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Metro US general presentation 2013

  1. 1. #1 Free Daily in the US
  2. 2. Engaging Platform for a Fast-Paced Lifestyle Monday, June 3, 2013 1NEWS NEW YORK Underground SecondAvenue subwayhasbad trackrecord Residents near dig sites have long complained about the disruption caused by Second Av- enue subway construc- tion, which began in 2007. A Daily News investigation has now uncovered a series of safety violations by con- tractors at the tunnels on the east side. Within the last two years, investigations have turned up 18 safety violations. Violations have involved hitting live gas lines, exposure to silica dust, improper handling of contaminated soil and a “controlled” blast that sent debris shoot- ing six stories high. EMILY JOHNSONSubway blasting / GETTY IMAGES Public safety Cityoffersfree self-defense classesafter hatecrimes The City Council is of- fering free self-defense training throughout the city in light of a recent spike in reports of hate crimes. The training will teach violence preven- tion strategies and safety tips to the LGBT community, according to the council. The first class will take place at 4 p.m. on Saturday, June 8, at the LGBT Center. Other classes will soon be added. Interested New Yorkers can register by calling 212-788-5613 or emailing events@ DANIELLE TCHOLAKIAN Dennis Walcott will head the new system. / GETTY IMAGES Teacher evaluation plan finalized New York City public schools finally have a teacher evaluation system, handed down by Commissioner James King at the State Depart- ment of Education. Gov. Andrew Cuomo charged the state DOE with coming up with a plan by June 1 after the city’s Department of Education and the United Federation of Teachers failed to agree on a plan on their own. At the Celebrate Israel Parade, Mayor Michael Bloomberg called King’s plan “a huge rebuff to the UFT’s obstructionism.” However, Michael Mulgrew, the teachers’ union president, ex- pressed satisfaction. “The New York City Department [of Education] will not be able to fire its way to a great school sys- tem,” Mulgrew told NY1. With King’s evalua- tion system, 40 percent of teacher evaluations will be based on student per- formance, and 60 percent on other measures. According to NY1, teachers who get the lowest rating two years in a row can be fired, even with tenure. DANIELLE TCHOLAKIAN Quoted “There are strong measures to help remove ineffec- tive teachers and principals, but let’s be clear: New York is not going to fire its way to academic success.” James King Fighting back against unpaid internships Erica van Rabenswaay, right, is suing designer Norma Kamali, left. / GETTY IMAGES After 10-hour days photo- graphing for look books and adding to a website for a fashion designer, Erica van Rabenswaay, 24, won- dered whether she should be paid for her internship. Van Rabenswaay sued designer Norma Kamali last week, saying the com- pany violated federal labor laws by requiring her to work full-time without pay. For three months, her only compensation was a MetroCard, she said. She took the intern- ship understanding it was unpaid, she said. Instead of mentorship or training, she alleged in the lawsuit, which demands back wag- es, van Rabenswaay said what was an “apprentice- ship” was instead helping Kamali, for free. Her court filing is only the beginning. Intern Jus- tice, a group that helps interns sue employers, warns it is the first of simi- lar lawsuits they will issue. “Young people think they are getting a toehold in their chosen profes- sion,” Maurice Pianko, the founder of Intern Justice, said. “Many employers are just looking for free labor.” Ultimately, the design- er hired van Rabenswaay -— for a month, she said, when she was abruptly fired. She soon spotted an advertisement seeking another “apprentice,” she said, but offering no pay. Fair wage. Intern Justice says it is filing several lawsuits this summer over unpaid internships. ALISON BOWEN Top 3 Trending onlineat 1Video: Burger King’s Hands Free Whopper Holder is a real thing. A real, really gross thing. 2Video: Brits take offense with Ikea garden gnome ad 3Gunman is on the loose after shoot- ing three Original Content 90% of Metro’s news is produced by Metro journalists. Metro has a larger editorial staff worldwide than CNN. News not Views Concise, unbiased editorial on subjects readers care about. Survival of the fittest. Leah McSweeney is being sued by streetwear line Supreme for infringing on the brand with her Supreme Bitch T-shirt. Two of a kind. “I’ve never claimed to be original,” she says. PAGE 04 A Supreme court battle Leah McSweeney wears one of her Supreme Bitch T-shirts. Sales exploded when Rihanna wore a hat with the logo while she was on vacation. / BESS ADLER, RIHANNA’S FACEBOOK ‘Red Moon’ will define the summer PAGES 16-17 Learn about food from a 10-year-old PAGE 21 The Finger Lakes are for fun PAGE 20 Fly direct daily from JFK to Aruba © 2013 Aruba Tourism Authority Where creativity gets down to business. Fashion Institute of Technology State University of New York Damani Lomas Accessories Design EARN UP TO 12 CREDITS THIS SUMMER STUDY EVENINGS, WEEKENDS, AND ONLINE TAKE AFFORDABLE CREDIT AND NONCREDIT COURSES REGISTER NOW THOUSANDS OF COURSES. A MILLION REASONS. #147 Learning how to design chic sundresses, rather than just wear them. |t:MetroNewYork | f:MetroNewYork NEW YORK Tuesday,May7,2013 YOUAREWOMAN, WE HEAR YOU ROAR GET A SURFER BOD WITH OUR SPECIAL SECTION. PAGES 23-26 World’s Largest Newspaper Community based content on the issues that matter most to Metro readers. Unduplicated audience Metro reaches an unduplicated audience of young, affluent, urbanites. Innovative advertising executions Metro offers premium and integrated options for advertisement placement. Award-winning Design Metro upgraded it’s design! It is still in full color and stapled. Quick and Informative Read Metro is designed to be read within the average commuter time.
  3. 3. Source: CAC (Sep-12), New York – CAC (Q1 2013) – one-day zip code projected circulation. Scarborough (2013 R1, 2012-13). * Employed Metro US Launch Date 180 Metro Ambassadors 900 Metro Boxes Metropolitan New York Area: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and commuter stations in Westchester and New Jersey 2004 Distribution 45 Metro Ambassadors 500 Metro Boxes Metropolitan Boston Area: Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth, Suffolk, Essex and Bristol counties in Massachusetts 2001 800 Metro Boxes Metropolitan Philadelphia Area: Philadelphia, the Philadelphia suburbs and South Jersey area 2000 225 Metro Ambassadors 2,200 Metro Boxes 313,235Daily Circulation 137,953 115,692566,880 733,331Daily Readership 267,644 290,6931,291,668 The Metro Reader $93,300Average HHI* $86,300 $83,300$89,700 44 yrs Median Age 34 yrs 46 yrs42 yrs 76%Employed 72% 66%73% New York Metro US Boston Philadelphia
  4. 4. Source: Daily News / Post (Sept-2012), Times (2010) / CAC Audit Report (Q1 2013) one day zip code report projected circulation Daily Circulation in 000s copies A Leading Position in Manhattan DELIVERING MORE THAN TWICE THE CIRCULATION OF TRADITIONAL Newspapers IN MANHATTAN219 New York Daily News 52 New York Post 65 New York Times 115 250 200 150 100 50 000sdailycopies
  5. 5. Source: Daily News / Post (Sept-2012), Times (2010) / CAC Audit Report (Q1 2013) one day zip code report projected circulation Daily Circulation in 000s copies A Leading Position in New York City 301 New York Daily News 226 New York Post 165 New York Times 179 250 300 200 150 100 50 000sdailycopies
  6. 6. There’s a huge audience gap between Metro and amNY. more people than amNY! Metro reaches EvEry wEEk 124,000 FOR ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES CONTACT ADVERTISING@METRO.US OR 212-457-7735 Source: Scarborough R1 2013. Integrated Newspaper Audience. Metro Readership 1,516,513 1,392,442 amNewYork Readership
  7. 7. Source: AAM (Mar-12 & Mar-13), CAC Audit Report (Sep-12) Philadelphia County *Total Circulation with more circulation than the traditional paid newspapers in Philadelphia Metro is No. 1 in Philadelphia More circulation than both the daily news and inquirer combined! 85 Philadelphia Inquirer 44 Philadelphia Daily News 35 100 80 60 40 20 000sdailycopies Philadelphia Daily News & Inquirer 79
  8. 8. 80 60 40 20 Boston Globe & Boston Herald More circulation than both the Globe and Herald combined! Boston Globe Boston Herald Source: Suffolk County: ABC (Mar-12) / CAC (Sept-12) Metro delivers more than double the traditional paid newspapers’ circulation in Boston Proper 000sdailycopies 75 49 26 23
  9. 9. Metro is the 4th largest US newspaper Source: Metro NY – CAC (Q1 2013) – one-day zip code projected circulation, Metro BST / PHL – CAC (Sep-12) Paid for – AAM Preliminary figures subject to audited (Mar-13). Mon-Fri print circulation Top Circulated Newspapers in the US 731 New York Times 433 Los Angeles Times 431 Washington Post 360 New York Daily News 368 Chicago Tribune 1,481 Wall Street Journal 1,424 USA Today 567# 4
  10. 10. Source: Scarborough R1 2013 vs. R1 2012. Weekday print readership. Every day, Metro reaches 1,291,648 adults 18+. New York Post-5% Philadelphia Daily News-10% New York Times +4% Boston Globe +4% New York Daily News +1% Philadelphia Inquirer-23% Boston Herald-20% +14% Metro has a fast-growing audience
  11. 11. Source: Scarborough (2006-13 R1). Universe = Adults 18+ in New York, Boston & Philadelphia Paid for: NY – Times, Post, Daily News, Newsday / BST – Globe, Herald / PHL – Inquirer, Daily News *CAGR: Compound Annual Growth Rate 40 30 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 2006 R1 2008 R1 2010 R1 2012 R1 METRO: +3% AVERAGE ANNUAL* GROWTH OVER THE PAST 6 YEARS PAID FOR: -5% AVERAGE ANNUAL* DECLINE OVER THE PAST 6 YEARS Metro US Paid For Linear (Metro US) Readership Development (2006-2013) Index = 100 (2006)
  12. 12. Reaching the Young Urban Professional Source: Scarborough R1 2013, 2012-2013. Universe = 28.3 million adults 18+ living in New York, Boston, Philadelphia. Metro US Delivers the youngest audience! Metro US Boston Globe New York Times Philadelphia Inquirer Median Age Women Adults 18-34 Adults 18-49 Adults 21-54 Adults 55+ Employed Parents, children in HH 42 52% 35% 65% 73% 24% 73% 36% 51 47% 24% 49% 57% 40% 72% 28% 57 52% 16% 35% 40% 54% 57% 27% 58 44% 15% 33% 40% 55% 55% 26%
  13. 13. Source: Scarborough R1 2013 Metro’s Exclusive Readers Metro enjoys an exclusive, dedicated audience that doesn’t read other (Monday-Friday) newspapers. New York Times 83% Boston Globe 81% Philadelphia Inquirer 83% New York Post 77% New York Daily News 66% Boston Herald 81%
  14. 14. Editorial Framework Written for the aspirational, educated, young professional concentrated commuter markets. NEWS Local and world news, commentary, business, the environment... Wednesday, May 22, 2013 1NEWS SPORTS Hot dogs Nathan’s re-opensin ConeyIsland When Nathan’s opened its doors qui- etly yesterday ahead of a bigger grand re-opening tomorrow, hot dogs were still the staple of the menu. But the establishment has added a raw bar and expanded its beverage options to include wine and a bigger beer selection. Customers who want more than the usual hot dog and crinkle- cut fries can get a dozen oysters for $17.50, according to the Daily News. EMILY JOHNSON Traffic accident Schoolbus crashinjures threein Brooklyn Three people were injured when a school bus collided with a car in Brooklyn yesterday morning, DNAinfo. com reported. The crash, near East Fifth Street and Avenue C in Kens- ington, left both the front of the bus and driver’s side of the car badly damaged. Two of the injured were taken to Kings County Hospital while the third was taken to Maimonides Medical Center. The ages and identities of the pa- tients have not been released. EMILY JOHNSON Web giant Yahoomoves intooldNY Timesoffice Yahoo Inc. announced that its New York employees would be moving into the old home of the New York Times on 43rd Street. The California- based web giant cur- rently employs a New York workforce of 500 people scattered across three office spaces across the city. EMILY JOHNSON Hate.Latestinstring ofanti-gayattacks happensinNewYork Early yesterday, another hate crime occurred in Manhattan, just days after a man was shot by another man shouting homophobic slurs. Two men were walk- ing in SoHo when two men started shouting anti-gay slurs, police said. The shouting developed into a confrontation. Anti-gay attacks are up almost 70 percent this year, according to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. Kelly and Mayor Michael Bloomberg condemned the attacks in a press conference yesterday afternoon. DANIELLE TCHOLAKIANA march against hate crimes took place Monday. / AARON ADLER, METRO New Yorkers march through the city to protest fracking and the coming of the Spectra pipeline. / ERIC WALTON, OCCUPY THE PIPELINE Concerns are growing about the planned Spectra pipeline on the west side of lower Manhattan, but what some may not know is that their concerns may be coming too late: The pipeline is already in place. The Spectra pipeline runs along the Jersey Shore under the Hudson River to Gansevoort Street and to a Con Ed power station at 14th Street and Ninth Avenue, according to Sane Energy Project co- founder Denise Katzman. According to Katzman, the pressure of a pipeline becomes more intense the bigger the radius of the pipeline. The Spectra pipeline has a radius of 30 inches. That is the same size as the pipeline that exploded in San Bruno, Calif., in 2010. Claire Donohue, Sane Energy Project co-founder, noted that the well-known San Bruno pipeline acci- dent occurred in a subur- ban area in California and wreaked massive damage, killing eight people. A Spectra spokesperson said that these concerns are completely unfounded, and that the pipeline was “built to meet or exceed all federal safety regulations.” Pipeline stirs safety concerns Nothing in common “The only thing that our pipeline and the San Bruno pipeline have in common is that they are natural gas pipelines.” Spectra spokesperson Public concern. The new pipeline will carry natural gas that is extracted from fracking. Top 3 Trending onlineat 1London woman blames unemploy- ment on good looks 2PHOTOS: Devasta- tion caused by Oklahoma tornado 3Gerard Depardieu: Tsarnaev brothers more American than Chechen Quoted “If you are victimized, harassed, assaulted—we want to know about it.” Ray Kelly DANIELLE TCHOLAKIAN Entertainment SPORTS The Weekly Sections Entertainment, arts, culture, music, theater, voices/reader, listings... Sports results and game stories, plus the lives, fans and emotions behind the games... MONDAY: Careers & Education • TUESDAY: Travel, Style WEDNESDAY: Real Estate, Style THURSDAY: Going Out, Style • FRIDAY: Weekend Monday-Thursday: Health and Wellbeing Mind/Spirit, Parenting/Kids, Fitness and Dating METRO’S EDITORIAL IS DESIGNED TO SUIT THE COMMUTER LIFESTYLE – ALL THE NEWS, SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT OF THE DAY IN A QUICK, FRIENDLY FORMAT. Under ‘Arrested’ Get Funke-D up at • Photos of yesterday’s Never Nudes Unite convention in Times Square • New footage of the upcoming season • Two full minutes of the best Tobias Funke moments • How visitors to the Bluth banana stand responded to the “big yellow joint.” Weekend, May 17-19, 2013 2CULTURE TELEVISION By her count, Jessica Wal- ter has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild for 50 years, a period of time that encompasses a vast body of work — dramatic (“Grand Prix”), suspenseful (“Play Misty for Me,” oppo- site Clint Eastwood), super- natural (“Dr. Strange”) and, most recently, comedic (“Archer”). But for Walter, the forthcoming return of “Arrested Development” offers a reassuring remind- er that her career has tran- scended not just different genres, but different gen- erations. “Certainly demographi- cally, there are probably people who thought I was dead,” Walter jokes. Returning as boozy ma- triarch Lucille Bluth, Wal- ter says virtually every line of dialogue in the 15 new episodes creator Mitchell Hurwitz wrote has a double (or even triple) meaning, much like those in the 53 episodes of the show that were broadcast during its three seasons on Fox. But because each episode now focuses on a different char- acter instead of simply fol- lowing Jason Bateman’s Mi- chael Bluth, conversational contexts shift frequently — a change that provided a considerable challenge for the cast as they navigated Hurwitz’s latticework of plot strands and one-liners. “We didn’t know a whole lot a lot of the time, which Guzzlingmartinis withLucilleBluthmakes it much more dif- ficult,” she admits. “In the end, it all worked out, but it’s a strange way to work because you don’t have all of the materials.” Still, even after a seven- year hiatus between the show’s cancellation and its Netflix rebirth, Walter says she slipped easily back into the role. “The thing about our show, which I think you probably realize from watching it, is that the writing is so character- specific,” she observes. She says her maternal instinct kicked in as soon as she encountered actor Tony Hale, who plays her tragic son Buster, maimed after he ignored a warn- ing to beware of what he thought somebody was saying was Lucille. As view- ers will remember, it was really a loose seal, which ate his hand whole. “Once I heard Tony’s voice and once I saw him, there he was with the hook and his pathetic demeanor — he was my little Busty again.” Between “Arrested De- velopment” and “Archer,” on which she plays anoth- er alkie mom, Walter finds herself in the midst of a remarkable career renais- sance, a fact she’s grateful for, regardless of whether people know her prior to playing these cantanker- ous, irresistibly manipula- tive mothers. “I’m so glad they think of something,” she says humbly. “At my age I’m privileged that they think of something, so it doesn’t bother me a bit if they think of me as Lucille.” Interview. Jessica Walter slips right back into the boozy matriarch role that made her famous — again. TODD GILCHRIST Flashback Donotplay ‘Misty’forher We did not ask Jessica Walter about that movie where she has sex with Clint Eastwood. For his 1971 directorial debut “Play Misty for Me,” Clint cast her as a woman who becomes obsessed with his sexy radio DJ. Walter became cinema’s first-ever crazed one- night stand victim, who begins attack- ing him and his loved ones with a knife- wielding fury. She was so good she was borderline uncastable for years — that’s how terrifying her performance was. But she’s not known for that character as much anymore, thankfully. “I have people that are my age and older who know who I am, who remember some of my work from the old days,” says Walter. “Then I used to get, ‘Wow, my mother really likes you.’ Then I’d get, ‘My grandma really likes you.’ And now I get ‘I really like you!’ So how can I be unhappy about that?” Quoted “People have been really nice — they don’t seem to think of Lucille as horrible, thank God. But as long as they’re thinking of me, it makes me happy.” Walter Woodson wouldn’t comment on Amar’e Stoudemire’s status for 2013-14, only saying they would “play it by ear.” / GETTY IMAGES Knicks’ brass emphasize positives The Knicks wrapped up their season-ending media obligations by ushering head coach Mike Woodson and president Glen Grun- wald in front of the masses at their facilities yesterday. Neither wanted to dis- cuss personnel decisions, but they were eager to heap praise on a team not many pegged to go deep in the postseason. Grunwald refused to get into the spe- cifics of what he plans on doing with the roster this summer, but he did allow that changes will be made. “[The team’s salary cap] probably is not likely to get under the tax thresh- olds, but sign-and-trades are available, although you just can’t acquire a player that way if you’re over the threshold,” said Grunwald. “We’ll see how it all plays out. Free agency is always a little unpredictable.” Woodson is looking for- ward to stacking on anoth- er training camp to further emphasize his schemes. “To win our division, [and] to secure the second seed, people didn’t think we could do [any] of those things.” TONY WILLIAMS Quoted “I still say that based on where we started and how we assembled our team, this was, to me, a wonderful season.” Mike Woodson, Knicks head coach The Rangers now see their season slip sliding away after a late goal by the Bruins in Game 3. / GETTY IMAGES Bruinsnab3-0lead on late Game 3 goal The Rangers’ best effort in the Eastern Conference semifinals simply wasn’t good enough. As a result, a season which began with expecta- tions of playing meaning- ful games in June is one loss away from ending. The Rangers trail the Bruins in the best-of-seven series 3-0 after dropping a 2-1 decision in Game 3 last night at the Garden. Daniel Paille’s goal- mouth tap-in at 16:29 of the third was the game- winning goal. The se- quence that led to Paille’s goal began with a Shawn Thornton shot that hit Henrik Lundqvist and popped behind the goal- tender. The puck never crossed the goal line, but Lundqvist could not find it, and Paille pounced on the loose rebound. As the Bruins celebrat- ed, Lundqvist stared up at the pinwheel ceiling, frus- tration etched on his face. The Rangers led 1-0 through two periods on a goal by Taylor Pyatt in the first period. Johnny Boy- chuk tied in 3:10 into the third period. NHL playoffs. The Rangers now face an almost insurmountable deficit in the series. Game 4 If the Rangers are going to pull the reverse of the infamous Yankees-Red Sox series in 2004, they need to start in Game 4. The Bruins have lost after leading by three games before — in 2010 against Philadelphia. • Bruins at Rangers Game 4, tomorrow at 7, CNBC Lottery jackpot Cavalierswin toppickin NBAdraft The Cavaliers won the top pick in the NBA Draft for the second time in three years last night. Cleveland had a 15.6 percent chance to win the lottery after finishing with the third-worst record in the league. Orlando had the worst record in the league but will pick No. 2, while the Wizards got a nice bonus as they moved up to No. 3 despite having the eighth- worst record. METRO No thanks Jacksonliked offerfrom Brooklyn The Nets gave Phil Jackson an offer he could refuse. Jackson told Dan Patrick on his radio show yesterday that he was impressed by what the Nets offered him to take over as coach — just not enough to actually accept. “The Brooklyn situation is a good situation,” Jackson told Patrick. The reason Jackson didn’t accept the position was because it “was coaching basi- cally.” Jackson would prefer to have a say in personnel issues if he takes over with a new team. METRO DENIS GORMAN Wednesday, May 22, 2013 3SPORTS SPORTS Charity Durant donates $1M Oklahoma City forward Kevin Durant announced yesterday he was donating $1 million to the Red Cross in Oklahoma after a devastating tornado hit Moore, Okla., on Monday afternoon. Durant has been with the franchise all five years they’ve been in the state. The Thun- der organization also announced it would be donating $1 mil- lion to recovery. Online Trending onlineat 1Highlights of Bruins-Rangers Game 3 at MSG 2Rangers notes: Girardi earns Tortorella’s trust 3Playing the Field: What cities should host the Super Bowl? There are 30 types of oysters on the menu at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Terminal, which recently celebrated its centennial. / BRYAN SMITH NewYorkCity isyouroyster Ernest Hemingway waxed poetic about them in his posthumous memoir “A Moveable Feast.” The late, great lover Casanova was said to eat a dozen of them for breakfast. And scien- tists have confirmed that they are indeed aphrodisi- acs (as if we didn’t know). So it’s no wonder that oysters are as popular as ever. Read on for our guide to eating the best bivalves across the city, and at great prices to boot. MaisonPremiere With a happy hour in place all year round, this Williamsburg cocktail den boasts an impressive oyster list of more than a dozen fresh picks sourced from bays across the coun- try. For $1 each, diners can choose from little gems including the East End, Montauk Pearl, Kenny’s Malpeque and Peters Point. Check out our interview with new chef Lisa Giffen on the next page. Offered Monday-Friday, 4-7 p.m. 298 Bedford Ave., 347-335-0446 L&WOysterCo. At this market-driven oyster bar, the atmosphere and menu are decidedly nautical. Weekday specials include $2 oysters — sourced from both the East and West coasts — includ- ing hard-to-find varieties like Belon oysters from Maine (only 5,000 of the zinc- and umami-packed delicacies are harvested each year). Offered Monday-Friday, 5-7 p.m. 254 Fifth Ave., 212-203-7772 TheJohnDory OysterBar The best part of happy hour at The John Dory Oys- ter Bar is that it’s offered twice a day. Included is a choice of a half-dozen oys- ters or clams and a choice of a glass of bubbly or an English pint of Sixpoint Oyster Stout, a beer made from the oyster shells shucked at the restaurant ($18). Offered daily, 5-7 p.m. and 11 p.m. to midnight 1196 Broadway, 212-792-9000 GrandCentral OysterBar At this Midtown mainstay, executive chef Sandy Ingber says after the late 1990s and the economic boom, many varieties of oyster became available from all over the country. Now they’re as popular as ever. “I have 30 varieties on my menu every day and cannot keep them in the house,” Ingber says. Oyster Bar specials include Blue Point oysters ($1.25 each) and fried oyster slid- ers ($8.95) in the lounge and saloon only. Monday-Wednesday, 4:30-7 p.m.; Saturday, 1-5 p.m. 89 E. 42nd St., 212-490-6650 Bonkers for these bivalves? Here are our favorite spots to slurp ’em. Dig in at Maison Premiere. / MELISSA HOM Found! Wheretogo for$1oysters Ainsworth Park Every Tuesday, 5-8 p.m. 111 E. 18th St. 212-673-2467 BLT Fish Shack Monday-Friday, 5-7 p.m. 21 W. 17th St. 212-691-1011 Cafe Tallulah Monday-Thursday, 5-7 p.m. and Friday-Sunday, 4-7 p.m. 240 Columbus Ave. 212-209-1055 Crave Fishbar Monday-Friday, 5-7 p.m. 945 Second Ave. 646-895-9585 The Dalloway Daily, 5-7 p.m. 525 Broome St. 212-966-9620 Ditch Plains Tuesdays and Wednesdays beginning at 4 p.m., until they run out 29 Bedford St. 212-633-0202 Greenwich Project Monday-Friday, 5-7 p.m. 47 W. Eighth St. 212-253-9335 TOY Oyster Bar Daily, 5-7 p.m. 18 Ninth Ave. (in Gan- sevoort Meatpacking hotel)CINDY AUGUSTINE Thursday, April 25, 2013 +PLUS GOING OUT Top 3 Tipsfrom apro 1Start small: Chef Sandy Ingber of Oyster Bar in Grand Central advises: “Blue Points are my choice for beginners to start with. They’re plump and mild, easy to eat.” 2Get naked: “I person- ally like to chew an oyster naked at first to get the full flavor pro- file,” says Ingber. “Then I will put stuff on top. Always try them naked first and chew.” 3Choose carefully: When purchasing oysters from fisher- ies, they must come from certified waters and must be tagged. Ingber’s tip for buying directly: Look for a tag. “Don’t buy them if there is no tag — ask to see it. Also, oysters must be closed tight. Don’t use if they’re gapped or smell bad.” vision care for every stage of life Pediatric and infant vision care | Vision therapy | Children with special needs | Learning disabilities Adult vision care | Glaucoma treatment | Low-vision treatment | Diabetic eye care | Contact lenses Schedule an eye exam today. Call 866-905-9922 or visit healthy Eyes. Healthy Living. MOST INSURANCE PLANS ACCEPTED Wednesday, May 1, 2013 WELLBEING Robert Downey Jr. is back as Tony Stark in “Iron Man 3,” opening Friday. / ZADE ROSENTHAL The‘IronMan3’workout “Superheroes have good bodies, even if they have Ph.D.s,” says Brad Bose, who would know: He’s Robert Downey Jr.’s per- sonal trainer. “So it was important that Robert was extremely fit and had a good muscular build — only it had to look real- istic. He’s meant to be a billionaire playboy. You don’t want him to get too big and end up looking like Captain America or The Hulk.” Fortunately, Downey Jr. was almost ready to go for his third stint as Tony Stark in the new film opening Friday. “He’d recently finished filming ‘The Avengers,’ so he was in good shape,” Bose says. “But holding on to that muscle mass and definition for long periods of time isn’t easy. He had to get ‘re-buff.’ We were doing two-hour ses- sions, three to four days a week. By the time we were done, he’d gained five pounds of muscle and trimmed 10 pounds of fat.” Fitness. RDJ’s trainer gives us the moves that turned him into the hero. ROMINA MCGUINNESS The Robert Downey Jr. workout Howhegot there “Robert’s cardio was never an issue,” Bose tells Metro. “A lot of people don’t want to talk about it, but the truth is, he’s 48. He’s above the curve when it comes to being a fit individual, but this is a young man’s training he’s doing.” In order to gain muscle bulk, Downey Jr. spent the first month doing traditional weight training: push-ups, bench presses, etc. Once he and Bose were satis- fied with his mass, they moved on to functional performance training, a technique that engages all muscle groups simul- taneously: “FPT isn’t just for aesthetics,” says Bose. “All the exercises are designed to get you mus- cular through strength. As opposed to body building, where you’re working one muscle group in isolation, FPT gets as many muscles and as many planes of movement engaged at any one time (as pos- sible),” he explains. The logic behind the moves is this: “The body functions as a unit. Every time you’re doing an upper-body movement, your legs should never be completely dormant. The core [from the lower part of your rib cage to the lower part of your hip girdle] should always be engaged. The aim of FPT is to do things more dynamically. So we’ll push sleds, we use bat- tling ropes, sledgeham- mers, tires and so on.” On his day off “Robert is constantly doing something. But in order to spend time with his wife, he does a lot of Tracy Anderson cardio classes. And he’s a brown belt in kung fu, so on the opposite days that he’s not working with me, he’s sparring with his coach, Eric Oram.” Bose
  15. 15. Metro Guest Editors and Reader Contests Metro engages readers with unique, life-changing opportunities. PHILADELPHIA Tuesday, May 17, 2011 Max 66° Min 62° WWW.METRO.US/GAGA VIDEO, COMMENTS AND MORE INTERVIEW ALBUM ANSWERS SO MANY QUESTIONS {pages 06-07} IN HER OWN WORDS LADY GAGA: THOSE WHO INSPIRE ME {page 12} DRESSING GAGA THE STYLE GENIUS BEHIND THE ICON {page 10} Nutter defeats Milton, right? Weather could have an impact on today’s primaries {page 04} BORN THIS WAY ‘Let identity be your religion’ Mother Monster is Metro’s guest editor Her early insecurity, and how she learned to love herself Fans or money? Fans, she says — always Guest Editor Lady Gaga Your Chance to Win a St. Pete/Clearwater Winter Escape Register at ‘SUPER’ GUIDE TO GIANTS PARADE {pages 02-04} TODAY’S GUEST EDITOR: KARL LAGERFELD NEW YORK Tuesday, February 7, 2012 NYC’S #1 FREE DAILY Fashion icon offers his thoughts and exclusive illustrations on today’s news and entertainment We sit down one-on-one with the man himself Max 51° Min 33° Guest Editor Karl Lagerfeld Guest Editors for Earth Day Mark Ruffalo and Kyra Sedgwick TAYLOR KITSCH TALKS ‘BANG BANG CLUB’ TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL {page 22} ONE-MAN SHOW ’MELO IS ALL THE KNICKS HAVE {page 29} WHAT’S TYLER PERRY HAVE TO DO TO GET A LITTLE RESPECT? FILMS {page 18} DON’T BE JEALOUS: REESE SAYS KISSING HIM WAS NASTY FILMS {page 19} NEW YORK April 22-24, 2011 WEEKEND On Earth Day, a look at the environmental issues affecting our city Mark Ruffalo serves as guest editor {pages 06-15} New York’s going GREEN HEY BIEBER FANS, GIVE ESPERANZA A REAL LISTEN {page 29}22-05 Ditmars Blvd.Jackson Heights,NY 11372 REGISTER NOW AT WWW.HOMEBUYEREXPONY.COM THE WORLD IS IN YOUR HANDS Stop buying plastic water bottles and invest in a canvas shopping bag This Earth Day, it’s all up to small changes you can make {pages 08-10, 14-22} NEW YORK April 20-22, 2012 NYC’S #1 FREE DAILY WEEKEND Kyra SedgwickGUEST EDITOR Guest Editor Richard Branson Meet Justin Bieber Contest Thursday, October 4, 2012 NEW YORK LikeUsonFacebook FollowUsonTwitter *OnlyApplicableonNewSalesforOctober $10 OFF *EACHADULT 10/14 Call For Tickets: All Inclusive Sunday Cruise - Puppet Show- Magician- Arts & Crafts- Live Music - Cruise Around The Statue of Liberty- Bagged Lunch *Activities Subject to Change per Cruise. Ask About our Holiday Events! TICKET IN ADVANCE and Halloween Party 10/28 Princess & Pirates A Princess & Pirate AdventureNYC’S #1 FREE DAILY NEWSPAPER ARNOLD: THE DECEIVENATOR {page 27} Max 73° Min 58° Hurry, sale ends tomorrow! Switch to Time Warner Cable Standard Internet and get a FREE Turbo upgrade for one year when you sign up. ‘U.S. knew of al Qaeda link to Benghazi killings’ {page 10} news Could debate save Romney? New poll shows scale of challenge for GOP {page 12} election 2012 Boozy fitness coming to NYC Just got a good workout in? How about a drink? {page 02} local Branson on drug policy: America’s war on blacks Entrepreneur, drug laws campaigner, labels U.S. policy ‘racist’ Demands fresh approach where addiction is treated, not punished Metro’s Global Guest Editor {page 13} Clinton pledge on Libya attack MILES DIXON/METRO OFFICIAL MAKEUP SPONSOR OF MERCEDES - BENZ FASHION WEEK Thursday, February 14, 2013 NEW YORK NYC’S #1 FREE DAILY Max 45° Min 35° SORRY, GENTS, JACKMAN NOT INTO MEN {page 27} MEET JUSTIN BIEBER Working full time, but still impoverished 1.7 million New Yorkers living in poverty {page 02} local Updating the rock ‘n’ roll look at NYFW And Rodarte somehow makes it work {pages 34-35} fashion week Still making plans for your Valentine’s? Have hope, last-minute options abound {page 38} going out To promote his new album ‘Believe Acoustic,’ Metro and Justin Bieber have teamed up to offer one lucky reader backstage passes to his show It’s our Valentine’s Day gift to you For details and an exclusive interview, read on {pages 14-26} the love issue Guest Stars Will and Jaden Smith WILLSMITH:‘REMEMBER WHEREYOUCAMEFROM’ THE FATHER-SON TEAM IMAGINES OUR PLANET’S FUTURE. PAGES 16-20 NEW YORK Monday,April22,2013 GUEST STAR IN OUR EXCLUSIVE EARTH DAY EDITION GUEST STAR IN OUR EXCLUSIVE WILL AND JADEN SMITH t:MetroNewYork | f:MetroNewYork Are you on edge since last week’s bombing? We offer tips for coping with terror-related stress. PAGE 29 NYPD beefs up security for weekend races Last week’s bombing loomed over the runs. PAGE 02 Welcome to the cinema, turn on your phones New technology promises to get you in on the action. PAGE 27 Jets pull the trigger, deal Revis to Buccaneers The best defender in team history is now gone. PAGE 34 Candidates submit photos yearly to win a trip wherever Metro is published. Candidates submitted descriptions on why they were perfectly suited for a space mission to win a trip into space. Justin Dowd, representing the US, won the Metro Race for Space! 07NYC’s #1 FREE DAILY THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 2012news Rockefeller University Hospital is looking for volunteers to participate in a new research study with Enbrel®**. We are looking for: What the study involves: Got Psoriasis? You could receive free Enbrel® for 1 year! For additional information, please contact our Recruitment Specialist at 1-800-RUCARES or email us at Experience at: Buy the PANDORA Cherished Mother’s Gift Set (one PANDORA clasp bracelet, two sunburst clips, the MOM charm, and a charm valued at $35 or less) for $200.* *Good while supplies last. See our store for details. PANDORA Gift Set April 26th –May 13th 212.226.3413 Justin Dowd from Worcester, Mass., has won the Race for Space, the global competition to select one Metro reader to travel into space. Dowd, 22, beat thousands of candidates from across the globe to win a the coveted once- in-a-lifetime ticket on board XCOR Lynx, the first generation rocket-powered spaceplane cur- rently being built by leading spaceflight company SXC. Dowd has both the mental and physical smarts needed to be a perfect astronaut. Dowd, a physics and maths under- graduate at Boston’s North- eastern University, wowed the judging panel with his stun- ning chalkboard stop motion video on Einstein’s theory of relativity. Meanwhile, Dowd has been training for a gruel- ing 12-mile endurance obsta- cle course race. “My motivation for him is that he really provides an amazing package in the com- bined qualities of scientific background, artistic qualities, dedication and the gift to tell a fascinating story,” Harry Van Hulten, test pilot with SXC and global jury member that selected Dowd. “He is absolutely unique. He taught me things in his video that I didn’t understand as well as I do now. He really blew me away with that. I can’t think of any better am- bassador to tell the story about this space trip than him.” Dowd will receive astro- naut training ahead of the trip scheduled for 2014. The “civilian astronaut” will be able to chronicle his prepara- tions and space flight itself in a series of reports published in Metro across the globe. In reacting to the news, Dowd told Metro, “I’m the luckiest guy in the world and for about 20 minutes, I’ll be the luckiest guy in outer space!” Dowd added that it’s “an absolute honor” to be the part of the world’s first space mis- sion to be launched by a news- paper. “To say this is a once-in- a-lifetime event is an under- statement. This is the first time ever this sort of mission is happening and I am elated to be a part of history.” METRO WINNER ‘I WILL NEVER FORGET TODAY’Physics student from Boston beats hundreds for ticket to outer space Justin Dowd to undergo training for space flight scheduled for 2014 Justin Dowd of Worcester, Mass., won Metro’s contest to take a trip to space. METR O RACE FOR S PACESKY IS NOLONGERTHE LIMIT COURTNEY SACCO/METRO
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  18. 18. THURSDAY, JANUARY 21, 2010 15 + mycruising Cruise ships provide a total vacation experience. Once aboard the vessel, dining, sleeping and entertainment options are planned out in entirety. For a cruise vaca- tioner, sometimes the most important planning lies in choosing the ship itself. There are some two dozen different cruise lines serv- ing the States. Like hotels and restaurants, cruises are graded by star, indicating ships’ relative luxuries. Five star: Five-star cruises are not necessarily the best — but they are usually the most exclusive, and, result- ingly, expensive. Five-star lines — such as Crystal and Princess — cater to the most discriminating pas- sengers. Four star: These ships’ amenities will all be slight- ly less — including the price. Rooms tend to be a bit smaller, but there is usu- ally more attention to ship- board activities and the clientele trends younger. Three star: Meet the bread and butter of the cruise in- dustry. Passengers can ex- pect a fairly good value for the cost. Two star: These “econo- my” lines are generally more sparse in every way from the above cruises — meaning they are less ex- pensive, smaller and more crowded. Set your vacation on cruisecontrol Planning a family vacation can be a daunting experience when trying to accommodate the entire clan Cruise ships offer a one-stop shop, complete with luxury, entertainment — and an exorbitant amount of food The 130,000-ton Carnival Dream — Carnival Cruise Lines’ newest and largest ship — sits off the coast of Monaco, ready to patrol the waters of the Caribbean. PHOTOS: CARNIVAL/ANDY NEWMAN Before you go! Check the weather: To a certain extent, this is an impossible request. Cruise planning often occurs months before the voyage, so there’s not much to be done if, let’s say, a hurricane decides to breeze on by (as it did on this intrepid re- porter’s last cruise excur- sion). Still, it never hurts to be prepared. Motion in the ocean: Prone to motion sickness? Pack some Dramamine. Duh. Do your homework: The most important thing to find is what will fit your own per- sonal tastes. World Ocean & Cruise Liner Society ( is a good place to start. The newly built Carnival Dream is the newest member of what the company has branded its “Fun Ship Fleet.” For the kids In addition to the Dream’s “Camp Carn- ival” play area — includ- ing age-targeted arts and crafts, and video game stations — the ship sports a 303-foot-long wa- ter slide, an 18-hole mini golf course, basketball and volleyball courts, and a variety of contests and group parties. Adult fun Performances — comedy acts and Vegas-style revues — complement karaoke, live music and casinos. Night-time laser light shows rock Pink Floyd and Styx. METRO/BS Dream a little dream with Carnival Cruise BRAYDEN SIMMS Inside: New cruises, ships and ports of call PAGE 16-17 This isn’t your granny’s cruise buffet line PAGE 18 Trends Dining SPONSORED BY cruising Ships’Registry: TheBahamasandPanama. FIND A VACATION PACKED WITH ALL-INCLUSIVE VALUE AT CARNIVAL.COM. VALUE HUNTERS OF NEW YORK, TIME TO GET YOUR POUNCE ON. GRAB YOUR SNORKELS, CITY FOLK. WE’RE GOING CRUISIN.’Well, we did it. We’ve packed a vacation with all-inclusive fun including cushy accommodations, mouthwatering food and tons of stuff to do day and night. Even supervised activities for the kids. All for prices starting at $70* a day. So why wait to book? Call Carnival at 1-800-764-7416, contact a travel agent or visit today. *The company reserves the right to reinstate the fuel supplement for all guests at up to $9 per guest per day if the NYMEX oil price exceeds $70 per barrel. Cruise fares only. Government taxes and fees ($20–$170) additional per guest. Restrictions and non-refundable deposit applies. Full details on Ships’ Registry: The Bahamas & Panama. $ 70 * Departing weekly,prices from: A DAY Contact a travel agent | 1-800-764-7416 | mycruising THURSDAY, JANUARY 21, 2010 1716 Ships’Registry: TheBahamasandPanama. SALSA LESSONS. JUST ONE MORE PART OF THE ALL-INCLUSIVE VALUE YOU GET WITH CARNIVAL. AND YOUR CALIENTE ON. Ships’Registry: TheBahamasandPanama. MINI GOLF. JUST ONE MORE PART OF THE ALL-INCLUSIVE VALUE YOU GET WITH CARNIVAL. AND YOUR (VERY) SHORT GAME ON. with three celebrity life coaches, take classes in styling, yoga, cooking, wine tasting and travel through the Caribbean on the Celebrity Solstice. Cruise with ‘The King’ Name: Elvis Cruise When: Nov. 4-8 Price: $599 Ports visited: Bahamas Departs from: Jacksonville, Fla. For more informa- tion: www.theelvis- In honor of The King’s 75th birthday (if he were alive, that is), this spe- cialty cruise aboard the Carnival Fascination features tribute per- formers and pre- sentations by friends of Elvis, and includes many Elvis- themed activi- ties. You can thank us later. Very much. Show your pride Name: Gay Cruise When: Aug. 20-27 Price: Starting at $2,290, per person, per week Ports visited: Mykonos, San- torini and other Greek islands Departs from: Athens For more information: Variety Cruises’ first Gay Cruise program includes a buffet breakfast and one meal daily, Arabian Night, a BBQ (weather per- mitting), a Captain’s Dinner, use of snorkeling equip- ment and a multilingual cruise escort so you can explore the Greek is- lands in style. All hands, feet and bodies on the decks! From new lines to destinations, there’s a cruise for everybody Take a class on the high-seas with a life coach Or shake your hips with an Elvis impersonator Cruising 101 — for those who might be new to this adventure Tropical islands not all the same It’s a common misconcep- tion that Caribbean cruis- es and itineraries are pret- ty much the same. Each is- land and has its own per- sonality and style some de- rived from their colonial culture, others from their geography. It’s quite possi- ble to take as many as four or five Caribbean cruises and repeat very few is- lands — and have a com- pletely different experi- ence on each. One-week Caribbean cruises come in three dis- tinct flavors: Eastern, Western and Southern. Short cruises of less than a week generally include ports in the Bahamas and sometimes Key West, Fla. The Eastern Caribbean is often the choice of first- time cruisers and those veterans who relish more at-sea days with generally three or four ports of call. In addition to sun- splashed beaches fringed with palm trees, the East- ern Caribbean appeals to shoppers en- ticed by luxury goods and duty-free prices in places like St. Thomas, St. Martin and San Juan. The Western Caribbean of- fers the best options for water-sports enthusiasts as it is considered the best for snorkeling and scuba diving. Typical Western Caribbean ports include Key West, Jamaica, Belize, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. Southern Caribbean cruises afford the choice of more island destina- tions-— usually as many as five, which often also means fewer days at sea. A Southern Caribbean cruise is generally longer, often 10 to 12 nights. San Juan is also a popular embarka- tion port for ships on Southern Caribbean itiner- aries, which often make stops in many destinations like Martinique, Do- minica and Grenada. And not to be forgot- ten, winter cruises to the Mexican Riviera are also very popular as they offer the allure of warm temperatures, beaches and plenty of shopping. Experience the south Name: Carnival Fantasy When: Starting May 18; various dates Ports visited: Bahamas and Key West Departs from: Charleston, S.C. For more information: www.charlestoncruise Carnival Cruise Lines will begin year-round service from Charleston, S.C., be- ginning with a May 18 de- parture of the 2,056- passenger Carnival Fanta- sy, and will depart from Charleston’s historic down- town. Local hoteliers are re- sponding by putting to- gether park-and-stay pack- ages so you can experience the beauty of Charleston before or after you cruise. Calling all the single ladies Name: Life Makeover Cruise When: April 18-25 Price: Starts at $999 Ports visited: Puerto Rico, St. Kitts and St. Maarten Departs from: Fort Lauderdale, Fla. For more information: Singles Travel Internation- al announces their Life Makeover Cruise, spe- cially de- signed for single ladies needing a little life- enhancement (think Oprah’s self-help programming but on the high seas). Travelers will participate in workshops – Go to for more expert travel tips. Fodor’s. For choice travel experiences. Hot spots Top three most popular cruise routes: Miami — Key West — Cozumel Los Angeles — Mazatlan — Puerto Vallarta — Cabo San Lucas Miami — Grand Cayman — Belize — Cozumel Source: Orbitz Beware sea monsters! When Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas is launched in November, it will share the accolade of biggest cruise ship in the world with its sister, Oa- sis of the Seas. These sea monsters weigh in at 225,000 tons and carry up to 6,300 passengers and 2,160 crew (now that's a party!). Since they’re so large, they can’t visit every port of call, but Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and Jamaica have built new piers in order to host them. METRO/DR The world of cruising can be daunting to one who has never experienced the joy of sitting on a sunny deck and sipping frozen beverages. For cruise virgins, Jeanne Wyndrum, senior vice presi- dent of, shares these tips. Find out what’s included A lot of people have mis- conceptions about what they will need to cover. What is included: Meals, entertainment and accom- modations. What is addi- tional once you get on board: soft drinks and alco- hol, spa treatments, shore excursions, certain dining experiences, the Internet and gratuities. Those are the additions you should be ready for when you get the bill at the end of the trip. Be prepared Have all proper documen- tation when you get to port. They are being very strict nowadays so be sure your name matches your documentation ex- actly. If not, you could be denied boarding. Since most cruises now require that you preregister online, this is a good time to make sure your passport isn’t ex- pired and all of your paper- work is in order. Do your research Learn about ports you will visit. Most importantly, see how far the port city is from the city center, as that makes all the differ- ence of what kind of expe- rience you will have. For instance, if you are going to Rome, you’ll find that the port is far from the center of the city, so you might want to prepur- chase a shore excursion. It will save you time if you have a good idea of the city layout and what you want to see since your time at port is limited. Book your shore excursion early It depends on the place you are visiting, but in some cases you should book in advance. If you wait until you get on the ship, that’s okay, but don’t wait until the morning of. Arrive early Although the ship might leave at 5 o’clock, you can actually start to board around noon. You’ll be free to enjoy the ship and decks all afternoon — this really adds an extra day to your vacation and helps you relax instead of rushing to make departure. METRO/DR Tips Oasis of the Seas Variety Cruises’s first Gay Cruise program will be held on the Panorama (pictured). Your body here? Cozumel The beauty of St. Thomas is just a cruise away. DOROTHY ROBINSON Sail ... and shop Eastern Caribbean cruises appeal to shoppers enticed by luxury goods and duty-free prices. Bigger is better These boats are so big, they can’t stop at all ports. SPONSORED BY SPONSORED BY cruising mycruising THURSDAY, JANUARY 21, 2010 18 Ships’Registry: TheBahamasandPanama. BOOK A CRUISE PACKED WITH ALL-INCLUSIVE VALUE AT CARNIVAL.COM. OF COURSE, YOU COULD ALWAYS JUST GET YOUR SUNSCREEN ON AND LEAVE IT AT THAT. cruising SPONSORED BY Here’s how one thing af- fects the other: Heftier cruise vessels means more on-deck room for uncon- ventional dining options. The culinary tact of cruise liners has changed quite a bit in the past decade, par- ticularly in the following ways: Dine when you want The top trend in cruise din- ing has less to do with what you eat than when you eat it: Gone are the days when passengers re- ceived a set time — typical- ly 6 or 8 p.m. — for their sit-down meals. Now, says cruise expert Stewart Chi- ron, “People can eat at whatever time they want.” For Senior Vice President Jeanne Wyn- drum, the open-ended schedule transfigures the whole trip: “It kind of eas- es your day.” Specialty restaurants As ship size increases, so does the space for new restaurants: “Like steak- houses, Italian, French, Asian,” Chiron says. The new spots feel less like din- ing halls and more like chic eateries — “The food quality, the atmosphere, and the accoutrements are much different,” he says. Celebrity chefs More space for restaurants means more gigs for chefs — gigs restaurants are fill- ing with name-grabbing celebrity cooks. In 2008, The North Atlantic cruise line Cunard tapped New England chef Todd English to author some menus. The next year, Crystal cruises brought Master Chef Nobu Matsuhisa on board for the same calling. Expect to see more: “I wouldn’t be surprised to see Emeril [Lagasse] or one of these guys doing a cruise at some point,” says Chiron. Healthier bites Cruise lines have tradition- ally made accommodation for passengers with specif- ic dietary needs — just that, now, those gluten- free and low-cholesterol options are starting to be- come mainstays on cabin menus. “It’s not like, ‘Here’s a few bits of let- tuce,’” says Wyndrum. “These are very good en- trees, and they’re quite popular.” So long, buffets of old Cruises are taking dining to the next level Trends to expect in 2010 for your palate Luckily, your ship will also come with a gym The galleys go very gourmet on these ships Culinary classes Here’s where the realms of food and onboard en- tertainment start to blur: Norwegian Cruise Line packs a training kitchen on many of its newer vessels — “They’ll have like a theater set- up, as if you were in a class,” says Chiron. “You’ll have the table and kitchen set up, and the chef will come out.” METRO/DHDREW HINSHAW OASIS OF THE SEAS CARNIVAL On the Carnival Dream, there’s a speciality pasta bar for when you need your carb fix. The Oasis of the Sea boasts The Cupcake Cupboard, a dedicated shop that hosts hands-on decorating classes. These days, cruising isn’t just about retired folk cruising slowly ’round the Mediterranean. There’s a new raft of exciting ways of seeing the world by boat. The Gota Canal Steamship Co., MS Diana, Sweden The “Good Life on Board” cruise is one for gour- mands. Special menus are conceived from produce bought from the local canal area, resulting in hearty Swedish delicacies, and there’s a nightly wine- tasting session with the crew’s personal sommelier. Rock your boat: At Berg, ex- ercise off all the amazing food with a starlit swim in the canal, or simply borrow one of the ship’s bikes to go for a ride along the canal. Lyngen Lodge, Tromso Coast, Norway Combine snow, ski and sea with this unique trip to the Arctic Circle. It’s based in the luxurious Lyngen Lodge, on the shores of a re- mote Arctic fjord, and each day you board a boat that takes you to the foot of un- touched white, powdery slopes. Kick off your skis and wind down with a spot of fishing on your way back to a dinner of reindeer. Rock your boat: Lyngen Lodge also boats French windows with breathtak- ing views across the mountains — perfect for admiring the Northern Lights. Right Travel, Dahabeya Hadeel, Nile River, Egypt Sail the turquoise waters of the River Nile on board the Dahabeya Hadeel. Dis- cover the rich cultural her- itage of Egypt while taking time to relax on the sailboat. Over the course of eight days, you’ll see many of Egypt’s most spec- tacular sights. Rock your boat: At the end of the day, nothing really beats a bit of mindless fun. Hop off the sailboat and on- to a camel or donkey when you stop off in El Kab, one of the oldest cities in Egypt. ROMINA MCGUINNESS Different cruises for the adventurous Sail the River Nile on board the Dahabeya Hadeel. Sponsored Editorial Creative Integrated Ad Formats Integrated Spread Dossier Wrap Featured friends The new CD fea- tures a slew of guest stars, including: Akon Their duet, “Hold My Hand,” was the first sin- gle to debut. After complained about the song’s release, Akon told the press, “These records would have come out whether he was alive or dead.” 50 Cent It’s hard to imagine Jackson and 50 Cent hanging out, but appar- ently, they had a connec- tion: According to 50 Cent rival The Game, Michael called him once in hopes of ending the feud by record- ing a three-way track. Lenny Kravitz “I know he stood behind it,” Kravitz has said of his duet, “(I Can’t Make It) Another Day.” METRO GRADUATE INFO SESSION DECEMBER 16, 2010 6:30 PM Omni Parker House Hotel 60 School Street, Boston RSVP: Campus | Online Suffolk MBAOptions myentertainment 14 my For every letter to Sa and posted at one o Mail letter boxes, Ma donation to the Mak up to $1,000,000. Tune into the CBS Ea for letter count upda the holidays. To learn more, visit m Jackson’s controversial new CD, available today, features unfinished tracks left behind by the King of Pop Would the gloved one approve? Is there enough Michael on the ‘Michael’ album? Although the cover of “Michael” features idealized versions of the King of Pop, does the music within present the same picture? COURTESY OF EPIC RECORDS A rriving in stores to- day, a year and a half after his death, is Michael Jackson’s first posthumous album, “Michael.” A lineup of guests like Lenny Kravitz, Akon and 50 Cent — along with superstar producers such as Teddy Riley and Tricky Stewart — have all been tapped to contribute to the 10-song CD. But even with that healthy dose of star power, can a Michael Jackson album be good without the star of the show? A work-in-progress at the time of the superstar’s death, the project has not been without controversy. Overseen by the Jackson es- tate, “Michael” takes tracks that were in various states of completion and puts them in the hands of Jack- son’s collaborators to fin- ish. of the Black Eyed Peas has said that fin- ishing the project without Jackson is “disrespectful.” A Michael Jackson album without his input could be a disaster for his legions of fans eagerly awaiting the CD, especially since the King of Pop was known for his attention to detail. But there are some who are op- timistic. “It’s not like they found a bunch of old records and decided to put out an al- bum to make money. These are songs he was involved with,” explains Pup Dawg, the music director at JAMN 94.5 in Boston. The real question will be: Does it live up to Jack- son’s other work? Some within the indus- try are still skeptical. But many fans won’t care, and their curiosity will drive them to the store or online — a troubled Michael Jack- son album is better than none at all, to them. “The song with Lenny Kravitz is a Michael record. That just feels like a Michael Jackson record,” says Geespin, assistant pro- gram director for New York’s Power 105.1 radio station. “Truth is, I’d rather hear music from the biggest and best artists than not hear it. It’s still Michael. It’s still the biggest artist of all time. Would you rather not hear it?” � WHAT DO YOU THINK? POST YOUR COMMENTS @ ... G. VALENTINO BALL and almost escapist, like “Island in the Sun” and “Hash Pipe.” And listening to the recently released deluxe edition of “Pinker- ton” with rare acoustic ver- sions of devastating songs like “Why Bother?”, one has to wonder if Cuomo thinks he ever reached down so deeply again in his songwriting. “Yes. I do,” he says before a long pause. “But — I know some of our core fans would get upset when I say something like this — but I feel like ‘Beverly Hills’ was an extremely honest and deep song, and they take it to be the opposite, which has always perplexed me.” doubts, maybe it will totally fail and sell half as much as ‘The Blue Album’ or some- thing,” says Cuomo. “And it came out and sold a tenth of ‘The Blue Album’ — which, in those days, was an incredible drop. And it wasn’t just commercial, but the critics pretty uniformly hated it. And it was just the beginnings of online feed- back too, so you could go on Amazon and see all the negative feedback from the fans of the first record. And boy, that was just crushing for me, all of that together. And it took awhile to build up the confidence to even step back in the spotlight again.” During the band’s hiber- nation, fans began to take to the brash sounds and emotional lyrics of “Pinker- ton,” and the album ar- guably became responsible for the advent of the genre known as emo. But when Cuomo did step back into that spotlight, Weezer emerged as something of an armored unit, with an arsenal of songs that mostly seemed to be short, poppy The first phase of Weez- er’s career is an embat- tled one for singer Rivers Cuomo. With their self-ti- tled 1994 debut, they achieved instant and mas- sive buzz based on their fun singles and silly videos, which MTV played on heavy rotation. (Yes, it was a different era, kids. Videos on MTV!) But the band’s shallow success wasn’t enough for Cuomo. So with the band’s second album, “Pinkerton,” he got more personal, and hoped critics and fans would follow him into the deep end. They didn’t — at least not right away — and it would be five years before anyone would hear another note from the band. “I guess part of me as- sumed that it was going to be very successful and I’d become like this superstar, because the record was so focused on me. And I prob- ably entertained some Weezer, as they appeared on “The Blue Album,” 16 years ago, from left: drummer Pat Wilson, Cuomo, former bassist Matt Sharp and guitarist Brian Bell. The world has turned and left them here GRADUATE INFO SESSION DECEMBER 16, 2010 6:30 PM Omni Parker House Hotel 60 School Street, Boston RSVP: Career focused from day one. Suffolk MBA | Global MBA myentertainment TUESDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2010 15 anta that is stamped f our special Santa acy’s will make a $1 ke-A-WishFoundation® arly Show at 7am ates throughout Weezer revisit material they wrote more than 15 years ago with ‘The Memories Tour’ Singer Rivers Cuomo on how it feels when critics and fans misunderstand him Thanks for ‘The Memories Tour’ Weezer’s current dates, dubbed “The Memories Tour,” celebrate the band’s first two albums — their self-titled 1994 debut, which has come to be known as “The Blue Album” because of the background against which the band stands, and their 1996 follow- up, “Pinkerton.” On the first night of the engage- ment, the band goes through a short set of greatest hits in reverse chronological order and plays the first album in its entirety. On the sec- ond night, they begin with a different set of hits and then play “Pinkerton” from start to finish. If you go Weezer The Memories Tour Tonight and tomorrow The Orpheum One Hamilton Place, Boston SOLD OUT PAT HEALY Cuomo rocking out on a recent “Memories Tour” show. � POST YOUR COMMENTS
  19. 19. ADVERTISMENT MY STYLE THE FASHION SENSE OF A THRILLER POLITICS SOTOMAYOR LOSES WITH COURT SALES EDITION Min 50° RANGERS GIVE UP ON GOMEZ SPORTS Thousands honor the King of Pop Finally, senate seat for Frankin the election, Al Frankin takes his seat A whiff of McDreamy Fans gather by the thou- sand to say goodbye What it means to the devoted, what will they do now? Michael Jackson Do you think Ruth Madoff Truely feels like a victim or is she building her own defense? A: She’s a victim B: She was in on it Texting you answer, A or B to enters See our Voices page for poll results and terms and conditions textpoll J.B. NICHOLAS/METRO Elections. Showing their true colors Mir Hossein Mousavi supporters show fingers painted green (Mousavi’s campaign color), after the Iranian elections yesterday. {page 11} Senate seat up for grabs (still) lawsuit Republicans no longer hold a majority of votes Senate remains in limbo McNamara said a court shouldn’t rule on a power dispute in the Legislature ADVERTISMENT MY STYLE THE FASHION SENSE OF A THRILLER POLITICS SOTOMAYOR LOSES WITH COURT SALES EDITION Min 50° RANGERS GIVE UP ON GOMEZ SPORTS Thousands honor the King of Pop Finally, senate seat for Frankin the election, Al Frankin takes his seat A whiff of McDreamy Fans gather by the thou- sand to say goodbye What it means to the devoted, what will they do now? Michael Jackson Do you think Ruth Madoff Truely feels like a victim or is she building her own defense? A: She’s a victim B: She was in on it Texting you answer, A or B to enters See our Voices page for poll results and terms and conditions textpoll J.B. NICHOLAS/METRO Elections. Showing their true colors Mir Hossein Mousavi supporters show fingers painted green (Mousavi’s campaign color), after the Iranian elections yesterday. {page 11} Senate seat up for grabs (still) lawsuit Republicans no longer hold a majority of votes Senate remains in limbo McNamara said a court shouldn’t rule on a power dispute in the Legislature Tear the onsert off! Creative Distribution and Geo-targeting Turn to Metro’s complete brand experience and get the immediate attention you’re looking for. Reinforce your message on a one-to-one level with Metro Premium Models: • Branded and scripted models are chosen based on image and campaign objective • Geo- and chrono-targeted distribution at selected premium locations Strategically target your key customers with a ZIP code focused campaign: • Free Standing Inserts: Preprinted FSI’s can include circulars, postcards, coupons, etc. • WePrint: Convert your preprinted insert into stitched ROP consecutive pages • Onserts: The “informational post-it,” including front page sky box • Sampling: Get the product in the hands of your target audience
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PAGES 08-14 Weekend, May 31-June 2, 2013 THE SEX ISSUE The biggest sex story of the past year didn’t happen between Christian and An- astasia in some porn your mom read — it happened in Brooklyn when Adam banged Hannah and prob- ably gave her an STD. The HBO series “Girls,” with its frank depiction of bad dirty talk, venereal diseases, abortions, miscarriages and condom spill, is all about sex. But unlike “Sex and the City” before it, this show is a global hit partly because HERE’S WHAT’S SEXYTrend. With “Girls” a hit and plus-sized models becoming the norm, we wonder: Are the days of the blonde bimbo over? The model “It’s ridiculous that people are arguing. We should focus on embracing all sizes.” Jennie Runk plus-size model for H+M The editor “We don’t airbrush. There’s something sexy about that.” Arielle Loren founder, Corset magazine Dunham is just one of the “Girls.” The actress has said she wouldn’t want a body like a Victoria’s Secret model. / HBO Hot list: The sex symbols of 2013. Blipp here to let us know which one of these celebs you’d most like to boff. star/creator Lena Dunham is, well, average-looking. She’s a chubby, tattooed, thin-haired 26-year-old. She’s normal. The hype comes at the perfect time for the “real beauty” movement — and for this Metro Sex Issue, themed “Feel Good Naked.” Within the past month, plus-size model Jennie Runk made head- lines when H+M debuted her modeling swimwear (despite being a dress size 14-16, not 0). Dove soap, on the tails of an ad campaign featuring plus-size women, launched an “anti-Photo- shop” app that restores im- ages to their original form. And “amateur” porn is the most popular category on YouPorn, ranking higher than “blondes.” The house that Jenna Jameson built is crumbling. The question is: How quickly? Soyes,how quickly? In one year, or in five? “I don’t think five years is enough,” says Gabi Gregg, 26, a plus-size blogger. Her work went viral last year after she posted photos of herself looking sensual in a “fatkini” and, this week, she launches her own line of swimwear (see story, at right). “But peo- ple like Lena Dunham and Louis C.K. are opening doors. Just the fact that her body makes people so angry — if you read the comments, people are telling her to put on clothes. She has said that only makes her want to do it more. It’s my favor- ite show.” Arielle Loren doesn’t watch “Girls,” but also traf- fics in blunt depictions of sex. Her magazine Corset (www.corsetmagazine. com) features graphic nudi- ty and first-person erotica, and resembles someone’s beautifully photographed diary. It became profitable after a year, and Loren sees it as part of a movement. “The way we learn about sex, the pornography in- dustry drives a lot of that consciousness,” says Loren, a 27-year-old American. “It starts to inform the way we think about ‘sexy’ from an early age. But there are multifaceted aspects of sex and what it can really be, which we explore in the magazine. That goes from everything you can do in the bedroom — physically — but also how we under- stand our bodies.” A recent Corset photo- shoot, “Breasts in Erotic Daylight,” features a brown bosom with stretch marks. “We definitely don’t airbrush,” says Loren. “There’s something very sexy about that. Being able to see the hair follicles on a breast or the stretch marks on a woman’s stomach.” She now has subscribers here, in Canada, Peru, Bra- zil, Sweden and beyond. And yet post a photo of a plus size-model online and you see not everyone’s as accepting. Exhibit A: Jen- nie Runk. Junkin Runk’strunk The excitement (and de- bate) over Runk’s H+M campaign made it all the way to Italy, where she was working in May. It led to at least one sleepless night. “I was thinking about all the media I’ve been getting and my mom reads a lot of the comments and she said, ‘I can’t believe some- body called you fat,’” re- members the 24-year-old, “and some people on the other side were like, ‘The curvier bodies are better!’ and it’s so ridiculous that people are having these ar- Tip from Corset editor • Do the self-work. “Start by walking around your house naked. If you have a roommate, shut your door and walk around your room naked. The more you get comfort- able with your naked self — not covering yourself up with a towel every time you take a shower, taking the time to be in your body and open like that — your confidence will slowly and steadily increase.” Loren, on how to feel good naked Sofia Vergara Olga Kurylenko Mila Kunis Nina Dobrev Alison Brie Mindy Kaling Christina Hendricks Jennifer Lawrence Rebel Wilson Emilia Clarke Beyonce Knowles Zoe Saldana Helen Mirren Anna Kendrick Kate Upton Kat Dennings Zooey Deschanel Aubrey Plaza Emma Stone Lena Dunham 9THE SEX ISSUE says Gregg, “but ... ” “This argument,” adds Runk, “is going to be a thing of the past when — honestly, I don’t know.” On Facebook, she was more hopeful, saying it’s “our differences that make us remarkable.” She laughs when she hears that again. “I’ve been told before I’m a little too naive.” In school, did you realize you were bigger than everybody else? Yes and no. I wasn’t teased too much, luckily. It was mostly internal, feel- ing insecure next to my classmates, if they were thinner than me or had blonde hair. Nobody had to say anything. And I started trying to diet when I was in middle school and high school, and it wasn’t until college that I came to accept myself. How do the suits, um, work? What do you mean by work? [Laughs] They fit so well. Is it made with a binding material, with latches or something? Actually, no. I’ve had people ask about support, of course, but there’s noth- ing special about the fabric of the suits. It’s normal bathing suit fabric. In terms of the Galaxy suit, what makes it so special is the print — it’s graphic and fun and looks great because it’s so busy that it — I don’t want to say it distracts the eye, because I don’t care about that sort of thing, but that’s what it does. And the high-waisted cut looks great on all women. Are you OK with the term “fatkini”? Yes. I didn’t use it this year because it went so viral last year, and it was inspiring for many people but took away from it, for others, because they were stuck on the word and got angry and started com- menting. It’s a reclamation of the word “fat,” espe- cially in our community, we all get it. When it goes outside the community, people get angry and send emails. But I’m fine with it. At the end of the day, it’s a fatkini because I’m fat and wearing a bikini. [Laughs] How much do you weigh now? I believe I’m around 225. How tall are you? I’m 5-foot-5. Do you get flack for not being “fat enough?” Early on, there were some comments. I don’t get a lot. Once in a while, like when the bikini pictures come out. It’s fun- ny to see half the people commenting are disgusted by my body and the other half are like, fat women saying, “She’s shaped so nicely so it doesn’t count! I have fat hanging from my arm that she doesn’t have!” I try to avoid the comments on other sites. Some women wish they could see women bigger than me in a bikini and I understand that but I can only be myself. SAM CASTONE ‘FATKINI’ DESIGNER GABI GREGG bloggerjustcrafted Quoted “It wasn’t until college that I came to accept myself.” Gabi Gregg, writer, designer SAM CASTONE Metro World News guments. What if some girl looks at these pictures and looks exactly like me: How is she going to feel?” She turned to Facebook with a post. “I’ve noticed that people like to debate what kind of body is better than another,” she wrote. “This is all wrong! To me, true beauty is defined by a healthy lifestyle and a genuine personality. Bod- ies are just meaty things that carry our personhoods around for us.” A week later, Runk is still riled up. She notes that “bigger” models are getting more work, but “we should focus on embracing all sizes,” she says bluntly. “Should” is different than “are.” The chart below shows the Sex Symbols of 2013, as selected by our edi- tors from a pool of working actors who have notable projects this year — there are more shapes and sizes thantherewouldhavebeen in 1985, but it’s still very thin and white. “We’re go- ing in the right direction,” IN2013 Adam Driver Chris O’Dowd Jon Hamm Nick Offerman Aziz Ansari Louis C.K.Donald Glover Oscar Isaac James Franco Joseph Gordon-Levitt Damien Lewis Omar Sy Rodrigo Santoro Channing Tatum Nikolaj Coster- Waldau Bradley Cooper Idris Elba Peter Dinklage Benedict CumberbatchRyan Gosling First U.S. newspaper to partner with Blippar!
  22. 22. Club Metro: Contests & Newsletters With our Club Metro package, including newsletters and contests, bring your brand’s special offers into the spotlight. e-Newsletter Eighth Vertical In-Paper Ad in My Metro Online Contest Pages in Each City Food and Drink The Great GoogaMooga Tomorrow through Sunday, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, free Calling all foodies: Your favorite day of the year is back! Prospect Park plays host to another Great GoogaMooga with more than 85 foodmakers, breweries galore, tons of wineries, all your favorite restaurants doing pop-ups, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Flaming Lips playing and so much more. Speed Rack National Finals Tonight, 6, Element, 225 E. Houston St., $30 Tonight, the question of who is the greatest female bartender in the country will finally be answered, as bartenders from across the U.S. pour ’em out to lay claim to the title — and also to help raise money for breast cancer awareness. Save the Daiquiri! Tomorrow, 6 p.m., Union Square Wines & Spirits, 140 Fourth Ave., free You’ve drunk daiquiris, but do you know how to truly make the amazing frozen cocktail? The folks from Venezuela’s oldest rum producer, Santa Teresa, want to help you do summer the right way by helping you rethink this warm weather staple. Brooklyn Lit Crawl Saturday, 5 p.m., A Public Space, 323 Dean St., Brooklyn, free Want to drink a bunch and listen to some of the best writers in all of New York read their works? The Brooklyn Lit Crawl starts out at A Public Space, and then stretches out through several bars, with some of the best literary organiza- tions setting up the events. Hawaiian Underground Saturday, 4 p.m., Roberta’s, 261 Moore St., Brooklyn, $95 You never think there’s a reason to make it out to Bushwick until Roberta’s lures you back with its pizza and wild theme parties, like this Hawaiian-style pig roast that brings some of the best chefs in the city out to one of NYC’s best restaurants. Swig ’n’ Swine Sunday, 12 p.m., Union Pool, 484 Union Ave., Brooklyn, $30 Part of the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, stop by Union Pool for a day of pig and liquored-up punch, with all the money raised going to charity. You get to hang with some of the world’s leading cock- tail enthusiasts eating delicious pig. It’s tough to go wrong here. Music Charles Bradley Tonight, 8, Apollo Theater, 253 W. 125th St., $32 There are soul legends, and then there are the greats that you’ve never heard of. Charles Bradley could have remained firmly in the latter camp, but thanks the folks at Daptone, his 2011 debut album, “No Time for Dreaming,” made a star out of the energetic 64-year-old. Angel Olsen Sunday, 8:30 p.m. Glasslands Gallery, 289 Kent Ave., Brooklyn, $12 Fans of lovely acoustic indie singer/songwriter stuff: Angel Olsen should be your new favorite thing to listen to. The Chicago-based Olsen channels both Sharon Van Etten and Bonnie “Prince” Billy, and will mesmerize you live tonight at Glasslands with her voice and beautiful guitar pickings. Talks The Interview Show Tonight, 8, Union Hall, 702 Union St., Brooklyn, $8 This normally Chicago-based show is exactly what the title implies: Mark Bazer will talk with author Sam Lipsyte, punk legend Kathleen Hanna and New Yorker television critic Em- ily Nussbaum one-on-one about their given fields, live in front of a Union Hall audience. METRO Music An Evening with Black Francis Tomorrow, 8 p.m., Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway, $45 The man behind one of the most important bands of the last 30 years, the Pixies, takes the trip uptown for an evening where he will play songs both old and new, and probably a few from the band that made him famous as well. TIM MOSENFELDER, GETTY IMAGES GoogaMooga makes its “Great” return this weekend in Prospect Park. / ADAM MACCHIA Uploadyour ownevents! Have you got an upcoming event that you want to let Metro readers know about? Send us an email at and we’ll get it onto our brand new listings website. For your chance to win, log on to WWW.METRO.US/NEWYORK/CLUBMETRO Thursday, May 16, 2013 WWW.METRO.US/NEWYORK/EVENTS
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  24. 24. Weekend, June 14-16, 2013 SUPERHEROES 1940 TheSpirit “The Spirit,” a noir comic by Will Eisner about a middle- class man who fights crime in a business suit, runs in Register and Tribune Syndicate newspapers. It later becomes a 2008 movie. 1978-80 Monsieur Mangetout France’s Michel Lotito, aka Monsieur Mangetout (Mr. Eat-it-all), consumes a Cessna 150 airplane. 1970 ComicCon The first-ever Golden State Comic Book Convention is held in San Diego, Calif. It eventually grew into Comic Con, a yearly festival for costumed wannabes. 1996 Superbarrio Mexican superhero and satirist Superbarrio Gómez declares he is running for the U.S. presidential election. 1999 Rubberboy Daniel Browning Smith, Guinness World Records’ World’s Most Flexible Man (aka The Rubberboy), gets his first out of seven records. 2007 KingTooth “King Tooth” Raja Gigi (Rathakrishnana Velu) pulls a train with six coaches attached weighing 297.1 tons for 9 feet at the Old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station using his teeth. 2008 TheFrench Spider-Man “The French Spider-Man” Alain Robert scales the 52-story New York Times building without any ropes or harness. 2010 ElectronBoy More than 350 western Washington residents volun- teer to help make 13-year-old cancer victim Erik Martin’s dream of being a super- hero for a day a reality. Martin died in 2011. 2010 Kick-Ass “Kick-Ass,” about a regular kid (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) who fights crime, is released, co-starring Nicolas Cage. A sequel is due this year. 2010 Super Rainn Wilson stars in dark comedy “Super,” a film about a man straddling the line be- tween psychopath and hero after deciding to give purpose to his life by dressing up in costume to fight criminals. 2011 PhoenixJones Phoenix Jones, aka Benjamin John Francis Fodor, begins fighting crime in Seattle, wearing a costume. He chases away car thieves, stops drunken drivers and leads a citizens’ patrol called Rain City Superhero Movement. He has also been ar- rested himself. 2012 Thanatos Masked man Thanatos, 63, hands out clothes and sup- plies to people in need in Vancouver, Canada. Superman,who?Meeta real-life,high-flyinghero Jetman: Leaping the Alps in a single bound The Wright brothers may have been the ultimate aeronautical dreamers with the first airplane flight, but no one has come closer than Yves Rossy to mak- ing a human fly. Rossy, aka Jetman, is a former fighter pilot who says he had always dreamed of being a bird since he first witnessed an air show as a 13-year-old. The inspiration drove him to invent and patent a series of jetpacks that would fire him through even more epic and courageous voyages. From the first experiments in 2006, Rossy made his first public flight two years later, which took him over the Alps at speeds close to 200 miles per hour, at heights of 3,000 feet. The charismatic Swiss even found a moment to execute a 360-degree roll and later quipped, “That was to impress the girls.” This was followed by a 22- mile journey across the English Channel to France, which he completed in under 10 minutes, becoming the first man to make the distance with a jet pack. The feat was broadcast live across the world with great uncertainty surrounding the outcome as Rossy himself confessed his calculations were fallible. Since then he has contin- ued to break ground and world records for distance. In 2009, he performed the first interconti- nental jet flight, and went on to fulfill a deeply held personal ambition to fly along the Grand Canyon. Not all of his missions have been successful, having crash-landed off the Spanish coast when the weather turned threatening. Rossy is devoted to spreading his message — pursue your dreams and “always have a Plan B.” His TED talk remains one of the most downloaded, and he has also won praise for philanthropic ef- forts, such as performing shows for the benefit of disabled pilot school Aerobility. Rossy also hosts master classes for the next generation of jetpack pilots, which will surely produce the next great flying human. Quoted Pursue your dreams and “always have a Plan B.” Yves Rossy aka Jetman Rossy gets some sick air. / CONTRIBUTED Radioactive Man:The animalsavior ofFukushima When Fukushima’s nuclear reactor exploded in 2011, all people living in the area were evacuated. All except rice farmer Naoto Matsumura, 53. Just 6 miles from the plant, the town had a population of 16,000. Now it is only Matsumura there, with 17 times the safe level of radia- tion. He shelters the region’s wildlife, caring for everything from feral dogs to ostriches. He has the highest known level of radiation in Japan, which causes gradual cellular breakdown, but he may not feel the effects for 40 years. Matsumurav / CONTRIBUTED MuscleMan: ‘ThisiswhatI doformy country’ Egypt’s economy suffered after the 2011 revolution that deposed President Hosni Mubarak, and Sayed Al- Essawy, now 27, took it upon himself to revive the nation’s tourism industry with a fight to the death against a lion in front of the pyramids of Giza, proclaiming, “This is what I want to do for my country.” The self-styled “world’s strongest man” had noble intentions but was met by criticism from animal rights groups and the Egyptian tourist board distanced itself. Nonetheless, Al-Essawy entered the arena with shield and sword and took on the lion, although the animal looked bored. Man defeated beast. The gladiator was subsequently arrested, yet supporters point to the re- opening of the pyramids and other major attractions after the fight as proof that Al- Essawy was a national hero. Al-Essawy / CONTRIBUTED KIERON MONKS Adding Metro US will... Deliver your message to the right people in the right editorial environment. Increase your reach among young, active urban professionals. Add impact when and where it matters with our unique distribution network. Extend the Metro morning experience to every daypart with the new Benefit from our non-traditional, customized advertising solutions. | t:MetroNewYork | f:MetroNewYork NEW YORK Weekend,May3-5,2013 MEXICO WINS AT BRUNCH AND YOU CAN, TOO YOUR GUESTS WILL GO LOCO FOR CHILAQUILES. PAGE 23 SUMMER MOVIE GUIDE See that little icon on the drive-in screen? Turn to page 08 to learn exactly what it does. / GETTY IMAGES Set your brain to stun. Robert Downey Jr. talks Tony Stark! Benedict Cumberbatch scares Trekkies! Multiple apocalypses! F. Scott Fitzgerald with rap in 3-D! There’s more to it than just newsprint. This is Metro’s first special interactive edition! PAGES 08-14 Reduce your CPM and make your advertising dollars work harder.