Prevention of muscular decline without exercise


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Prevention of muscular decline without exercise

  1. 1. REQUEST # 67758 Prevention of Muscular Decline without ExerciseRESPONSE DUE DATE: November 25, 2011MANAGER: Kevin TanakaSOLUTION PROVIDER HELP DESKEMAIL: PHONE:+1-216-283-3901Opportunity (click buttons above)Licensing, Contract research, and/or material supplyTimelineProject start: April 2012Project completion: within two years (if further developmentis required)FinancialsNegotiableREQUEST FOR INFORMATION DESCRIPTION of muscular atrophy, the mechanism by whichNineSigma, representing a multi-billion dollar the ingredient works)foods manufacturer, invites proposals for  Has research achievements related toingredients or advanced research that can mechanisms for maintaining or improvingprevent muscle atrophy without being muscular strength, and has knowledge ofaccompanied by exercise. NineSigma’s client is ingredients that are thought to be able toparticularly interested in developing foods that can contribute to suppressing the reduction ofmitigate the reduction of muscular strength caused muscular strengthby aging. BACKGROUNDDescription of the desired ingredients, In general, as one’s age increases beyond 40technologies or research years, there is increasing muscular atrophy and  Can act on muscles within the human body to reduction of muscular strength. The client, a global prevent reduction of muscular strength foods manufacturer, hopes to contribute to solving (muscular atrophy) without exercise this problem by supplying ingredients, through  Does not contain ingredients that are harmful foods, that can suppress the reduction of muscular to the human body, with a strong preference strength. for products that could be classified as food (proposals acceptable even if its safety as a It is believed that worldwide research in this field food has not been verified at the present has considerably progressed and biochemical time) mechanisms related to human body for this purpose may have been clarified . Food solutionsResponding individuals or organizations that prevent the reduction of muscular strengthshould satisfy at least one of the following would benefit the aged who are bedridden,requirements: patients on restricted diets, and astronauts.  Has ingredients that suppress the reduction Believing that desired technologies exist in of muscular strength and can provide various fields, the client has issued this request. reasons or evidence why they are believed to be effective (e.g. data related to suppression Offices: Cleveland - USA, Tokyo - Japan, Leuven - Belgium RFP format and graphics© Copyright 2011 NineSigma, Inc
  2. 2. NineSigma Request # 67758 Prevention of Muscular Decline without Exercise Page 2POSSIBLE APPROACHES RESPONDING TO THIS REQUESTAnticipated approaches include, but are notnecessarily limited to, the following: NON-CONFIDENTIAL DISCLOSURE  Ingredients that suppress muscle atrophy By submitting a Response you represent that the  Knowledge/technologies related to: Response does not and will not be deemed to contain ○ Suppressing the generation of ingredients any confidential information of any kind whatsoever. that decompose muscle Your Response should be an executive summary (about ○ Suppressing the action of ingredients that 3 pages). The Response should briefly describe the decompose muscle technical approach and provide information on technology performance, background, and description ofAPPROACHES THAT ARE NOT OF INTEREST the responding team and their related experience. A Response Template is available from our website.The following approaches will not be considered atthe present time: By submitting a Response, you acknowledge that  Ingredients that strengthen muscle NineSigma’s client reserves the sole and absolute right and discretion to select for award all, some, or none of  Inclusion of physical exercises the Responses received for this announcement. NineSigma’s client also may choose to select onlyANTICIPATED PROJECT PHASES OR PROJECT PLAN specific tasks within a proposal for award. NineSigmas client has the sole and absolute discretion to determineRespondents should submit proposals using the all award amounts.attached Response Template.The client will first perform a primary screening RESPONSE EVALUATIONbased on written documents. The client will then NineSigma’s client will evaluate the Response using theask further direct questions and conduct sample following criteria:test or direct discussions concerning promisingproposals in order to select candidates who will  Overall scientific and technical merit of theproceed to the final selection process. proposed approach  Approach to proof of concept or performance  Potential for proprietary position (i.e., is theDuring the selection process, the respondent and technology novel or protectable)the client may sign non disclosure agreements  Economic potential of concept(NDAs) and discuss information disclosure and  Respondent’s capabilities and related experiencespecific development processes.  Realism of the proposed plan and cost estimates The client will contact respondents with highlyAfter the final set of collaboration partners is responsive proposals for next steps.selected, formal contracts may be signed if all theconditions for a collaborative framework are met.ITEMS TO BE INCLUDED IN THE PROPOSALResponses should use the following template( and include the following items:  Overview of the proposed ingredients or technology  Current development status  Performance at present time  Overview of the organization (articles, patents, etc.) Offices: Cleveland - USA, Tokyo - Japan, Leuven - Belgium