Universal metasites


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About 5 year ago I started creating presentations, for exploring Christian values, and philosophies. This is on of my very first presentations. I thought it so fitting since this is my first upload on slide-share. Peace

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Universal metasites

  1. 1. Universal Metasites<br />Challenges, become a daily way in a world not made in truth, to change would have to be a Universal effort.<br />
  2. 2. Change is only possible when, some one makes it possible.<br />
  3. 3. United in Christ<br />This is where we start, as we know it should be..<br />Finding one another and uniting in Christ, can make the difference beyond our imagination.<br />Countless generations waiting for the day, and standing at the edge of time, as the clock ticks away, we should SEEK, as to be SEEN.<br />What Symbol shall I use to depict hope, how shall I compose my reason? This mission is to great to give a picture, so I’ll draw a scope of purpose for you to contemplate in free will.<br />Love shine bright,<br />Evan on a dark<br />Cold night…<br />Peace be to you…<br />
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  6. 6. There are no limits to your dreams, for the sky is just the beacon to reach, beyond is so much more, getting there is what we need…..Only faith can lift us up, that high beyond our bounds, but if we try to reach the top for the greatest purpose that be, God Almighty shall be waiting there to rejoice in the return to he.<br />
  7. 7. Jesus want to show us life, but still we turn to Death in Sin. Until we turn away from sin, we can not now what is to live.<br />The 7 Deadly sins have been made clear, and were not called that for nothing. For to partake in these sins of worldliness, is to be dead in there wants.<br />This Sacred Heart shall prevail , and with you it chooses to be honest and clear… But if you do not seek then you will not find, the power of Love , so Divine and kind<br />
  8. 8. The seven Deadly Sins<br />lust<br />avarice<br />gluttony<br />greed<br />envy<br />loathing<br />sloth<br />In no particular order<br />The cost of sin, is far greater than many imagine it to ever be. Theses are the sins of the world and the fact is they have spread across the world like a plague and they are in the origin of original sin, (The fall of Eve into temptation).<br /> Evan if It was not us personally that had fallen, the fact remains that the sin of the tempting spreads quickly like a disease and slowly one by one, over comes the people of this earth. Lust and Greed the worst of them all they are all powerful and every where.<br />