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#TDC18 - 4PX - Comprehensive cross-border eCommerce logistics


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The John Acton will briefly introduce 4PX and its various services along side with examples of yearly growth in the market. The main topics covered in this session will be:
o Global Fulfilment - 4PX international facilities can warehouse and fulfil orders for international delivery offering flexibility, Personalised service, Multi-channels and Global Sourcing.
o Global Shipping - offers merchants the option of multiple clearance methods and delivery providers.
o Global Parcel Forwarding - focuses on providing cross-border e-logistics for international sellers, from overseas to China.
o Global Returns - 4PX provides RMA service from our US and UK facilities.

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#TDC18 - 4PX - Comprehensive cross-border eCommerce logistics

  1. 1. Leaders & Heroes THE DELIVERY CONFERENCE JOHN ACTON Strategic Consultant Comprehensive cross-border eCommerce logistics Solutions Theatre
  2. 2. New Network, New Journey 01/23
  3. 3. ◤ Company Overview ◥ 03/23 NO.1 Leading Cross- border E- Commerce Logistics in China 800k-1M Daily processed E- commerce parcels 2016 Revenues of US$550 million 2017 Est. Revenue of US$870 million 200,000+ E-Commerce Customers 50 branch offices in China and 23 overseas offices 3,600+ employees Established in 2004, 4PX Express is a professional logistics solution who is dedicated to serve cross-border e-commerce customers with global logistics and warehousing advantaged service, has 3 business sectors and over 50 kinds products and service which cover full range of logistics channels to meet different types and sizes of enterprises needs.
  4. 4. ◤ Company Overview ◥ Key shareholders are Singapore Post Group and Alibaba's Cai Niao Network. (4PX is the only cross-border ecommerce logistics company that Alibaba has invested) Strategic Investors 02/23
  5. 5. ◤ Company Overview ◥ 1 Area, 2 Networks, 3 Directions, 4 Services 【1 Area】 Cross-border E-commerce Logistics Area; 【2 Networks】 Global Fulfillment Service Network; Global Terminal Delivery Network; 【3 Directions】 CN-Global; Global-CN; Global to Global; 【4 Services】 F. Global Fulfillment Service D. Global Direct-injection Service T. Global Trans-shipping Service R. Global Return Service 04/23
  6. 6. ◤ Core Services ◥ 05/25 Global Fulfillment Global Shipping Global Parcel Forwarding Global Returns Fulfillment by 4PX 4PX Packet Service 0-2kg 4PX Parcel service 0-30kg Global Return Solution Consolidate and Transit
  7. 7. ◤ Revenue and Projections◥ 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 315 Million £ 675 60% 945 40% 1276 35% 1659 30% 423 34%
  8. 8. ◤Business Marketing Direction◥ Fujian Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Xiamen, Putian Branch Yangtze River Delta Region Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Nanjing, Wuxi, Ningbo, Suzhou, Wenzhou Branch. North China Beijing, Dalian, Qingdao, Jinan, Yantai, Shijiazhuang Branch. Pearl River Delta Region 4PX Express HQ, 4PX Information Technology, Hua Qiang Bei, Long Hua, Long Gang, Xi Li, Hua Nan Cheng, Nan Shan, Dong Guan, Dongguan Changping, Dongguan Humen, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Huizhou, Shantou, Panyu, Guzhen, Dongwei Branch. Central China Changsha , Wuhan, Zhengzhou 07/23
  9. 9. ◤Business Marketing Direction◥ • China Outbound • China Inbound • Global to Global (G2G) • Global Local (GL) 08/23
  10. 10. ◤ 4PX Network◥ Location: Luton United Kingdom Area:30,000㎡ Employees:280 Capacity:45,000 parcels/day Coverage:26 Countries in UK & EU Location: Bruchsal Germany Area:12000㎡ Employees:140 Capacity:13,500 parcels/day Coverage:26 Countries in UK & EU Location: Madrid Spain Area:8000㎡ Employees:160 Capacity:7,500 parcels/day Coverage:Spain Fulfillment Centers Additional facilities in Heathrow, UK and Frankfort, Germany Location: Czech Republic Area:60,000㎡ Capacity: 600,000 parcels/day Coverage:26 Countries in UK & EU 09/23
  11. 11. ◤ Company Overview ◥◤ Why choose 4PX? – 10 reasons why◥ 1. Vertical Logistic Service = professional SOP on receiving-dispatching- shipping 2. System support = WMS / OMS / RMA systems – designed both for internal &external use API/CSV file with single port system upload 3. Merchants have multiple clearance options and delivery methods 4. Unparalleled visibility – 28 tracking logs – door-to-door UK-China 5. Customization service 6. Receive and Return shipment easily and reliable 7. 24/7 Customer Service from China 8. Multi-channels and global sourcing 9. 11.9%tax on FOB/CIF value for DDP service 10. Bonded warehousing – China
  12. 12. THANK YOU!