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Tools to characterize sub micron particles in complex mixtures


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Tools to characterize sub micron particles in complex mixtures

  1. 1. REQUEST # 66981 Tools to Characterize Sub-micron Particles in Complex Mixtures RESPONSE DUE DATE: December 7, 2011 MANAGER: Stephanie Orellana, Ph.D. SOLUTION PROVIDER HELP DESK EMAIL: PHONE: +1-216-283-3901 Opportunity Licensing, contract research,joint development, consultancy (click buttons above) Timeline Phase 1 – Proof of concept within 4 months Phase 2 – Development Financials All terms to be negotiated as warranted Keywords Nanoparticle characterization, particle sizing methodsREQUEST FOR PROPOSAL DESCRIPTION contain oils, surfactants, or otherNineSigma, representing a global materials compoundscompany, invites proposals for technologies  Be automated and can be adapted for highand validated methods of high throughput throughput measurementsdetection, quantitation, and analysis of sub- The RFP Sponsor is especially interested inmicron particles in complex formulations. approaches that apply to nanomaterials of 1-The successful technology will: 100 nm.  Detect and quantify particle: o Number BACKGROUND o Size Industrial applications of nanomaterials have o Size distribution opened industries to major challenges in their o Weight control, characterization and quantification. The o Chemical nature detection of these particles, that have dimensions o 0.1% precision required for number below the wavelength of visible light, is highly and weight quantification of target challenging, particularly when they are populations (1-100 nm, 100-500 nm, incorporated into complex mixtures or are by- 500-1000 nm) products of industrial processes. The stability of  Be applicable to particles that have varying: nanoparticles, their aggregation and evolution is o Morphologies, e.g. spheres, needles, of particular importance, and the evaluation and etc. control of these parameters is necessary across o Chemical compositions industries. o Sizes (< 1 nm to several microns)  Include sample preparation and The RFP Sponsor seeks systems that can be manipulation used internally to evaluate its own products, but current approaches to the evaluation of  Function with samples of insoluble solids in nanomaterials in complex mixtures are not complex formulas that are aqueous, or generally applicable to a wide range of situations. Offices: Cleveland - USA, Tokyo - Japan, Leuven - Belgium RFP format and graphics© Copyright 2011 NineSigma, Inc
  2. 2. NineSigma Request # 66981 Tools to Characterize Sub-micron Particles in Complex Mixtures Page 2They do not provide accurate measurements of Appropriate responses will use the proposalparticle number, heterogeneity or composition, template and address the following:and they are not amenable to automation and tointegration into high throughput systems.  Features of the proposed strategy that will achieve the stated aimsPOSSIBLE APPROACHES  Data demonstrating achievement of thePossible approaches might include, but are not technical specificationslimited to:  Potential ease of transfer for this application  User safety  Electron microscopy  Availability of protypes, if applicable  Laser granulometry: light diffusion, light  Cost and / or budget estimates diffraction, centrifugal disk  The intellectual property status around the  Ultrasound spectroscopy proposed technology, and a discussion of  Charge/mass evaluation and mass the RFP Sponsor’s potential freedom to spectrometry exploit  Chromatography  Preferred business arrangements (licensing,  Methods developed from biological joint development, supply etc…) applications (electrophoresis, cytology, immunology, etc.) RESPONDING TO THIS REQUESTAPPROACHES NOT OF INTEREST NON-CONFIDENTIAL DISCLOSUREThe following approaches are not of interest: By submitting a Response you represent that the Response does not and will not be deemed to contain  Radioisotopic methods any confidential information of any kind whatsoever.  Methods that are dangerous for humans in Your Response should be an executive summary (about a laboratory setting 3 pages). The Response should briefly describe the  Methods requiring regulatory certification technical approach and provide information on technology performance, background, and description ofANTICIPATED PROJECT PHASES OR PROJECT PLAN the responding team and their related experience.NineSigma’s client will select compelling By submitting a Response, you acknowledge thatproposals for preliminary direct discussions to NineSigma’s client reserves the sole and absolute rightfurther assess the technology and determine and discretion to select for award all, some, or none of the Responses received for this announcement.possible next steps including: NineSigma’s client also may choose to select only specific tasks within a proposal for award. NineSigmasPhase 1 – Proof of concept, feasibility testing, client has the sole and absolute discretion to determinedemonstration in responder’s own industry to be all award amounts.followed by evaluation of client’s samplePhase 2 – Development, adaptation to RFP RESPONSE EVALUATIONSponsor’s materials NineSigma’s client will evaluate the Response using the following criteria:CRITERIA FOR MOVING FROM PHASE 1 TO PHASE 2  Overall scientific and technical merit of the  Delivery of a detailed protocol with analyzed proposed approach  Approach to proof of concept or performance data  Potential for proprietary position (i.e., is the  Characterization of 50 g (maximum) of RFP technology novel or protectable) Sponsor’s formula  Economic potential of concept  Respondent’s capabilities and related experienceAPPROPRIATE RESPONSES TO THIS REQUEST  Realism of the proposed plan and cost estimatesResponses from companies, academic The client will contact respondents with highlyresearchers, other research institutes, responsive proposals for next steps.consultants, entrepreneurs, or inventors arewelcome. Offices: Cleveland - USA, Tokyo - Japan, Leuven - Belgium