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Nine sigma rfp_67662

  1. 1. REQUEST #67662 Technologies to Adhere Plastic Films to Wet Surfaces RESPONSE DUE DATE: November 21, 2011 MANAGER: Alfred T. Malouf, Ph.D. SOLUTION PROVIDER HELP DESK EMAIL: PHONE: +1-216-283-3901 Opportunity Licensing, product acquisition, contract research, joint (click buttons above) development, supplier agreement Timeline Phase 1 – Proof of concept – 6 months Phase 2 – Commercial Development – 6 months Financials Phase 1 – up to $200,000REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL DESCRIPTION BACKGROUNDNineSigma, representing a Global Plastic films resistant to water damage are idealManufacturing Company, invites proposals for for wet and humid environments. However,a technology that can rapidly attach or adhere adhering the plastic film in environments whereplastic film to surfaces in a high humidity the surface cannot be dried or carefully preparedenvironment. is problematic. Film application is further complicated by the need to complete theThe successful technology will: installation in less than one hour.  Strongly attach 1-10 mil thick plastic films to The goal of this request is to find a reliable and a wet surface (no need to dry surface) durable chemical or non-chemical technology for  Maintain adherence to a continuously damp quickly attaching plastic films to wet epoxy or surface for at least 1 year polyurethane coated textured or smooth  Adhere to textured or smooth surfaces surfaces. coated with epoxy or polyurethane  Keep the plastic film stably positioned with POSSIBLE APPROACHES repeated rubbing and scraping Possible approaches might include, but are not  Be easy to use, i.e., require minimal to no limited to: preparation of adhering surfaces  Preferably be fully adherent in <1 hour  Adhesives that are either compatible with or  Preferably allow the plastic films to be activated by water repositioned for at least 5 minutes during  Underwater adhesives application  Adhesives made by marine animals, e.g.,  Preferably will also adhere to uncoated mussels stainless steel, concrete, and ceramic  Micro- or Nano-technology  Non-chemical attachment technologies, e.g., suction or gecko technology Offices: Cleveland - USA, Tokyo - Japan, Leuven - Belgium RFP format and graphics© Copyright 2011 NineSigma, Inc
  2. 2. NineSigma Request # 67622 Technologies to Adhere Plastic Films to Wet Surfaces Page 2  Reversible adhesives RESPONDING TO THIS REQUEST  Single component activated adhesives, e.g., light, heat, etc. NON-CONFIDENTIAL DISCLOSURE By submitting a Response you represent that theAPPROACHES NOT OF INTEREST Response does not and will not be deemed to containThe following approaches are not of interest: any confidential information of any kind whatsoever. Your Response should be an executive summary (about  Two-part chemicals that require mixing at 3 pages). The Response should briefly describe the the point of application technical approach and provide information on technology performance, background, and description ofANTICIPATED PROJECT PHASES OR PROJECT PLAN the responding team and their related experience.Phase 1 – Proof of concept - NineSigma’s By submitting a Response, you acknowledge thatclient will examine and test initial prototypes and NineSigma’s client reserves the sole and absolute rightmake a plan for improvements if necessary and discretion to select for award all, some, or none of the Responses received for this announcement. NineSigma’s client also may choose to select onlyPhase 2 – Commercial development - specific tasks within a proposal for award. NineSigmasRespondent will work with NineSigma’s client to client has the sole and absolute discretion to determinedevelop a plan to commercialize the new design all award amounts.APPROPRIATE RESPONSES TO THIS REQUEST RESPONSE EVALUATIONResponses from companies (small to large), NineSigma’s client will evaluate the Response using theacademic researchers, other research institutes, following criteria:consultants, entrepreneurs, or inventors arewelcome.  Overall scientific and technical merit of the proposed approach  Approach to proof of concept or performanceAppropriate responses will use the proposal  Potential for proprietary position (i.e., is thetemplate and should include any available data technology novel or protectable)that support the stated performance including:  Economic potential of concept  Respondent’s capabilities and related experience  Realism of the proposed plan and cost estimates  Adhesion strength to wet and dry surfaces The client will contact respondents with highly  Time to reach full adherence responsive proposals for next steps.  Description of the advantages of the proposed solution compared to other methods  Estimation of time to complete the proof of concept for the application  Relevant authored patents, patent applications  Plan for achieving unmet requirements Offices: Cleveland - USA, Tokyo - Japan, Leuven - Belgium