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Get Noticed with Presentations


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Importance of making presentations

Published in: Education, Technology

Get Noticed with Presentations

  1. 1. Get Noticed
  2. 2. A small quiz ...
  3. 3. Can you name this critical skill...
  4. 4. For a Sales person, it makes the critical difference between ‘barely meeting targets’ and ‘exceeding’.
  5. 5. For a leader , it makes the critical difference between a ‘mediocre’ and an ‘energetic’ team
  6. 6. For an aspirant, it makes the critical difference between ‘stagnant’ and a ‘soaring’ career.
  7. 7. Can you guess what this critical skill is?
  8. 8. Presenting… a critical but ignored aspect of career and management...
  9. 9. Presentation Skills
  10. 10. The skills to - think logically, - design creatively and - deliver confidently to an audience
  11. 11. It involves a combination of: Communication skills Thinking skills Creativity
  12. 12. Why is it so critical to develop these skills ?
  13. 13. For a Sales person…
  14. 14. …creatively engaging the customer for high-value products promotes relationships, resulting in better sales!
  15. 15. For a Leader…
  16. 16. …it is critical to communicate to inspire and motivate teams towards goals.
  17. 17. For an aspiring manager…
  18. 18. …his clear thinking and communication skills are showcased to his superiors
  19. 19. A manager spends about 17 hours a week in presentations/ meetings and 6 hours in planning them.
  20. 20. So, why not make the best of this opportunity?
  21. 21. Sales persons, leaders and managers need to realize the value of developing their presentation skills.
  22. 22. Presentations are the occasions to…
  23. 23. <ul><li>Get noticed and boost your career </li></ul>
  24. 24. - Make invaluable contacts
  25. 25. - Sell your idea or vision
  26. 26. - Establish your credibility
  27. 27. Every time you get on the stage, you face people who will decide your future. Be they customers, seniors, juniors or financiers.
  28. 28. This is one skill you cannot afford to ignore.
  29. 29. Give your sales, career and team management skills a boost TODAY.
  30. 30. To know how, contact us at metamorph We help you make your presentations ‘Powerful’.