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Embracing Social Media | Success On Any Budget


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Successfully leveraging social media to further your business objectives doesn't have to feel like a waste of time and money. This presentation will walk you through...

Getting focused: The first step in building an engaged following is knowing who you're talking to, and what they need. Some simple tools are outlined to help you identify your ideal target audience, and reasons to stay focused on the channels you can truly be present within.

Getting Strategic: As with any other marketing efforts, attracting and engaging an audience on social media requires strategic planning. Tools and ideas here will provide you with a map to outline your objectives, tactics, and measurement of ROI.

Getting Results: Understanding the "social sales funnel"...and how to grow awareness for your organization, provide content that's interesting and engaging to your target audience, and moving your audience toward taking action.

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Embracing Social Media | Success On Any Budget

  1. 1. Kristel Hayes, Mesh Marketing Creative GroupApril, 2012EMBRACING SOCIAL MEDIASuccess on Any Budget
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover...As with any other marketingefforts, attracting and engagingan audience on social mediarequires strategic planning.Getting StrategicGetting FocusedThe first step in building anengaged following on socialmedia is knowing who you’retalking to, and what they need.Getting ResultsUnderstanding your“social media sales funnel”:Awareness > Interest > Action
  3. 3. Hi! I’m Kristel...I like dogs, singing,the great outdoors,and helping businessesachieve their business goalsthru online marketing.
  4. 4. More Specifically...Bachelor of Music from UCI• learned to promote & present myself to people who are most likely to enjoy what I do• learned to get creative visuals, audio, video, and most importantly, how to engage my audience• learned to work with NO budget• old school...back when we used word processors & copy machinesSan Francisco : Sales/Marketing/PR for Britanne Corporation• “snuck” email & internet access into the picture• thought leader w/in my organization to leverage online marketing• helped grow the brand & sales over 200% annually on a VERY tight budgetMaine: Began Work as Independent Consultant• Helping small businesses present the best version of themselves.• Auditing current efforts, and building strategies based on those observations• Empowering clients to maximize efforts based on their unique budget limitations via best channelsfor their organization.
  5. 5. Organizations I’ve Enjoyed Working With...
  6. 6. So EnoughAbout Me
  7. 7. What is Social Media?noun : forms of electronic communication (as Web sitesfor social networking and microblogging) through whichusers create online communities to share information,ideas, personal messages, and other content (as videos)
  8. 8. What is Social Media?Any media or communication method your organizationuses to engage its ideal target audience
  9. 9. The goal is not to begood at social media...The goal is to be good atbusiness because ofsocial media.~Jay Baer
  10. 10. Social Media is no longerthe Wild Wild West.As folks become more savvy,it’s important to be sureyour efforts are focused and effective.
  11. 11. Promoting a Social Media ChannelYou do not Actively Participate in isLike Opening an un-staffed Office.
  12. 12. Get Focused& Be Present
  13. 13. Everyone likes vanilla, but is it reallyall that interesting to anyone?
  14. 14. "If you dont have a big budget,you need to be the Pistachio"~Sally Hogshead
  15. 15. Know Your Ideal Audience10/12WHO is most likely to support an engagewith your organization?GET SPECIFIC man or woman, how old,how many kids, what kind of car do theydrive, what do they order at Starbucks?DEVELOP your voice so that you arespeaking directly to that person.
  16. 16. Who is your ideal target audience?
  17. 17. Who is Your Ideal Target Audience?• Male or Female?• What’s their name?• How old are they?• Tall or Short?• What color hair/eyes do they have?• What do they do for a living?• What car do they drive?• Married?• Kids?• Attitude toward the world?• What do they do on Friday nights?• What keeps them up at night?• How does this make them feel?
  18. 18. Digging deep helps you connect.Digging deep doesn’t just help your organizationdevelop a specific voice...It creates messaging that will attract your ideal target audienceand allow them toconnect with your message on a truly emotional level.
  19. 19. Be Strategic
  20. 20. “Organize, dont agonize.”~ Nancy Pelosi
  21. 21. Create a Strategic PlanObjectives & GoalsWhat do we want toaccomplish?TacticsWhat tools and tactics willhelp us accomplish our goals?ROIHow will we measure success?
  22. 22. TAKE ACTION: Write downTHREE primary objectives foryour organization on socialmedia
  23. 23. The Social “Sales Funnel”AwarenessThe initial goal is to make your target audience awareof your brand. This is a necessary prerequisite tomoving them further down the conversion path. Thisprimarily takes the form of a “follow” or “like”.Measured by Followers/FansAwarenessInterestOnce you’ve generated awareness, you need togenerate interest in your prospects. This involvescreating and/or sharing interesting, relevant contentthat drives engagement and clicks from your followers.Measured by clicks and engagementInterestActionProspects have been groomed down the path toconversion. This can be an event signup, trippurchase, or simple micro-conversion, such as apage-view...Measured by social conversionsAction
  24. 24. Awareness
  25. 25. Basic Awareness Strategies AwarenessAdd URLs to email signatureInclude URLs on biz cardsLink personal profiles to Facebook biz pageEmail subscribers & give them a reason to become a fan• contest / giveaway• discount• great content• some sort of incentive that will be valuable to YOUR target audienceBONUS: Add Like box to thank you / confirmationpages, about page, anywhere you have lots of trafficAdd a Like Box to your website• Allows people to LIKE your FB page w/o leaving site• Shows YOUR friends who like the page at top of faces grid• Similar tools available for other channels (just ask your friend Google)
  26. 26. TAKE ACTION: Write down ONEbasic awareness strategy you’re notusing and commit to implementing itwithin 24-48 hours.• Add URLs to email signature• Include URLs on biz cards• Link personal profiles to Facebook biz page• Email subscribers & give them a reason to become a fan• contest / giveaway• discount• great content• some sort of incentive that will be valuable to YOUR target audience• Add a Like Box to your websiteAwareness
  27. 27. Interest
  28. 28. How to engage and encourage interest... InterestUse Images to Tell Your Story• Users are more likely to engage with photos• Photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes than avg post• Images, when done right can drive traffic to your site via Pinterest• Great tools to elevate images: PicMonkey, Snagit, & Instagram
  29. 29. Rocking the Visuals... Interest
  30. 30. How to engage and encourage interest... InterestGet Active Outside of Social, and your ideal audience will makethe effort of finding you via their preferred channels.Think “Story” not “Promotion”• Convey your organizations mission w/peeks behind the scenes• Share “on location” stories & images• Speak directly to your ideal target audience...they WANT to hear your storyVenture Outside the Social Media Box• Attend networking events• Say “yes” to interviews• Create awesome video & blog content that people will be eager to share
  31. 31. TAKE ACTION: Write down ONEbasic interest strategy you’re notusing and commit to implementing itwithin 24-48 hours.• Use Images to Tell Your Story• Think “Story” not “Promotion”• Peeks behind the scenes• Share “on location” stories & images• Speak directly to your ideal target audience...they WANT to hear your story• Venture Outside the Social Media Box• Attend networking events• Say “yes” to interviews• Create awesome video & blog contentInterest
  32. 32. Action / Results
  33. 33. Measuring Results16/14Action• Google Analytics• Surveys• Email Campaign Analytics• Social Media Analytics• Attendance Records• Financial RecordsWhatever your objectives are, you need to identifyhow you will measure results before you begin efforts to get there.
  34. 34. The B Word
  35. 35. What to Budget For...Analysis &PlanningAuditStrategizeExecuteRinse & RepeatExpect 3-4 hrs/monthConversation &OutreachContent CurationGraphic Design & ManipulationHeavy Focus on Visual MarketingEducate. Entertain. Inform.Expect 2-3 hrs/week per channelLearning &EducationFree WebinarsOnline Video & Forum MembershipsIndustry Leader BlogsIndustry Leader E-NewsList at the end of this presentationExpect 3-4 hrs/month
  36. 36. What to Budget For...Don’t forget to budget for ads!• Google Ad Words• Facebook• Twitter• LinkedInALL of these platforms allow you to set your own budget, andyou will want to be strategic in exactly which objectives can bebest supported with ads.
  37. 37. How much should we budget for online advertising?What is the value YOU place on the actions & resultsyou hope to achieve with online ads?
  38. 38. Resources
  39. 39. Resource Lists: MeasurementDashboards• Google Analytics• HootSuite (plans start at $5.99/month)• RavenTools (plans start at $99/month)Channel Specific (free)• Facebook Analytics• Pinterest Analytics• LinkedIn Analytics• YouTube Analytics• Twitter: FollowerWonk
  40. 40. Resource Lists: LearningFree Resources• Blogs / Subscriptions• Social Media Today• Social Media Examiner• Social Fresh• Amy Porterfield (FB page)• Jay Baer / Convince & Convert• Mari Smith• WebinarsLike what you see on these blogs/websites?Be sure to subscribe to receive tips & webinar invites via email.
  41. 41. Resource Lists: LearningAre you on Facebook?Subscribe to my“Social Media Marketing”feed to tap into the feeds ofmy favorite resources andcolleagues on Facebook.
  42. 42. Resource Lists: LearningIncredible Value• In Depth Library of How To Videos• Interactive Forums/Group Pages on FB• Lifetime Memberships for one flat price• Consistently updated for most current best practicesFB$97LinkedIn$$197
  43. 43. Coming Soon from Mesh MarketingHow-To Video LibrarySocial Media Basics & Quick TipsWordpress How To BasicsDr’s Hours at Roost House of Juice20 min appts - bring your list of online marketing questionsIncludes a Green JuicePrivate Coaching2 hour time slotsOne-on-one help with your social media & online marketing challengesSocial Media AuditsAudit > Strategy > Initial Content CalendarServices On RetainerMonthly Audits & Planning, Assistance with social voice,blog content & community management, and more...Be among the first to know as new services are launched:Subscribe for free content, updates, and exclusive invitations at & Website Design
  44. 44. “Everything is Figureoutable”~Marie Forleo
  45. 45. Thank You!
  46. 46. Contact mewebsitehttp://MeshMarketing.bizKristel