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Press release


Published on is a digital solution to the industrial and metal scene evolutions free from any constraints in a digital world totally secure.
This concept becomes a reality thanks to the opening of a single and unique platform developed using the latest technological innovations, this platform brings together a Market Network and a MarketPlace.

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Press release

  1. 1. Press Pack The First Industry & Metals MarketPlace!
  2. 2. is a digital solution to the industrial and metal scene evolutions free from any constraints in a digital world totally secure. This concept becomes a reality thanks to the opening of a single and unique platform developed using the latest technological innovations, this platform bring together a Market Network and a MarketPlace. What are their specific features? The Origins: is based on the synergy of 3 recognized professional men strengthened by their 40 years experiences : Mr. Olivier Alexandrian Mr. Jean-Pierre Wilmes Mr. Damien Balmet In this market, cost optimization becomes the rule. Raw materials are exchanged according to an exact calculation between its real availabilities and its delivery times in view of the precise needs. These requirements are now projected by the industries. Regularly, they note the constraints that hinder the companies’development, the constraints that limit their production and slow down the sale of raw materials. Too many opportunities are wasted because of the loss of time due to long-distance travels, to the language barrier and sometimes also to the lack of knowledge. The factories’computerization acts as a catalyst in the evolution of the Industry: the softwares optimize the cutting of parts as well as their waste and a diversification of machine-tools appears between CNC conversational and ISO. Following that approach, the industrial design softwares DAO and CAO leave a room for the Conception and the Computer-aided Manufacturing : CFAO. Manufacturers of cutting machines-tool use internally CRM tools. These softwares offer them an optimal management of their production by the very precise calculation of many indicators. Paradoxically, this transition to «digital» also allows to truly consider «customer satisfaction» as a very important performance indicator. In the field, the benefits of this transition to digital are converted into deliveries and after-sale service demands that are gaining in speed thanks to the emergence of the geolocation.
  3. 3. What’s unique about ? offers the most comprehensive catalogue in the world with a wide range of options from raw materials to tools, from industrial supplies to production means and to all the resources that industry professionals need. This platform is primarily the only platform able to provide the best recommendation for each user thanks to its exclusive and professional algorithms, a real artificial intelligence! Metals-Industry is positioned as the most efficient platform for its members who subscribed to the Market Place and for its buyers too. The platform is especially ideal for sellers thanks to a predictive leads creation. With a daily animation on its site and with an increased presence on social networks, the platform offers, for free, the opportunity to remain informed, to perfect your knowledge, to consult an expert, to find funding in order to develop your own activity, you may even get an internship that will make your career! In short, you are informed about next big events. While the internet is at its peak, various attempts to use e-Procurement solutions try to penetrate the market but because of lack of adaptability and their difficulties to be set and stable, these efforts are quickly abandoned in favor of applications into SASS mode which earn the trust, they are becoming increasingly important in this market evolution. In this context, with the help of new technologies, the four founding members wanted to gather, through a single and global virtual platform designed for the pros and by the pros of the metal Industry, all of their exchanges in a familiar and secure world:
  4. 4. About It was first a Market Network that brought together all the communities of the metal industry in the world, then became a Market Place B2B2S (Business to Business to Service) from vertical thematic, from scratch, Industrial products Pure Player, in B2B2S (Business to Business to Service). It operates in a transactional way and with an intermediation specialized in : steels, non- ferrous metals, plastics, cutting tools, industrial supplies, software, means of production and financing for manufacturers who consume daily these products. comes from the e-Commerce with a professional Big Data allied to a powerful artificial intelligence application. is the only Market Place capable of providing the best answer and recommendation to all its subscribers and to all its buyers thanks to its professional and predictive algorithms. was founded in 2017 This marketplace is ideal too for all the sellers thanks to the creation of a predictive Lead. is the only platform to provide for free : a complete and unprecedented access to all technical databases, all financial informations and to all normalization data’s available so far.
  5. 5. is always going further thanks to : an answer all around the clock seven days, the price transparency, the certification schemes for market players (buyers/sellers), the traceability of the quality of the products offered online, the security and diversity of all payment methods and a life-long digital storage space to keep the material analysis certificates. is a start-up « Made in France » 100% referenced and supported by : « La French Tech » « France Digital » « Marseille Innovation » Its interface is animated daily by more than 40 people with different profiles and who have been selected for their skills. Thanks to its most advanced technologies, provides to each on line visitor the best solution which will allow him to realize safely all his projects. The interface includes: a team of 10 Experts recognised in the profession. Their specializations are able to provide the most adapted and complete answers to all the users. In its DNA, the programming and the fluidity of this interface are provided by the best Experts in digital development. Finally, its evolution is calculated, anticipated and optimized by the vigilance of its Board members and Board Management. François Pacot Laurent Charlet Jean-Daniel Beurnier
  6. 6. Keys figures Today, the Metal Industry market in the world: 2 Million companies 10 Million people brings them together on: with 1 500 sellers Hosted 4 Million products available by 40 people1 founding team of with different profiles and universes 10 qualified experts, recognized in the profession 1 unique portal 5 Billion in sales 24/7 1 interactive MarketNetwork 1 secure MarketPlace for all trades
  7. 7. Press Contact Contact us! Follow us ! - SIRET : 833 061 583 +1 888 542 2805