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Improve Business Performance : Metrica Bizsol-brochure

  3. 3. Organizations need robust business processes to help them perform well. This is accentuated even more in today’s business environment, which is defined by intense competition, globalized market, and fast-paced changes. However, many organizations, small & big, face huge gaps in implementing good systems and processes, which slows down their performance & growth.Implementing critical systems & processes: Challenges of Small & Medium sized organizations• Limited financial resources• Driven by few people – extremely limited managerial bandwidth; Few people multi-task between the Operational & Strategic levels• Lack of diversified skills ; Unable to attract & retain competent manpower• Pace & frequency of growth spurts may not allow for structuring systems early on• Limited investment in skills upgradation/ competency development• Unable to build a culture of innovation & creativity• Difficulty in transitioning from a start-up stage to a stable organization• Limited understanding / knowledge especially in areas like compliances• All resources focused on building core business than organizationRestructuring existing systems & processes: Challenges of Large & Mature Organizations• Systems become unwieldy & lax over time• Existing systems are not adaptable to rapid changes in internal & external environment• Inertia & resistance to change• Unaware about new thoughts & ideas• Processes become more important than end results! CRITICAL GAPS DURING AN ORGANIZATION’S LIFE CYCLE* Transitioning Change from a defines the start-up Inertia / path you stage to an Resistance to follow organization much required change Revenue Extremely limited resources Time * Adapted from BCG Product Life cycle & © METRICA BIZSOL PVT LTD | 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Inflection Point (Andy Grove)
  4. 4. METRICA BIZSOL is born out of the conviction that organizations need practical, actionable andcontextualized solutions to the critical issues they face. Having been part of these situations and havingfaced them ourselves, we understand that the key to addressing these issues is in understanding thebusiness context and nuances thoroughly, being able to draw up a specific action plan and hand hold theorganization in implementing the action plan with revisions as and when required. Implement essential systems and processes Strategic Meaningful Social Planning and Responsibility Organization Initiatives Goal Setting AREAS OF EXPERTISE Organization Leadership Development Development program Initiatives Driving Change and new initiatives © METRICA BIZSOL PVT LTD | 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  5. 5. AREAS OF EXPERTISEDevelop and Implement essential systems Driving Change and New Initiativesand processes • Rethinking and re-aligning systems and processes• Design essential systems and processes to help improve • Garner organizational buy-in for change initiatives efficiency and reduce costs • Train and educate people for to adapt to change• Provide implementation support through dedicated people • Help you achieve a smooth transition working on-site Leadership Development ProgramStrategic planning and Organization • Develop customized leadership development programsGoal Setting • Run Coaching & Mentoring programs• Define organizational objectives in line with the organization’s vision Meaningful Social Responsibility Initiatives• Environment study and Competitor analysis • Identify and build a CSR framework aligned to the• Review and analysis of existing gaps organization’s vision and strengths• Evaluate and articulate clear strategies & action plans to • Design meaningful programs, keeping in mind sustainability achieve the objectives and impact • Devise programs to engage employeesOrganization Development Initiatives • Identify and partner with social organizations• Develop an organization structure with clear roles & • Measure and monitor impact responsibilities.• Define your HR policy• Develop compensation strategy, structure & benchmarking• Develop & implement performance management system• Draw up induction and on-boarding plans• Training needs identification and customized programs © METRICA BIZSOL PVT LTD | 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  6. 6. OUR APPROACH Assist Understand Develop Implement action plan Measure&Business perspective Strategy to close the Build stakeholder Monitor& context Current gaps gaps buy-in Results & Impact & future needs Specific action plan Enhance managerial Revise as required bandwidth HowHowwe different? are are we different? • We prefer a hands-on approach as against a consulting approach • We work with you as your partners, we don’t advice, we help in implementation • We are obsessed with performance & impact Organizations driving Social Change We realize that working towards bringing change at the bottom of the pyramid is not easy. It is all the more difficult if you are working directly with beneficiaries, trying to maximize the value of every rupee with bare minimum resources. At the same time, you are still a group of people come together with a common goal which translates into challenges in organizing and managing within constraints. We would love to partner with you in your journey and together build optimum solutions for bringing change! © METRICA BIZSOL PVT LTD | 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  8. 8. WE BELIEVE!Implementation is keyThe key difference between success and failure lies in implementation. There may be brilliantideas but unless they work on the ground, they are of no use. We believe in helping organizationsimplement initiatives to improve their performance using a hands-on approach.Working as Partners worksWe know that there is a big gulf between working with clients and working as partners. Weare firm in our belief that unless we partner with you, we cannot help you. We want to partneryour success.Success is in the detailsWe believe that every problem is born with its solution.  Our job is to unravel it.  How we do it is by getting into the details.Honesty and Trust are cornerstonesWe will be honest in every work, every task we do. From the simplest to the most complex.Relationships work when built on trust.  We will work with you only when you trust us completely.Excellence creates impactWe are obsessed with our performance and the impact we create. Therefore we will never deliveranything less than the best.ABOUT US CORPORATE OFFICEDriven by professionals, qualified from some of the premier colleges of F-42, 1st Floor, Shagun Arcade,the country and experienced across industry segments & functions, we Gen.A.K.Vaidya Marg,partner with organizations to address their pressing issues, close critical Off Western Express Highway,gaps, improve performance and thus better their bottom-lines. Goregaon (East) Mumbai - MAHARASHTRAsanthi@metricasolutions.comwww.metricasolutions.comLandline +91 22 42957577Mobile +91 77383 33452 © METRICA BIZSOL PVT LTD | 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED