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#TDC18 - Collect+ & Yodel - Avoiding the point of no return - keeping customers happy to ensure long term loyalty


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As both the CEO of Collect+ and the Chief Commercial Officer at Yodel Neil Ashworth brings a truly customer-centric perspective to the importance of getting returns right , and the resulting competitive advantage this can bring. He will share the insights from brand new research into customer attitudes to returns in the UK and examples of retailers who have found customer focus to drive loyalty and positive ROI.

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#TDC18 - Collect+ & Yodel - Avoiding the point of no return - keeping customers happy to ensure long term loyalty

  1. 1. Leaders & Heroes THE DELIVERY CONFERENCE NEIL ASHWORTH Chief Commercial Officer & Chief Executive Officer Avoiding the Point of No Return - keeping customers happy to ensure long term loyalty Logistics and Carrier Stream
  2. 2. Avoiding the point of No Return
  3. 3. As e-retail grows so will customer returns Source: Global Data, Channel series – E-retail in the UK 2016; Global Data, Online returns in the UK 2017
  4. 4. The traditional returns flow After: Optoro The Hidden Value of Retail Returns 2017 Remarketing Recycling Destruction WEBSITE
  5. 5. Returns – the customer’s journey Buying “Oh Bollocks” Returning Refund Shopping Living
  6. 6. Customer Experience drives ROI • 94% of online shoppers say that they have checked a retailer’s returns policy before making an online purchase • 80% identify choices in returns channels as an important factor. • 45% of online shoppers have abandoned a purchase on line because of this lack of choice.
  7. 7. Customer centric options
  8. 8. Leading to a huge headache for the retailerAnd in future? Innovation in the returns space improves the customer experience, creates repurchase and brings benefits to the retailer.