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6 ways to add humour to presentations

Types of Humor you can use in presentations
Sequel to 3 sets to better humour in presentations

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6 ways to add humour to presentations

  1. ve no I ha or h um Ways to add humor to your presentations and engage your audience
  2. Remember, a presenter is not a professional comedian
  3. But s/he can use simple humor to keep audience engaged...
  4. …as humor provides relief to a dull subject and makes the topic memorable
  5. Here are some types of humor and how you can add them to your presentation…
  6. The Difficulty Meter indicates how difficult it is for you to use such humor.
  7. TYPES OF VERBAL HUMOR Difficulty Meter Classification: Easy Medium Difficult
  8. Play with words
  9. Examples: Talking to a room full of electricians was a shocking experience After my shoes broke, I prayed for my sole (soul)
  10. Play with words: Pros and Cons Requires clear pronunciation and volume Resources: Joke books and websites Difficulty Meter Medium
  11. Exaggeration/ Understatement
  12. Example: Our customers are dying to own this product This product comes very cheap. Only half a million dollars.
  13. Exaggeration/ Understatement: Pros and Cons Translates easily to other languages Difficulty Meter Easy
  14. Ridiculous
  15. Example: This will happen when I see an octopus dancing on the road
  16. Ridiculous: Pros and Cons Audience may not always appreciate. Difficulty Meter Medium
  17. Joke/ Story
  18. Example: An apple a day keeps doctors away, if you throw the apple hard enough. Any personal stories.
  19. Joke/ Story: Pros and Cons Long stories can be boring Resources: Joke books and websites Difficulty Meter Easy
  20. Gags/ Games
  21. Example ..and let’s bang on the table to show we are a team ..… Introduce yourself, what kind of animal would you be?
  22. Gags/ Games: Pros and Cons Not suitable for very serious topics Engages audience and makes it fun Books and training sites Difficulty Meter Easy
  23. Jargon Connected to World wide web
  24. Example: Is a little apple called an applet?
  25. Jargon: Pros and Cons Used best when speaker and audience are from same industry Difficulty Meter Easy
  26. Tip: Use a mix of 2-3 types so your audience is not bored.
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