Nestling vessels presentation


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Nestling vessels presentation

  1. 1. Nestling Vessels Two Vessels that Fit Together but Can Also Stand Alone
  2. 2. Inspiration Piece Forrest Lesch- Middleton, Nestling Teapot
  3. 3. Alison Britton, Light Double Pot How could these two pieces separate?
  4. 4. Barry Flanagan, Untitled How could these two pieces separate?
  5. 5. How do these two pieces separate? Bethany Krull, Untitled, Stacking Tea
  6. 6. Chris Stanley, Nesting Batter Bowls How do these three pieces separate?
  7. 7. Not vessels, but notice the great negative space between the two pieces. Could your pieces interact this way? Conrad Snider, Insomnia
  8. 8. Could the top cube detach from the bottom cube? Dina Angel- Wing, Ice-Tea
  9. 9. Your project even has the option to “weave” together. Although, make the weave tighter. Edith B. Murphy, Po Grouping
  10. 10. How could this project separate? Frank Giorgini ,Udu Hadgini Drum
  11. 11. Although it’s made out of glass, here is another option of how two pieces could interact. John Chiles, Whirl wind
  12. 12. Not just simple bowls. The ridges lock together perfectly. Kaete Brittin Shaw, Nesting Trays
  13. 13. Could these be transformed into containers? Lisa Slovis, A Piece of Me, Candlehol ders
  14. 14. Interesting negative space. Lisa Slovis, Coupli ng Salt & Pepper
  15. 15. Lisa Slovis, Leaning Salt & Pepper
  16. 16. Lisa Slovis, Wave Salt & Pepper Shakers
  17. 17. These don’t necessarily nestling, but notice how the surface texture continues on to the next piece. Something to consider.
  18. 18. Could the top of this potentially life of the bottom piece?
  19. 19. Paul Eshelman, Bowl Set
  20. 20. How could these potentially separate? Tom Latka, Vase
  21. 21. Don’t neglect the treatment of the rim. It can bring unity to the piece. Whitney Smith, Eight Nesting Lotus Bowls
  22. 22. Yvonne Kleinveld, T wo Jugs Do your pieces need to go straight up?
  23. 23. Student Work
  24. 24. Student Work
  25. 25. Student Work
  26. 26. Student Work
  27. 27. Student Work
  28. 28. Student Work
  29. 29. Student Work
  30. 30. Student Work
  31. 31. Student Work
  32. 32. Student Work
  33. 33. Student Work
  34. 34. Grading Rubric: What I am looking for • Functionality - plan for each piece to hold roughly a cup of water • Surface Treatment - Make sure the surface adds to the overall piece, and doesn’t take away • Unity - the pieces should look like the go together, but also should be able to stand alone • Craftsmanship - make it neat • Creativity - make it original • Effort & Participation - work everyday, no complaints