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Sankila otava educa 2020


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Educa 2020, Equity

Published in: Education
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Sankila otava educa 2020

  1. 1. Learning materials as a part of Finnish educational success story Teuvo Sankila Educa 2020, January 25th, Helsinki
  2. 2. Teuvo Sankila Publishing Director Otava Learning Otava Publishing Company Ltd My passion is to improve learning possibilities and develope tools for better learning. @teuvo +358 50 3737474 Otava Publishing Company Ltd is one of the Finland’s leading educational publishers in the area of digital and printed learning materials.
  3. 3. Finland FACTS 550 000 pupils on grades 1-9 100 000 students on Upper secondary School 200 000 students on vocational education The best educational system and learning results in the World! Source: Google Maps
  4. 4. Tuhattaituri Star Maths Favorit matematik Primary Maths from Finland Market leader in Scandinavia, Published in Spain, available also in English.
  5. 5. Learning content made by professionals
  6. 6. Teachers have autonomy to choose the materials for their own use
  7. 7. All pupils are studying in same classroom, with tailored content for different pupil abilities.
  8. 8. Otava Oppimisen palvelut How we did it? No approval system for learning materials. Continuous cooperation with authorities. Competition takes care about the quality.
  9. 9. Collecting data to help students get online feedback. Digital content has been developed to serve students, teachers and their performance.
  10. 10. Learning content made by Publishers is the fastest way to implement new curriculum or new method to everyday school work.
  11. 11. Content is made for learners