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Open government in Macedonia


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Open government in Macedonia

  1. 1. OPEN GOVERNMENT IN MACEDONIA Jeff Kaplan - Senior Consultant, ICT Unit Email: Twitter: @jeffkaplan88
  2. 2. Agenda1. What will Macedonia gain from Open Gov?3. Why now?5. Macedonia in the OGP7. Expectations of OGP9. What must Macedonia do?
  3. 3. Open Government Offers Big Opportunity Leapfrog others in Europe and join global digital leaders
  4. 4. In Search of a Comparative AdvantageToday, networks create competitive advantage as much as size.Open government creates networks of collaboration and co-creationthat improve competitiveness and produce real economic impact.• Open Data lowers costs of accessing and reusing government-held data. Result: more startups and growth of IT sector.• Open data alone could add at least €25 million per year to Macedonia’s economy (based on EU study)• Australian study found Open Data unlocks value = 5x cost of opening data
  5. 5. Open Government OpenOpen gov principles translate into real services Freedom of Info Budget and apps ... Platform Citizen Petition Platform Co-creation of Apps, eServices Public-Private Partnerships
  6. 6. Why Now?Perfect time to launch a bold Open Government Program ... Major new trends (eGov --> Open Gov; PPPs; co-creation; apps) + Macedonia officially joining Open Government Partnership +Government committed to strengthening Macedonia’s competitiveness + Development partners are ready to partner on Open Government
  7. 7. Macedonia in the OGP Perfect time to collaborate on Open Government ...TRANSPARENCY ACCOUNTABILITY CITIZEN PARTICIPATION
  8. 8. Expectations of the OGP
  9. 9. Challenges to address:• Improving Public Services• Increasing Public Integrity• More Effectively Managing Public Resources• Creating Safer Communities• Increasing Corporate AccountabilityCommitments:• Concrete, succinct and action-oriented• Respond to public feedback generated through consultations
  10. 10. What Will Open Government Deliver? Continuous improvement of services Open government has real ROI ... New, innovative services Increased trust in gov’t Cost savings to gov’t New apps = jobs & investment
  11. 11. OK, now what ... ?
  12. 12. Build an Open Government Ecosystem Open Government
  13. 13. What is needed to build this?• A team of champions at highest political levels• Active engagement by agencies + civil society + private sector• Knowledge partners to share global best practices and expertise• Capacity building efforts (for agencies, NGOs, media ...)• Resources ($$) for a 3-5 year Open Government Program
  14. 14. What will be in Macedonia’s Open Gov Plan? Open Macedonia