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Automotive exclusive package_Thailand


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Thai Market

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Automotive exclusive package_Thailand

  1. 1. Methas S.
  2. 2. BSI (BMW SERVICE INCLUSIVE) 5 years or at 100,000 kilometers free maintenance with real auto parts replacement Those who already have BSI will be granted 1 more year of services or at 20,000 kilometers The Service included; Engine Oil and Top-Ups Brake fluid, spark plug and air filter Break lining Disc Brake Standard compulsory auto check-up Methas S.
  3. 3. BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Years or 100,000 kilometers warranty BMW Accessories and Leisure BMW accessories brand for BMW customers BMW Mobility Service •24 hours Hot line services •Onsite maintenance and check-up, Unlimited call •Dispatch Auto Services in all regions in Thailand •Basic compulsory automotive advice for maintenance and usage Methas S.
  4. 4. BMW Golf International 2014 3 top winners will be honored to participate in World Final Methas S.
  5. 5. BMW Surprise Weekend at BMW Thailand Training Center (13-15 June 2014) - Celebrating for 12 winning ‘Car of the Year’ awards from Grand Prix Group and 6 winning design awards from ‘Red Dot Design Awards 2014’ - Winner of the Lucky Draw received 6 years BSI or received Car Model Upgrade Methas S.
  6. 6. BMW App. Annual Magazine New GM and new GM Dealer Development: Influential people in the auto industries Methas S.
  8. 8. Warranty For the first 3 years with unlimited mileage Star Assist: Comprehensive assistance Program that available 24 hours Methas S.
  9. 9. Mercedes-Benz Service Plus Level: 1. Compact – covering expenses for regular Service interval with unlimited mileage. 2. Advance – covering warranty extension in the 4th or 5th year after the end of standard vehicle warranty under the same conditions. 3. Extra – covering both expenses for regular Service interval and warranty extension for the 4th or 5th year after the end of standard vehicle warranty with unlimited mileage. 4. Excellent – covering expense for regular service interval, change of major wear and tear parts to be replaced due to normal usage, and warranty extension for the 4th or 5th year after the end of standard vehicle warranty with unlimited mileage. New services of 2014 Methas S.
  10. 10. Mercedes-Benz special offer on “Payment Holiday” ( BKK, 5 May 14 – 30 June 14) – Pay low monthly installment for only 11 months a year (Applied to some series only) Mercedes Experience Store (Partnered with Adidas and Siam Center, 13 June 14 – 31 August 14) -Brought German National Soccer history along with Mercedes history (Long sponsorship) -Activities focused on young BMW fans and soccer lovers -Have Facebook Activities which the company promise to give premium prize to winner (Prize was not told) Methas S.
  11. 11. Mercedes Card : Privilege from Mercedes Thailand and Kasikorn Bank. Mercedes-Benz Benefit: - Priority ticket/seat reservation service and access to VIP lounge area for MercedesCard-Holder at events sponsored or organized by Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited. - Complimentary subscription of MercedesCard Journal and monthly newsletter including unique MercedesCard offers. - One free annual car safety check at authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers. Kasikorn Bank Benefit: - Total credit line can be established up to THB5,000,000. - Eligible to join marketing promotional activities and other benefits from KASIKORNBANK - No Entrance Fee and No Annual Credit Card fee Methas S.
  12. 12. New GLA- Class Ambassador: Introducing Araya “Chompoo” A. Hargate as the first brand ambassador of the new GLA-Class in Thailand, the company believes that the prominent actress, who is highly influential in the online world, will bring the latest generation compact SUV, the GLA, closer to its target group. Mercedes-Benz Annual Magazine Mercedes-Benz Share The Road Methas S.
  13. 13. Star Dome: Unforgettable Experience Dates: October 16-20, 2013 Opening hours: 11:00 - 21:00 Venue: CentralPlaza Khonkaen Exclusive showroom concept and the introduction of new cars; CLA E- Class Coupé. Methas S.
  14. 14. MercedesTrophy 2014 - The 25th anniversary of MercedesTrophy worldwide and the 15th anniversary of MercedesTrophy in Thailand - The new C-Class will be awarded for the golfer who can do a Hole-in-One in Country Final round - - “Drive to the Major” is a privileged program for selected golfers who entered Asian Final round - The privileges include an exclusive meeting with world-class golfers or play on the same course where all golf professionals had played the day before. Methas S.
  15. 15. Principle : Go back to the source, serve what you deserve 24 hours RoadSide Assistance Service Methas S.
  16. 16. Methas S.
  17. 17. Methas S.
  18. 18. Lexus Golf Tournament 2014 -Invited VIP Lexus customers to join the competition -The VIPs were invited to try Honma products and received instruction from pro golfer -4 Lexus drivers were invited to join special round in ‘Lexus Golf Final Round 2014’ Methas S.
  19. 19. Services and maintenance covered in the first 4 years regardless of the car’s mileage 4 years unlimited car’s warranty which almost every parts of the car is covered Roll Royce genuine parts and accessories will be provided by Roll Royce motor itself 4 years after buying car, customers will be covered by comprehensive recovery package Methas S.
  20. 20. Enhanced Ownership Program Roll-Royce TeleServices Roll-Royce Assist •Advanced system which enable car to transmit important maintenance information to dealer and get your car fix as soon as it required •Unparalleled systems that connect car with emergency services call center Methas S.
  21. 21. BMW Mercedes-Benz Lexus Roll-Royce Clubs BMW Club Mercedes Club Lexus Club - Service Centers Across Thailand Across Thailand Across Thailand Bangkok Year of Operation 98 Years (Since 1916) 88 Years (Since 1926) 26 Years (Since 1989) 110 Years (Since 1904) Country of Origin Germany Germany Japan UK Head Quarter Munich Stuttgart Nagoya, Japan Goodwood, England Key People Norbert Reithofer (CEO) Dieter Zetsche (Chairman) Kiyotaka Ise (MD) Torsten Müller- Ötvös (CEO)