Metro count presentation


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PowerPoint presentation of the MetroCount traffic analysis system.

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Metro count presentation

  1. 1. MetroCount TrafficExecutive Software MC5805How Classifiers Work MC5720 MC5600 MC5712 MC5710 MC5740 About MetroCount
  2. 2. Main Menu
  3. 3. After installing tubes, enter site details intocomputer or Pocketusing: the survey, retrieve data using laptop the Roadside Unit, PC,and return to office for processing with “MCReport”.“MCSetup” – Laptop computer, or“MCSetlite” – PocketPC Main Menu
  4. 4. After the survey, process traffic data with “MCReport”...To produce many tables, charts, graphs and user-defined formats. All reports based on MetroCount’s “time-stamped” individual axle data! Main Menu
  5. 5. Extensive post-survey data processing options Main Menu
  6. 6. Text reports and graphical reports Main Menu
  7. 7. User-definable searching and filtering Main Menu
  8. 8. Data export options Main Menu
  9. 9. Main Menu
  10. 10. Main Menu
  11. 11. Main Menu
  12. 12. AXLE SENSORS B A Two axle sensors (rubber tube, piezo strips) are installed on the S Known sensor spacing road a known distance apart (eg (usually = 1m) 1 metre), and connected to the Roadside Unit. Main Menu
  13. 13. AXLE SENSORS B A Known sensor spacing S (usually = 1m) The System calculates the vehicle’s speed, S using the simple physical formula:V= Velocity(V) = Distance(s) / Time(Δt) Δt Main Menu
  14. 14. AXLE SENSORS B A S Known sensor spacing Distance (s) is the known sensor (usually = 1m) spacing. SV= Δt Main Menu
  15. 15. AXLE SENSORS B A Known sensor spacing S (usually = 1m) tB tA Δt = tB– tA The System calculates Time (Δt) by subtracting “tB” from “tA”, (which is simply the time S difference between the first two sensor strikes, or “hits”).V= Δt Main Menu
  16. 16. AXLE SENSORS B A The System then measures the Known sensor spacing time offsets to subsequent axles S (usually = 1m) to calculate axle spacings (Sp1, Sp2, etc). t1 t2 t3 t4 Axle Spacings: Sp1 S Sp2V= Δt Sp3 Sp4 Main Menu
  17. 17. AXLE SENSORS B A Known sensor spacing S (usually = 1m) Axle Spacings:Once the axle spacings are Sp1known, the System can “look Sp2up” the spacings in a Sp3“Classification Scheme”, todetermine the vehicle’s class. Sp4 5 – axle truck / trailer combination (e.g. ARX Class 9) Main Menu
  18. 18. You buy the We give you the hardware... Complete System! software...+ = MetroCount Traffic Executive™ The MetroCount 5600 Series MetroCount 5600 Vehicle Classifier System… Roadside Unit “A complete system for all traffic surveys” Main Menu
  19. 19. Memory up to Roadcase lessUnique “Dual Level”Status weatherproof operation.Time stamps every axle atwithStainless steel2MB – stores up toTotally LEDs indicateprotection.thanUser replaceable D-size alkaline1 millisecondlocking – light, yetintegral tube atbatteries axles. least 290 days of million for resolution.strong!continuous operation.Adaptive “auto ranging” air sensorsrequire no calibration.Conformally coated electronics, allSurface Mount Technology. Main Menu
  20. 20. Basic tool kit...MetroCount Accessories To be Nails Flaps Road tubes must Road properly Centremeasureinstalled, Tube • Tape Lane Figure-8Pneumatic Rubber Cleats be: • Hammer an axle sensor by emiting To secure tube stability to to road Provide lateral road tubes tube Used to attach to the road with Works as • Correctly spaced; figure-8 cleats & centre lane tyres. installationswhen strucktubeflaps. . an air pulse and reduce by slap surface. • Crowbar • Parallel to each other; • Traffic control (to comply with • Perpendicular to vehicle travel; applicable standards). • Same length from wheel path to Roadside Unit, checked after installation. Main Menu
  21. 21. User-replaceable alkaline batteries Main Menu
  22. 22. External setup via a portable computer Main Menu
  23. 23. MetroCount 5710 with MSI BL Piezo Sensor Main Menu
  24. 24. MSI Roadtrax BL SensorMSI Roadtrax BL Sensor Main Menu
  25. 25. MSI Roadtrax BL Sensor Main Menu
  26. 26. Force VoltagePiezoelectric Effect Main Menu
  27. 27. Main Menu
  28. 28. Main Menu
  29. 29. Main Menu
  30. 30. Main Menu
  31. 31. Main Menu
  32. 32. Main Menu
  33. 33. Main Menu
  34. 34. Main Menu
  35. 35. Main Menu
  36. 36. Why count bikes...? Main Menu
  37. 37. Advantages of the MC5720 include: Excellent signal-to-noise ratio. Broad speed response. Low profile. Cluster separation – separates clusters of bicycles. Ultra-low power consumption. Synchronous second channel – time-stamp other sensors, such as pedestrian counters. Main Menu
  38. 38. MetroCount 5720 Advanced Bicycle Counter with MSI BL Piezo Sensor Main Menu
  39. 39. MSI Roadtrax BL Sensor Main Menu
  40. 40. 1. Cut slot 2. Insert BL piezo sensor 3. Fill with polyurethane resin Main Menu
  41. 41. Main Menu
  42. 42. Main Menu
  43. 43. Comparison of MC5720 data with manual count data Main Menu
  44. 44. Sample ReportsIndividual Bicycles with “Inspector Gadget” Main Menu
  45. 45. Sample ReportsFlow Stacked by Speed Bins (hourly integration) Main Menu
  46. 46. Sample ReportsSpeed bins (5km/hr bins) Main Menu
  47. 47. Main Menu
  48. 48. Main Menu
  49. 49. Main Menu
  50. 50. Main Menu
  51. 51. MC5712 Dual Channel Roadside Unit... Channel “0” monitors the traffic via pneumatic tube Main Menu
  52. 52. MC5712 Dual Channel Roadside Unit... Channel “1” monitors the signals via optical interface Main Menu
  53. 53. Main Menu
  54. 54. Both data channels are combined in software,via user-defined “Phase Maps” Main Menu
  55. 55. Vehicle by vehicle records interleaved with signal changes Main Menu
  56. 56. Overall summary of vehicles entering the intersection Note the increasing speed trend from Green to Yellow to Red – commonly observed! Main Menu
  57. 57. Graph of vehicle flow after Yellow phase Main Menu
  58. 58. Graph of vehicle flow after Green phase Main Menu
  59. 59. Graph of vehicle speed after Yellow phase Main Menu
  60. 60. Graph of vehicle speed after Green phase Main Menu
  61. 61. MC5740 Piezo-Test RSU Main Menu
  62. 62. 15nf = 15,000pf 100pf Capacitance of Piezo Element and Coaxial Feeder Cable Main Menu
  63. 63. MC5740 Oscilloscope Main Menu
  64. 64. Piezo Test report, with good signal-to-noise ratio, and some temperature variation Main Menu
  65. 65. Another Piezo Test report, with good signal-to-noise ratio, and some temperature variation Main Menu
  66. 66. Piezo Test report, with poor signal-to-noise ratio Main Menu
  67. 67. Piezo output and leakage – low leakage Main Menu
  68. 68. Piezo output and leakage – high leakage Main Menu
  69. 69. Established in 1987, Fremantle, Western Australia Main Menu
  70. 70. Focus on Traffic Monitoring Systems Main Menu
  71. 71. Grown over 20 years, with offices in London UKand Washington DC USA Main Menu
  72. 72. Clients in over 80 countries, with thousands ofsystems in daily use throughout the world Main Menu
  73. 73. Australia United Kingdom United StatesP.O. Box 1182 Unit 30, Rosemont Road 18200 Georgia Ave, Suite JFremantle WA 6959 Wembley Middlesex HA0 4PE Olney MD 20832Ph: 08 9430 6164 Ph: 020 8782 8999 Ph: 800 576 5692Fax: 08 9430 6187 Fax: 020 8782 8737 Fax: 866 440 8407Email: Email: Email: Main Menu