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Haris Alisic, social media expert, Al Jazeera Balkans


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Presentation at the conference Freedom and privacy on the Internet (FPI), 2012, Skopje, Macedonia

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Haris Alisic, social media expert, Al Jazeera Balkans

  1. 1. Haris Ališić ( Social Media Analyst, Al Jazeera @harisalisic on #fpi12
  2. 2. Al Jazeera Network1. Al Jazeera Arabic2. Al Jazeera English3. Al Jazeera Balkans4. Al Jazeera Turk5. Al Jazeera Kiswahili6. Al Jazeera Mubashr (MubashrMisr)7. Al Jazeera Documentary8. Al Jazeera Sports9. Al Jazeera Training Center10. Al Jazeera Research Center11. Al Jazeera …… Flickr: Mohamed Nanabhay #fpi12
  3. 3. Flickr: Ernst VikneFlickr: Gab How do we begin to deal with this? #fpi12
  4. 4. People Trust People Flickr: Thomas #fpi12
  5. 5. Curbing Social Media Technorati #fpi12
  6. 6. Privacy vs. Safety Flickr: Bruce Clay, #fpi12
  7. 7. Being anonymus? Flickr: quinn.anya Trying to curb Social #fpi12
  8. 8. Yourself – Now Crowdsourced Flickr: Mikey G. #fpi12