Metabolic Jumpstart for your Fitness Business May 2013


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Metabolic Jumpstart is simple, seamless nutrition solution for Personal Trainers and fitness businesses. Learn how you can achieve breakthrough results. Request Information Pack & Pricing at Inquiries (02) 9620 9511

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Metabolic Jumpstart for your Fitness Business May 2013

  1. 1. For your Fitness BusinessThe simple, seamless, expert nutrition solution14 May 2013V1.51
  2. 2. At last, an effective program for fitness businessesMatt O’NeillBSpSc, MSc, APD, ANNutritionist, Channel 7Morning Show, Creator of MJ“I’ve designed MetabolicJumpstart to easily & efficientlyprovide a nutrition solution forfitness businesses – you can letme coach your clients or I cantrain you to deliver this powerful,life-changing program.”2
  3. 3. Proven results with over16,000 participants3
  4. 4. Metabolic Jumpstart gets amazing results that last“Brilliant program. I lost 5 kg in 4 weeks and I am neverhungry.” – Stephen Jones“Really simple and easy to stick to and it works! I lost 5kg, felt great and have had more energy.”– Sharon Wilesmith“Not just another diet fad, this is a system that issustainable and works.” – Mike Edwards“A fantastic way to get you motivated that won’t leaveyour body feeling hungry, yet the unnecessary weightjust falls off!!!” – Shelly Barber“What an easy way to ‘get in shape’ ... simple tofollow, flexible and definitely not like any ‘diet’ Ive donebefore.” – Annette CroftSee more testimonials online4
  5. 5. 5Metabolic Jumpstart builds the perfect dietEvery client receives anexpertly matched diet plan
  6. 6. Metabolic Jumpstart is made for fitness businessesMetabolic Jumpstart is different because it: Is scientifically based, matching correct foods with thebody’s metabolism – not just counting calories. Is individually tailored for each client by a qualifiedDietitian – we screen every member for you. Is suitable for every member – we have Accelerator,Jumpstarted, Maintainer and Gainer Plans. Links with MJ Coach Certification – we train you to facilitatethe program with minimal effort. Integrates seamlessly with your services – offers a clientbenefit and helps on-sell Personal Training. Provides members with an initial 4wk program and ongoingMJ Club Membership – easily runs in the background. Designed by Matt O’Neill, Channel 7 Morning Show Nutritionist.6
  7. 7. 7Metabolic Jumpstart rewards you financiallyMake money from everyclient you sign up and keepclients training with YOU!
  8. 8. 8Metabolic Jumpstart is flexible to meet your needsYou choose tosimply sign upclients or providecoaching.
  9. 9. 9How to sign up clients for Metabolic Jumpstart1. Client pays youYou give your client special code to register online.2. Client uses code to register onlineClient completes unique Metabolic Jumpstart personal profile.3. You have access to clients diet planYour online MJ Club Account shows client details.You can provide diet plan orleave it to me to coach online!Simple & flexible…
  10. 10. You’ll use a simple online MJ Club AccountViewclientdetailsDownloadReportA = ApprovedP = PendingR = Rejected = MJ+ Member = Not a Member = Report Downloaded = Report Not DownloadedTotal RegisteredMJ Coach who registered clientMonday start date for Jumpstart Custom advice from MJHQSearch by: First, last or fullname, Date Registered &Range, Start Date, MJ CoachYou control registrations and can easilyaccess details at any time in your Client List10
  11. 11. 11MJ Coach Certification is online or face-to-faceYou or your staff only need to enrol intraining to start registering clients
  12. 12. Every client receives powerful advice & toolsThe MJ Program: Metabolically matcheddiet plan, report & 5wkprogram designed byChannel 7 MorningShow Nutritionist, MattO’NeillMotivation Pack by PostDownloadable Report & Diet PlanMy Jumpstart Website AccessYou have access to your clients’ Reports by 12 noon nextbusiness day after we screen & design the Diet Plan for you12
  13. 13. 13Metabolic Jumpstart teaches clients “how to eat”Clients mastertheir diet &increasemotivation tostay in shape!
  14. 14. Clients who register with you get MJ Club MembershipSupport to ensure success: Ongoing online support FAQs Updated weekly Discussion forum Weekly motivational email Over 300 recipes Searchable food database Online exercise log Motivation planner Seminar audio series 100 Tip sheets Expert interviews Downloadable charts, tools MJ Plus+ is the Club Membership14
  15. 15. MJ Club Membership retains your clientsAutomatic benefits: When you use the MJ Club System everyclient you register automatically becomesa MJ Club Member & receives weeklyMJ Plus (MJ Club) eNews. Recipes, foods, tips, seminars and newcontent added every week. A powerful website access benefit valuedat AUD$9.95/mth ($120/yr) to offer yourcurrent & potential clients. Retain clients for longer with ongoingexpert support from Matt O’Neill & histeam. The MJ Club makes it easier for you tokeep your clients on track for results.15
  16. 16. 16Metabolic Jumpstart is more than diet plansIt’s a provensystem to attract& keep clientstraining with you!
  17. 17. Additional packaging options*We can tailor your package with: Customised & co-branded brochure toenhance credibility & uptake. Customised weekly eNews issues withyour logo or message to reinforce yourbrand. Insert your promotional document in theposted Motivation Pack to drivecustomers back to you. Dedicated landing & thank you pages togive customers a seamlessexperience. Promotional YouTube videos to sellthe package and our partnership.17*Subject to ordering sufficient programs
  18. 18. Fitness centre case studyNew Dimensions – Mount Druitt, Sydney 600 Members on program in 12 months Promotional banner, posters, stickers MJ Promoted to all new members 5 MJ Certified Coaches MJ Coaching part of 1st4 weeks“MJ has been so easy to use at NewDimensions and it solves the challengeof getting members onto a diet plan thatensures they see the results they arepaying for.” – James Banks, Manager18
  19. 19. Personal training case studyEvolve Health – Perth, WA Certified MJ Coach for credibility Started small with 5 Jumpstarts MJ promoted to all new clients Purchased additional Jumpstarts in groupsof 10 as required“Metabolic Jumpstart’s Club System is notonly an extremely effective nutritionprogram, it is also extremely easy to use.I’ve integrated MJ into Evolve Heath withminimal effort and maximum results.”– Tony de Graaf, Head Trainer19
  20. 20. 20Get started with Metabolic Jumpstart in 4 steps1. Return signed Partnership AgreementRequest an Information Pack for a copy.2. Enrol in MJ Coach CertificationEasily accessed online or in-house training.3. Buy MJ Program CreditsPurchase a minimum of 5 Credits at a significantly reduced rate.4. Subscribe to MJ Club SystemMonthly subscription fee starts following month, based on club members.Pay for what you use &grow as you need!
  21. 21. Start getting breakthroughresults with21Let’s partner
  22. 22. Request Info Pack with Pricing & or call (02) 9620 9511MetabolicJumpstart.com22The next step…