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Pago De Tharsys Distributor Presentation


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Presentation designed for UK based Wine Importers and Distributors to promote the Spanish Bodega Pago de Tharsys

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Pago De Tharsys Distributor Presentation

  1. 1. Pago de Tharsys – Viñedos y Bodega History of Pago de Tharsys Founded 1999 – Vicente García Wine production since 1808 Small Family Bodega 13 Hectares High Quality Produce Four years export experience Wide range of products
  2. 2. Pago de Tharsys – Viñedos y Bodega Location D.O. Utiel Requena and D.O. Cava Comunidad de Valencia Climate: Continental Med. Average Temperature: 13ºC Average Rainfall: 350 – 400 l/m2 Soil: Mainly Clay and Limestone Altitude: 650m / 2100 ft
  3. 3. What’s in the name?Pago de Tharsys – Viñedos y Bodega Pago Pago is the strictest classification Equivalent to ‘Chateau’ D.O Utiel-Requena D.O. Cava Tharsys Greek Founder of the area Wine production since the 5th Century BC Evidence of the oldest commercial wine production in the world Pending World Heritage Status
  4. 4. Pago de Tharsys – Viñedos y Bodega Pago de Tharsys USP’s Originality – Only 100% Bobal Cava Innovation – Night Harvest / Varietal Blends Quality – Low Production/High Quality Vinos de Pago – 90 % wine range are ‘Pago’ Vicente García – “The man who reinvented Cava” Awards: Best Cava in Spain, 2005 Production 500,000 Bottles of Cava 50,000 Bottles of “Pago” Wine 200,000+ Bottles of D.O. Wine
  5. 5. Pago de Tharsys – Viñedos y Bodega The Cavas The Products The Wines
  6. 6. Pago de Tharsys – Viñedos y Bodega Pago de Tharsys, Brut Nature, 2008 “Best Cava in Spain” 2005 80% Macabeo Tasting Notes: 20% Chardonnay Pale yellow in colour with fine golden bubbles. On the nose it is D.O. Cava pleasantly floral with citrus hues and a hint of toast. 18 Months Ageing The Macabeo offers great 11.5% ABV structure and the 20% Chardonnay adds real complexity 0.8 g/l residual sugar to this exquisite Cava. With a minimum of 18 months ageing in Wooden Case of 6 the ancient cellars it is easy to see why this product was voted “Best Cava in Spain” in 2005.
  7. 7. Pago de Tharsys – Viñedos y Bodega Pago de Tharsys, Millesime Rosé, Reserva, 2007 100% Garnacha Tasting Notes: D.O. Cava A delightfully pale rosé in colour with clean, zesty aromas, typical 24 Months Ageing of the Garnacha grape. Having spent 24 months on the lees the 12% ABV ripe fruity notes are combined skilfully with a rounded butter- 5.5 g/l res sugar scotch base and a yeasty body. Wooden Case of 6
  8. 8. Pago de Tharsys – Viñedos y Bodega Dominio de Tharsys, Brut, 2009 Perallada/Macabeo Tasting Notes: D.O. Cava 12 months minimum ageing gives this drinking Cava a smooth 12 Months Ageing palette and fine mousse, in stark contrast to other more aggressive 11.5% ABV ‘fizzy’ Cavas found in this price bracket. 0.8 g/l res sugar Dry but smooth, Dominio de Cardboard box of 6 Tharsys is produced as both a Brut and a Brut Nature.
  9. 9. Pago de Tharsys – Viñedos y Bodega Vendimia Nocturna 2006 / Night Harvest Tasting Notes: 80% Albariño A wonderfully original white showing 20% Godello a glossy yellow hue with light golden tones. It is delicate on the nose with Vino de Pago hints of jasmine and white rose. In the mouth it exhibits balanceed 13.5% ABV sharpness, good complexity and a soft finish. The innovative blend of 0.6 g/l res sugar Alabriño and Godello grapes, harvested through-out the night to Cardboard box of 6 preserve their full potential, make this a truly unique and satisfying white wine.
  10. 10. Pago de Tharsys – Viñedos y Bodega Pago de Tharsys, Neustro Bobal, 2005 85% Bobal Tasting Notes: 15% Cabernet Franc The structure and acidity of the indigenous Bobal variety, combine Vino de Pago perfectly with the characterful aromas of the Cabernet Franc. 13 Months Ageing The colour is lit with intense ruby red with magenta hues. Yield 1,5 kg/vine A 42 day maceration process 13.5% ABV brings out the full meaty flavour of the Bobal while the Cabernet Cardboard Box of 6 Franc provides great structure and intensity. A delicious red.
  11. 11. Pago de Tharsys – Viñedos y Bodega Dominio de Requena, Tinto/Red, 2010 70% Bobal Tasting Notes: 30% Tempranillo A vivid and strong red wine with notes of black pepper and D.O. Utiel-Requena liquorice. Remarkably smooth on the palette, rounded and 12.5% ABV delightfully quaffable, this a young and versatile drinking wine, 0.8 g/l res sugar perfectly suited to red meats and cheeses. Cardboard Box of 12
  12. 12. Pago de Tharsys – Viñedos y Bodega Mick Messum – Spanish Office To assist with their entry into what is an entirely new market for the winery, Vinessens has appointed Messum Export as exclusive representatives for the MA International Marketing UK and Ireland. With offices in both Spain and MBA Comercio Exterior England, Messum Export is well placed to liaise Fluent Spanish between supplier and distributor in addition to offering various ancillary marketing and promotional support services. Chris Messum – UK Office Food and Wine Expert Benefits to Importer/Distributor: Professional Chef 10 years experience Off-Trade Proven Minimum Sales On-going sales generation Contact: Consumer-centric marketing support Tel: 0034 675 367 683 Email: Supplier /Distributor liaison Web: Skype: mickmessum Linguistic services
  13. 13. Pago de Tharsys – Viñedos y Bodega Logistical Information  All Prices EUR €  EX-Works, Incoterms 2010  NO MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY  6 Bottles per case unless stated  Shipped using Euro Pallet  (EUR/EPAL) 1200 x 800 x 140  Cava Wooden Cases (WC) 432 bottles / euro pallet  Cava Cardboard Boxes (CB) 510 bottles / euro pallet  Wines Cardboard Boxes (CB) 528 bottles / euro pallet  Dominio de Requena (CB) 792 bottles / euro pallet Figures may vary