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Ecommerce Search Marketing: Setting Up Google Shopping Paid Ads


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Ecommerce Search Marketing: Setting Up Google Shopping Paid Ads

  1. 1. Ecommerce Search Marketing Setting Up Google Shopping Paid Ads
  2. 2. WelcomeMetakinetic is a full service ecommerce agency.• Founded in 2005… …from a passion for digital technologies that work well and look great too• 2012 – team of 18 internet specialists… …with a diverse skill set - ecommerce, design, marketing, technical• Diverse experience… …across a range of business sizes & industries, from golf, sports & fashion, to electronics, music & technology.Find us at: www.metakinetic.comFollow us: @metakinetic
  3. 3. Your Survival KitWith Google Shopping UK changing to a paid search model, you willneed to convert from the free service to a pay per click (PPC) service.How do these slides help?• Decide your Structure• Setting Up Google Shopping Ads through Adwords
  4. 4. Deciding on Your Structure
  5. 5. All Eggs in one Basket?It is a high riskbalancing all your eggsin one basket. So whyapply this principle toyour Google ShoppingAds?
  6. 6. Nurture Nurturing each Google Shopping Listing helps protect each product’s success
  7. 7. But How?
  8. 8. Structuring your Ads • Set your daily budget at campaign level • Determine bids for each Ad Group on particular keywords • Each Ad Group should umbrella a certain amount of products
  9. 9. “Granular Campaigns are the most effective”
  10. 10. Creating Google ShoppingProduct Ads in AdWords
  11. 11. Starting offFor retailers who have never dabbled in the world of paid search youwill need to register for a Google AdWords account – simply click hereand follow the instructions on screen.
  12. 12. Creating a Campaign• To create a campaign: • Click + New Campaign • Search Network Only Once you’ve registered or logged into your account start by creating a new campaign, ensuring you select ‘search network only’.
  13. 13. Naming a Campaign • Select the campaign type as ‘Product Listing Ads’ • Enter your campaign name and continue down the page • Completing your preferred devices, locations and bidding optionsTIP – Check the box before naming your campaignotherwise you’ll need to enter your name again.
  14. 14. Ad ExtensionsWhen you get to ‘ad extensions’you:• Click save and continue• Complete the next page with your ad group name, promotional message and bid.• Click save and continue.
  15. 15. Auto TargetsNavigate to the ‘auto target’ tab within your ad group if you are notthere already.
  16. 16. Add Product Target • Click to ad new product target and specify your criteria based on the structure you have decided upon. • From the drop down menu select the option that best describes how you want to filter your product target and enter the value you wish to target in the adjacent free text box.Note: You can add more than one targetper ad group, for example you can list allthe products that you want to target by IDindependently.
  17. 17. Note: if your data fails to validate; checkthat it exactly matches the data specified inyour feed including spaces and punctuation.
  18. 18. Promotions If you want to add a promotional message to your new ad group: • simply click the ‘ad’ tab within your ad group • click ‘create a new ad’ and enter the promotional message that you want to appear. • Click Save.
  19. 19. Create as many ad groups as youneed to ensure that your structure is as granular as possible
  20. 20. Need More Help?
  21. 21. Get in Touch• If you require help or support in setting up you product listing ads or want to discuss the best strategy for your business please contact a member of a search team here.• Or if you prefer to have a chat, call: 0118 324 9000• Remember you can tweet us too! @metakinetic
  22. 22. • Set your daily budget at campaign level• Determine bids for each Ad Group on particular keywords• Each Ad Group should umbrella a certain amount of products
  23. 23.