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Quesos Campayo Presentation


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A presentation of artisan Manchego cheese producers Quesos Campayo. One of the very few remaing cheese prducers that still retain 100% control over the production process, using milk entirely from their privately owned and fed, pure breed, Manchego sheep.

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Quesos Campayo Presentation

  1. 1. ‘Quesos Campayo’ was set up in 1985 by FelixCampayo, an experienced local famer, whose life-longambition had always been to produce artisan cheesesof outstanding quality produced entirely from his ownlivestock.Campayo is one of the very few ‘queserías’ (cheeseproducers) that is able to control, from start to finish, theentire production process.The only milk used in the production of Campayo cheesecomes from the 3,500 head of pure breed Manchegosheep, who in turn are fed entirely on grain and cerealfrom the estate s 500 acre plot.In this way Quesos Campayo has the luxury of totalcontrol over the raw materials used in the production ofits cheeses and can ensure, with the help of the latestcutting edge techniques, that the highest levels of qualityare always upheld.
  2. 2. Campayo Artisan Manchego Cheese D.O.P. Reserva Especial Wedge Format Product Code 101401 101404 Curing Time 12 Months 12 Months Weight* 3 Kg approx 350 kgCampayo’s flagship product made from unpasteurised milk Units per box 2 8direct from the farm’s own livestock. Cured for 12 months the Units / boxes perReserva Especial has an intensively rich flavour, with a dry 140 / 70 560 / 70 paletfinish. Price /KG - -Part of the Gourmet range, this cheese is also available in 1kg Approx Price/Unit - -mini and 350g wedges that come stylishly packaged in antriangular card case.
  3. 3. Campayo Cured Manchego Cheese D.O.P. Wedge Format Product Code 201301 201303 201304 Curing Time 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months Weight 3 Kg approx 1 Kg approx 250 KgWith 6 months less curing this cheese offers a softer alternativeto the Reserva Especial, but maintains all the distinct flavours of Units per box 2 8 12a top quality Manchego produced with 100% raw milk. Units / boxes 140 / 70 384 / 48 1728 / 144 per paletSlightly softer and creamier on the palette its is a versatile Price /KG - - -chees that can be enjoyed on its own or as a great addition tothe cheese board. Available in three formats. Approx - - - Price/Unit
  4. 4. As a way of expanding their product offering andattracting a wider range of consumers, Campayohave developed a speciality cheese range that fallsunder the brand name Cuarto Perea, the originalname given to the farm estate.Under this brand Campayo produces various differentstyles of cured sheep’s cheese combining centauriesold production techniques with the latest modern daytechnology and quality control.In this way the Cuarto Perea range continues thestrong reputation for quality and consistency withwhich Quesos Campayio has become synonymous.
  5. 5. Cuarto Perea Artisan Pure Sheep’s Cheese Cured in Natural Rosemary Product Code 402701 402703 Curing Time 8 Months 8 Months A relatively harder cheese. The extra nuttiness is offset Weight 3 Kg 1 Kg by the soft aromas of the all natural rosemary that coats Units per box 2 8 the rind. Units / boxes per palet 140 / 70 384 / 48 After a period of 8 months curing the cheese has Price /KG - - mellowed and is best consumed at room temperature and ideally accompanied by a slice of ‘membrillo’ Approx Price/Unit - - (Spanish quince jelly).
  6. 6. Cuarto Perea Artisan Pure Sheep’s Cheese Cured in ‘Iberico Butter’ Product Code 402801 402803 402805 8 Months Curing Time 8 Months 8 Months Weight 3 Kg 1 Kg 750 g An all together stronger flavour, the soft buttery rind compliments a more tangy, slightly spicy finish. A firm Units per box 2 8 4 ivory coloured cheese that is sure to be popular among Units / boxes per 140 / 70 384 / 48 480 / 120 mature cheese lovers. palet Price /KG - - - Ideally consumed at room temperature with a strong red such as local varieties Monastrell or Bobal. Approx Price/Unit - - -
  7. 7. Cuarto Perea Artisan Pure Sheep’s Cheese Olive Oil Cured Product Code 402901 402501 402601 402903 402905 402304 Curing Time 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months 6 MonthsUndoubtedly the most versatile of the Cuarto Perea Weight 3 Kg 3 Kg 3 Kg 1 Kg 750 g 250 grange, this olive oil cured sheep’s cheese can be Units per box 2 1 1 8 4 12consumed in various formats. Units / boxes 1728 / 140 / 70 48 / 48 48 / 48 384 / 48 480 / 120 per palet 144The cubes make a perfect aperitif while the slicedsegments can be rapidly prepared as an authentic Price /KG - - - - - -‘tapa’. Approx - - - - - - Price/Unit
  8. 8. To assist with their entry into the UK market, Quesos Campayohas appointed Messum Export as exclusive commercialrepresentatives for the UK and Ireland. With offices in bothSpain and England, Messum Export is well placed to liaisebetween supplier and distributor in addition to offering variousancillary marketing and promotional support services.Benefits to Importer/Distributor: Proven Minimum Sales On-going sales generation Consumer-centric marketing support Supplier/Distributor liaison Linguistic servicesContact Us Tel: 0034 675 367 683 Email: Web: Skype: mickmessum