE %(1)
  13. 13. We have a unique combination of equipment, services, and intelligence Equipment + Services + Intelligence Intelligence Intelligence Capability to embed intelligence in machines, services, and processes Equipment Growing end markets Construction Mining Services Oil & Gas Equipment Cost-competitive and market-driven technology offering Traditional 13 © Metso Metso General presentation, January 2014 Services Excellent services, know-how, network, and services culture Strategic direction
  14. 14. Examples of intelligent solutions Category Examples  Products Embedded Solutions Services 14 © Metso Products that help customers control or design their processes more intelligently  Features or subsystems that help customers run their equipment more intelligently  Combination of Metso equipment, intelligent products, and services that provide business benefits in terms of greater effiency, higher output etc.  Services that enable customers to gain from Metso’s expertise in technologies and processes Metso General presentation, January 2014  Metso Intelligence enables customers to improve their processes and achieve higher efficiency, greater output, improved sustainability and safety, and reduce operational cost
  15. 15. The way we work Our values • Driving customer success Our vision Working as One to be Number One Our leadership principles • Seeking innovations • Performing together • Respecting each other • Show the way forward • Build inspiration and trust • Develop and coach • Drive results 15 © Metso Metso General presentation, January 2014 Our customer promise Expect results
  16. 16. HSE - Health, safety and environment An essential element in all our activities • We are committed to taking personal responsibility for our own safety and for the safety of others • We believe that all incidents can be prevented • Our safety performance has improved steadily • We always emphasize our high HSE standards of conduct when dealing with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders • We aim to minimize our environmental footprint throughout the entire value chain 16 © Metso Metso General presentation, January 2014 Lost time incident frequency 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Q4/09 01/11 06/11 11/11 04/12 09/12 02/13 07/13
  17. 17. Sustainability is the base of our operations Metso People Metso environment Society Marketplace • • • Health and safety • Carbon emissions reductions and energy efficiency • Community development projects • Responsible supply chain management Water conservation • Employee engagement Sponsorships and donations • • • • • Sustainable technology and solutions • Customer partnerships Well-being Sustainability in competence development • Managers’ role in sustainability • Waste reduction Zero environmental accidents Equal opportunities and diversity Sustainability management • • • 17 Sustainability strategy Sustainability governance Stakeholder strategy © Metso • • • Measuring and reporting Risk management Internal communications Metso General presentation, January 2014
  18. 18. Metso and customer industries
  19. 19. Our service and product offering for our customer industries % of net sales, 2012 Share of services business, 2012 Full-scope mining technology and services supplier, expertise services 55% ~50% Crusher solutions and screens 18% ~40% Flow control solutions, intelligent positioners and life cycle services 12% ~45% Process automation solutions that enhance performance and cost, material and energy efficiency 7% ~40% Mining Construction Oil and gas Pulp and paper 19 © Metso Metso General presentation, January 2014
  20. 20. Mining and Construction Mining and Construction delivers cutting-edge equipment, solutions and services to make a real and sustainable difference for our customers’ businesses • Wide expertise and in-depth knowledge to increase customers’ process efficiency • Reliable technologies and extensive services to secure operations and minimize downtimes • Solutions that enable the processing of materials at the lowest cost per ton while prioritizing health, safety and environmental performance • Industry-leading services presence and capabilities enable us to serve our customers wherever they are • Committed to drive industry development with continuous innovations 20 © Metso Metso General presentation, January 2014
  21. 21. Mining and Construction Our customers • Mining industry • Construction industry - Quarries and contractors • Scrap yards, waste-handling companies and recycling companies 21 © Metso Metso General presentation, January 2014
  22. 22. Automation Unlocking customers’ business value over the life of their investments Automation improves the productivity and energy and materials efficiency of process industry customers, optimizes their costs and enables more effective risk control. • We have a worldwide network of automation experts • Our product portfolio ranges from advanced control valves to complete process automation systems • Our services portfolio ranges from spare parts and upgrade services to managed service solutions 22 © Metso Metso General presentation, January 2014
  23. 23. Automation Our customers • Energy, oil and gas, and petrochemical process customers • Pulp and paper industry • Power plants • Mining and construction • Other selected industry sub-segments 23 © Metso Metso General presentation, January 2014
  24. 24. company/metso metsoworld metsogroup metsoworld metsogroup