5 reasons why_professional_development__team_building_in_the_workplace_is_important


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5 reasons why_professional_development__team_building_in_the_workplace_is_important

  1. 1. 5 Reasons Why Professional Development & Team Building in the Workplace is ImportantProfessional development team building in the workplace is becoming increasingly common as the economy evens out.Both employees and employers need to keep in mind the importance of these activities in the workplace to get the mostout of the on-the-job experience.Employee LoyaltyProfessional development team building can make employees feel much more loyal to a workplace. Knowing that anemployer values a worker’s presence enough to invest in their future with the company can foster loyalty throughoutthe entire team. Bringing the team closer together can create more of a family feeling and ensure that workers feelmore loyalty and commitment to the workplace in general and to other team members. The sense of team loyalty canresult in increased teamwork, understanding and communication.AssessmentExperts in professional development team building can assess a workplace’s programs. The team’s goals, employees,departments and programs can be analyzed from the point of view of daily operations to long term planning.Professional development team building specialists can provide the assessment services to help point out areas ofweakness and improvements that can be done to develop business goals.PerspectiveProfessional development team building allows employees to see other team members’ perspectives. The team buildingin the workplace exercise generally involves solving a problem as a group. Members need to communicate their ideaseffectively and share their perspectives to successfully solve the problem. This experience allows team members tometaphorically “see” the problems from another point of view and to explain their own point of view. In this way,professional development team building can help build more successful communication patterns as the experts arethere to analyze the processes and terms used to share perspectives across the team and company.Team Coaching OpportunitiesHaving a professional development team building session can allow different members of the team the opportunity tocoach and lead. Leadership positions and roles are constantly changing with the changing needs of the economy and thecompany. Even members who have reached the very top of the corporate structure can benefit from professionaldevelopment team building team coaching. These sessions can help to better employees understanding of their ownstrengths and weaknesses, and help determine areas to focus on.Team Goal SettingThe professional development team building experience can allow the team to set personal and team goals. Employeescan offer suggestions to improve the flow of work, use visionary exercises to optimize productivity, establish roles andresponsibilities, and speak about how they fit into the corporate structure as a whole. Both companies and employeescan benefit by gaining ideas, feeling supported, becoming an integral part of the team, and by seeing their vision cometo fruition.A company’s most valuable assets are its employees. The people of a company contain the knowledge, skills,communication and vision to keep a company functioning smoothly. Professional development team building is aworthwhile investment for both the company and the employees to help make the best of their relationship and tomake the workplace as beneficial as possible for both.