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Messum Export is the sole representative in the UK and Ireland of the wines produced by up and coming Alicante winery, Bodegas Vinessens.

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Bodega vinessens presentation slide share

  1. 1. Bodega Vinessens is located some 600 metres above sealevel in the rural, sleepy town of Villena, Alicante. Etched intothe hillside of the Sierra Salinas are 11 hectares (27 acres) ofold bush vines among a cragged outcrop of predominantlysandy, limestone soil.Vinessens was founded in 2007 as the product of much energyand innovation by a young couple, Andrés Carrull, the currentdirector of viticulture, and his wife and head oenologist, MartaRibera. They have spend the past few years understandingand perfecting the art of producing exquisite wines madepredominantly from the indigenous grape variety, theMonastrell.In addition, the couple have ambitious plans for the future,having recently acquired a further 6 hectares (15 acres) of 50year old Monastrell vines that are to be put into production overthe coming year.By combining hard work and youthful enthusiasm with thelatest production techniques Bodega Vinesens aims to bringboth sophistication and international acclaim to the localMonastrell grape variety.
  2. 2. THE VINESThe 11 Hectares of vines are comprised of two main plots that together make up the majority of theVinessens production.Monastrell dominates the production but in lesser quantities we also find, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon(28 year old vines) and Syrah (9 years)The two main plots are as follows: La Tripa del Lobo La Casa Details 35 years – Age – 65 years Sandy – Soil – Rocky 1.5 Kg – Yield – 700gFresh and Fruity Wines - Sein Full bodied wines, high in minerals – El Telar
  3. 3. SEIN – 2009 60% Monastrell 40% Syrah 15% Abv Res Sugar: 0,85 g/LVINIFICATION: All grapes are harvested manually and undergo a strictselection process before entering the bodega. The skins are macerated atlow temperatures for a total of 17 days prior to the fermentation process.Malolactic fermentation then takes place for 11 months in French andAmerican oak barrels.TASTING NOTES: Well rounded, silky wine with deep cherry and purpletones, ripe black fruits and winter berries with hints of spice. Good acidity andlength on the palette with sweet balanced tannins giving it terrific body andstructure and a lasting finish. Peñín Guide, 2012
  4. 4. EL TELAR – 2009 90% Monastrell 10% Cab Sauvignon 15.5% AbvVINIFICATION: Manually harvested in individual small crates to protect thegrapes followed by a strict quality process control at the bodega. Monastrell: Cool maceration for a minimum of 21 days precedes a further15 months ageing in new French oak. Cabernet Sauvignon: Grapes de-stemmed rather than crushed and fermented in 500 litre barrels of new French oak. Then aged a further 15 months in smaller (225 L) French oak barrelsTASTING NOTES: Inky, cherry in colour, bursting with black fruit. Mineral andspices on the nose and well balanced and smooth on the palette. Full bodiedand fleshy in the mouth with pronounced tannins and a strong finish.
  5. 5. ESSENS – 2010 100% Chardonnay 13% Abv Res Sugar: 0.6 g/LVINIFICATION: Careful manual harvest is followed by cold storage at 4ºCfor 24 hours. After a second selection process there is a further a further 24hours maceration at 8ºC prior to initial fermentation. A fortnight’s coldfermentation at 12-13ºC in 500 litre French Oak barrels is followed by afurther 45 days in smaller barrels. Batonnage takes place weekly toenhance the buttery and fruity aromas of the wine.TASTING NOTES: Pale yellow in colour with green tones. Elegant on thenose with both citrus and tropical fruits. Fresh acidity and good structuremake this a extremely drinkable white wine with a smooth woody finish. Peñín Guide, 2012
  6. 6. MESSUM EXPORTTo assist with their entry into what is an entirely newmarket for the winery, Vinessens has appointedMessum Export as exclusive representatives for the Contact UsUK and Ireland. With offices in both Spain andEngland, Messum Export is well placed to liaisebetween supplier and distributor in addition tooffering various ancillary marketing and promotionalsupport services. Tel: 0034 675 367 683Benefits to Importer/Distributor: Email: Proven Minimum Sales Web: On-going sales generation Consumer-centric marketing support Skype: mickmessum Supplier /Distributor liaison Linguistic services