15 Creative Timelines for Presentations


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Here are 15 creative timelines for your business presentations. These are diagram ideas are taken from PowerPoint Charts and Diagrams CEO Pack 1.

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  • In this presentation you will find 15 creative timeline ideas for your presentations. These templates are taken from our PowerPoint Charts and Diagrams CEO Pack 1. You can find more such templates to makeover your own business presentations in minutes.
  • This template uses arrow, circles, milestones, 4 circles, four circles and glossy balls in the template.
  • Movie style timeline template for PowerPoint. The images are fully editable. You can replace them with your own pictures.
  • Here is an interesting metallic sheen template that shows the details of events for 5 years.
  • This simple and colorful PowerPoint timeline template helps you present details of 5 stages or 5 periods.
  • You can showcase the key milestones across 4 years with this 3D diagram template. The Silhouettes can be replaces and text, as well as the colors & shapes of the callouts can be changed.
  • This is a simple 2 period comparison template. You can easily replace your text here in this chart.
  • This creative timeline template for presentations allows you to capture keys events in the form of post it notes.
  • With this template, you can change the images and text to present your business timeline with a snapshot
  • Simple and easy to edit timeline for multiple years to show development of an organization over the years.
  • Use this timeline template to show the snapshotof events or actions or outcomes over 2 years.
  • Show measurement of performance with this creative template for presenting timelines.
  • A picture exhibit style timeline that helps you present information for 4 years. Reduce the number of years if required and replace the photos.
  • Here are 3 Stylish metallic timeline boxes showing updates for 3 years. Easily edit the contents to suit you requirements.
  • Showcase major milestones with this colorful chart template.
  • Show highlights for 8 time periods with this capsule style timeline diagram for PowerPoint.
  • Samples from: Presentation-Process.comCreative ideas for business presentations
  • 15 Creative Timelines for Presentations

    1. 1. 15 Creative Timelines for Presentations From Presentation-Process.com
    2. 2. Curved Arrow timeline template DOWNLOAD AT PresentatIon-Process.com Source: PowerPoint Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack 1
    3. 3. Timeline of our Organization DOWNLOAD AT PresentatIon-Process.com
    4. 4. Timeline DOWNLOAD AT PresentatIon-Process.com
    5. 5. 5 Year Timeline DOWNLOAD AT PresentatIon-Process.com Source: PowerPoint Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack 1
    6. 6. Our key milestones DOWNLOAD AT PresentatIon-Process.com
    7. 7. 2 Year Comparison DOWNLOAD AT PresentatIon-Process.com
    8. 8. Timeline – Capture the key event on the note DOWNLOAD AT PresentatIon-Process.com
    9. 9. Timeline showing 3 Year Snapshot DOWNLOAD AT PresentatIon-Process.com
    10. 10. Timeline of our Organization DOWNLOAD AT PresentatIon-Process.com
    11. 11. 2 Year Comparison Timeline DOWNLOAD AT PresentatIon-Process.com
    12. 12. Measuring performance DOWNLOAD AT PresentatIon-Process.com
    13. 13. Timeline - Fill with your own pictures DOWNLOAD AT PresentatIon-Process.com
    14. 14. Stylish Timeline Boxes for presentations DOWNLOAD AT PresentatIon-Process.com
    15. 15. Timeline – Major milestones DOWNLOAD AT PresentatIon-Process.com
    16. 16. Timeline DOWNLOAD AT PresentatIon-Process.com
    17. 17. Source: PowerPoint Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack 1Instantly download 750+ easily editable PowerPoint Diagrams for CEOs. Represent ANY Business idea quickly and visually. Makeover your slides in minutes!