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Design Your Dream Sunroom


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Looking for extra space? Create a sunroom and expand your living space for fun, entertainment and relaxation. Call MrHQ today!

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Design Your Dream Sunroom

  1. 1. DESIGN YOUR DREAM SUNROOM With a sunroom added to your existing home or built as part of a new construction, you have virtually limitless options when it comes to deciding what to do with your new space. Here are just a few ideas to help you decide!
  2. 2. DINING AREA If you don’t currently have enough room in your home, or just want an extra fancy space for entertaining guests, consider turning your sunroom into a secondary dining area. Let the light in on clear days for a relaxing and refreshing dining experience.
  3. 3. AN INDOOR GARDEN A sunroom’s natural light makes it the perfect space for growing plants indoors. Your flowers, vegetables or succulents can enjoy all the benefits of being outdoors without having to worry about damage from pests or inclement weather.
  4. 4. WORK SPACE Natural light is proven to benefit both physical and emotional health. By turning your sunroom into an office or art studio, you’ll have a place to comfortably complete your work while reducing stress. You might even find yourself making excuses just to spend more time basking in the sun!
  5. 5. ADD A FIREPLACE For a cozy entertaining space, consider installing a fireplace in your sunroom. You can keep warm during the cold winter nights while enjoying the sights of the outdoors.
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