Avoiding Soot Formation at Fuel Injector Tip


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Avoiding Soot Formation at Fuel Injector Tip

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Avoiding Soot Formation at Fuel Injector Tip

  1. 1. REQUEST # 67512 Stay-clean Fuel Injector Tips RESPONSE DUE DATE: December 2, 2011 MANAGER: David Feitler, Ph.D. SOLUTION PROVIDER HELP DESK EMAIL: PhD@ninesigma.com PHONE: +1-216-283-3901 Opportunity Licensing, material acquisition, contract research, proof of (click buttons above) concept leading to scale up to manufacturing, joint development agreement. Timeline Phase 1 – Proof of concept by January 2012 Phase 2 – Joint development of product(s) to be started by March 2012 Financials Licensing fees for successful technology will be reasonable and customary. Support for sample preparation and development work will be negotiated based on the scope of work. Up to €50,000 can be allocated for early phase work.REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL DESCRIPTION European Regulations). One source of theseNineSigma, on behalf of a Global Supplier of particulates has been traced to the buildup ofAutomotive Technology invites proposals for carbon deposits on fuel injectors.surface treatments to eliminate the formation ofcarbon deposits on fuel injector tips. These porous carbon deposits act as reservoir for fuel and causes a rich flame around theseThe successful technology will: deposits. The source of the carbon is believed to  Prevent the formation of porous carbon be tiny amounts of liquid with no forward deposits on fuel injector tips as momentum left in the channel and at the tip when determined by testing in bench gasoline the fuel injector valve (pintle) closes during each engines cycle. Work continues on the physical design of  Be compatible with existing Internal the fuel injector to minimize the residual liquid. Combustion (IC) engines, Fuel injectors There has been some semi-successful work on the use of coatings to reduce this problem, and  Fulfill automotive standards for durability these approaches rather than the physical design o 15 year lifetime of the injector are the focus of this request. o 150,000 miles service life o Pass accelerated aging tests with Typically coatings projects can specify coating multiple major aumotive companies properties sought, such as surface energy, thatBACKGROUND serve as surrogates for performance in the intended application. To date, no such surrogateThe fine particulates associated with diesel has been identified for this application, and onlyexhaust are now well known to be a health test runs on bench gasoline engines have provenhazard. Increasingly, particulates from gasoline useful for determining the effectivenss of theengines are coming under scrutiny and treatment or design.regulatory attention. (Summaries of theregulatory requirements can be found here: Offices: Cleveland - USA, Tokyo - Japan, Leuven - Belgium www.ninesigma.com RFP format and graphics© Copyright 2011 NineSigma, Inc
  2. 2. NineSigma Request # 67512 Stay-clean Fuel Injector Tips Page 2POSSIBLE APPROACHES you represent the developer of a coatingsPossible approaches might include, but are not technology that you believe is resistant to thelimited to: conditions of a modern IC engine and have  Tip coatings or impregnation that encourage reason to believe would prevent carbon buildup. burning of the carbon deposit (as found in self-cleaning ovens for example) but that do RESPONDING TO THIS REQUEST NOT in turn act as fuel reservoir and The proposal template provides both an easy recreate the same problem they are means of responding to this request and a intended to solve framework for best presenting your response to  Coatings to which carbon and/or gasoline NineSigma’s client. It also contains information and gasoline additives do not stick, or fall off about how NineSigma presents responses to our of easily. client.APPROACHES TO AVOID Some items that will be especially important toUndesired approaches include: present in your response are:  Redesign of fuel injectors, or IC engines  Evidence for resistance to carbon buildup  Changes to IC engine operating conditions  Capabilities for quality control or fuel cycles  Capability to supply in large quantities  Alternative fuels  Preferred business model  Addition of any equipment to IC engines or  Intellectual property status injector assemblies NON-CONFIDENTIAL DISCLOSUREANTICIPATED PROJECT PHASES OR PROJECT PLAN By submitting a Response you represent that the Response does not and will not be deemed to containPhase 1 – In the case of a coating, you will apply any confidential information of any kind whatsoever.your coating to test injector parts provided byclient. In the case of materials, materials will be Your Response should be an executive summary (aboutprovided to client for fabrication of test injector 3 pages). The Response should briefly describe theparts technical approach and provide information on technology performance, background, and description of the responding team and their related experience.Phase 2 – Incorporation of technology intoproduction methods By submitting a Response, you acknowledge that NineSigma’s client reserves the sole and absolute right and discretion to select for award all, some, or none ofCRITERIA FOR MOVING FROM PHASE 1 TO PHASE 2 the Responses received for this announcement.Performance that greatly reduces carbon NineSigma’s client also may choose to select onlydeposits compared to the best existing injector specific tasks within a proposal for award. NineSigmas client has the sole and absolute discretion to determinesystems, and can be demonstrated to reduce all award amounts.particulates leaving the engine. RESPONSE EVALUATIONAPPROPRIATE RESPONDERS TO THIS REQUEST NineSigma’s client will evaluate the Response using the following criteria:Responses from companies (small to large),academic researchers, other research institutes,  Overall scientific and technical merit of theconsultants, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, or proposed approachinventors are welcome. For Example:  Approach to proof of concept or performance  Potential for proprietary position (i.e., is theYou represent a company developing a turn- technology novel or protectable)  Economic potential of conceptkey solution to this problem  Respondent’s capabilities and related experienceOr  Realism of the proposed plan and cost estimatesYou represent a company that hasdemonstrated fouling resistant surface The client will contact respondents with highlytechnology for fuel injector’s use in furnaces, responsive proposals for next steps.turbines, jet engines etc.Or Offices: Cleveland - USA, Tokyo - Japan, Leuven - Belgium www.ninesigma.com