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Messari Investor Deck


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Messari brings transparency to the cryptoeconomy. We want to help investors, regulators, and the public make sense of this revolutionary new asset class, and are building data tools that will drive informed decision making and investment. We believe that crypto will democratize access to information, break down data silos, and ultimately give everyone the tools to build wealth.

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Messari Investor Deck

  1. 1. Messari Investor Introduction // Not for Distribution Crypto intelligence for professionals Series Seed Investor Deck April 2019
  2. 2. Protocols Financial Instruments Crypto will become a $10+ trillion asset class. The Internet changed Information Social Media changed Relationships Crypto Assets will change Finance The new financial system will run on crypto networks. Currencies Securities 2
  3. 3. We need reliable data and comprehensive research tools. To create data standards 3 To improve transparency To curate information Low-integrity data and disorganized information prevents institutions from entering the market. Jan ‘19: We identified a $6 billion XRP market cap overstatement that affected crypto indices. Mar ‘19: We found an unreported inflation bug that led to a 20% increase in XLM supply. (*Two top 10 cryptoassets) Feb ‘19: Reported asset prices failed to adjust for anomalies and variance in “stablecoin” quotes. Mar ‘19: Reported exchange volumes were overstated by 10-20x; included wash trades (*CoinMarketCap errors)
  4. 4. The winning crypto information aggregator will be big. “Where can I track crypto asset prices?” $100M revenue (2017) “Where can I find data on bitcoin activity?” $500M valuation (2017) “Which crypto projects are real and investable?” $1.0B+ market (5 yrs) 4
  5. 5. We aim to rebuild the entire data stack for institutions. Thesis: the “S&P of Crypto” will be built on free datasets and open APIs. Data and analytics for complex verticals Standardized, reliable, financial records Extensive, global intelligence platform Historical Guides 1 2 3 5 Our Full-Stack
  6. 6. Registry: basic disclosures ✓ 500+ assets, 100+ data points ✓ Charting & historical data ✓ 30+ signed token projects ✓ Exchange registry in Q3’19 To date, we shipped three foundational elements. ✓ 5,000+ people, 2,000+ orgs ✓ Filters & market mapping Find better information on the top assets, organizations, and trends in crypto. 6 OnChainFX: standardized data Search: curated profiles & news
  7. 7. Now we’re rolling out a robust market intelligence tool. Messari Pro: Search data modules & build charts Pull data from our APIs and data marketplace Create, save, and share custom dashboards 7
  8. 8. Our tech allows us to ingest and monetize cleaner data. Blockchain Data 8 Markets Data Content Messari Pro API Partners “Fundamentals” Research Partners Messari Meridian: Focus on breadth Ingest raw data ourselves and call partner APIs Multiple fail safes for every datapoint Use data standards & public methodologies Deliver clean, consistent and comprehensive data Real-time updates via websocket APIs Ingest: Transform: Monetize: Meridian Multiple Redundancies Registry Standards “Messari Methods”
  9. 9. Community Highlights Good data isn’t enough; brand and community matter. Power users love us: 8,500+ email subscribers 130k+ twitter followers 200+ community analysts 100k+ live interactive viewers “Build an aura of inevitability & recruit an army of missionaries” #2 and #4 “data & analytics” brands #5 “research & news” brand Source: rankings Brand Highlights: 9 has TV. has Twitter.
  10. 10. We recruited a team that’s built this business before. Core Team 10 Strategic Investors
  11. 11. We grew audience despite the crypto recession. May 2018: Launch open research library, Agora Sept 2018: Send first research brief, “Unqualified Opinions” Nov 2018: Complete the OnChainFx site integration Nov 2018: LUCA registry beta (Total Revenue: $130k) 11 July 2018: Acquire OnChainFx, launch curated newsfeed Feb 2018: “Messari Pro” alpha (Total Revenue: $260k) Mar 2019: “Real 10” volume & Liquid Supply launched Apr 2019: Boards prototype launched in Messari Labs
  12. 12. We increased annualized revenue across products. 12 September 2018: Paid research briefs launch November 2018: First registry cohort (12 projects) announced March 2019: Initial sponsors (native advertising)
  13. 13. We will grow steadily through the next crypto bull cycle. Ratings & Data Market Intelligence Token Registry Indices & Ref Data Benchmark Services API & Research Briefs API & Pro Accounts Enterprise Licenses 13 On-chain Asset Ratings White Labeled Solutions 2018: Built an open data library, community, and data ingest tools 2019: Scale the registry to 50+ projects and launch “Pro” product 2020: Create benchmark ratings and win enterprise customers
  14. 14. Crypto Asset Ratings $3+ million We have penetrated small, high growth markets. 14 Crypto Data & Research $10 million TAM in 2025 TAM Today Messari Today $100+ million Protocols, securities, derivatives, etc. $1 billion+ Exchanges, funds, Fortune 1000 $100k $300k Strategy: Build a moat around our reference data and distribution channels Own key customer relationships in small, high-growth markets Upsell premium analytics and tools Grow with the market
  15. 15. Information Google $800B Relationships Facebook $500B Finance Messari The dominant provider of curated financial information will reach internet scale. Crypto’s data giant will be bigger than Bloomberg or S&P. 15
  16. 16. Messari Investor Introduction // Not for Distribution Questions? Contact: Ryan Selkis CEO Ben O’Neill BD / Ops Eric Turner Research