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3 steps to better humor in presentations


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More on using humor in presentations. Its not always easy, as joking with an audience is very different to joking around with friends.

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3 steps to better humor in presentations

  1. SOMEBODY PLEASE LAUGH! 3 steps to better humor in presentations
  2. Delivering humour right, is like playing a game of golf…
  3. … any one can play it. But what leads to a good game is…
  4. Practice…
  5. Good delivery…
  6. ..and the right tools.
  7. > Practice > Good Delivery > Right tools
  8. Good humor isn’t a trait of character, it is an art which requires practice . David Seabury American Author
  9. (PRACTICE) ^ 10 till you can deliver right
  10. Try it out on friends. Do they find it humorous?
  11. Good delivery involves: <ul><li>Set up </li></ul><ul><li>Pause </li></ul><ul><li>Punch </li></ul>
  12. 1. Set up the story Briefly, dramatically
  13. Make it short. Long-winded stories are boring.
  14. Make it dramatic…
  15. The product sold very well Uninteresting
  16. The product disappeared off the shelves Better
  17. 2. Pause for drama
  18. A pause calls for attention. Once audience are listening…
  19. 3. Deliver punch line...
  20. ... slowly, clearly
  21. An example…
  22. When I told my client about the amazing purity of ‘e-boiled water’, he asked me… “ Can I download it from the internet?” SET UP 1 PAUSE 2 PUNCH 3
  23. The audience needs to hear the punch line to laugh…
  24. Do you have the right tools?
  25. Check the sound system
  26. Is no one still laughing with you?
  27. If you are laughing at the audience, they will not laugh with you.
  28. 4 letter words, religion, gender bias, disability, politics, insults are NOT FUNNY
  29. If your audience do not like it, skip it.
  30. After all, humor is not the point of your presentation!
  31. This presentation is made with our ‘Minimal’ Approach. Please check www.metamorph training .com to know more about our Powerful Presentations CD which teaches this approach.