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Become a Social Superhero (Wk 1): Build your Twitter Network & Get in the Groove


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Week 1 in a 4 week overview of tackling social media without wasting time, or losing your mind!

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Become a Social Superhero (Wk 1): Build your Twitter Network & Get in the Groove

  1. 1. Become a Social Superhero<br />Establishing Yourself in Social Media Without Wasting Time (or Losing Your Mind)<br />Week 1: Build Your Twitter Network & Get in the Groove<br />
  2. 2. Become a Social Superhero<br />Establishing Yourself on Social Media Without Wasting Time (or Losing Your Mind)<br />Week 1: Build Your Twitter Network & Get in the Groove<br />1.2<br />1.3<br />1.1 <br />1.4 <br />Get Organized<br />Simple Daily Checklist<br />Build Your Network, Converse/Monitor<br />General How Tos & <br />Best Practices<br />Simple tools & methods to begin building your network, converse with others, and monitor your brand.<br />The rules are quite simple, actually. <br />Use an aggregator , like HootSuite or Tweet Deck. Set this up first, and you’ll thank yourself.<br />Get it all done in 30 minutes (or less!) a day.<br />Become a Social Superhero: Week 1<br />
  3. 3. It connects you with your consumers in real-time via the web, desktop applications, and even mobile. <br />Finding a way to offer value while humanizing the business can lead to a stronger following and increased word of mouth marketing.<br />This is the intro “Cocktail Party”. Light contact & light conversation with the intention of finding a few “gems” that will develop into quality business relationships.<br />Why Twitter?<br />Simple…<br />Become a Social Superhero: Week 1<br />
  4. 4. Everything you do on Twitter has the potential of seeding something you can repurpose elsewhere: Blog, Facebook, YouTube, etc. <br />Does Twitter seem nonsensical &/or overwhelming to you? If so, we need to break the ice, so you are comfortable with it as you roll out the rest of your strategy.<br />Practice makes perfect. Learning how to get into your groove early on Twitter will make everything else easier as we move on to weeks 2-4.<br />Why Twitter First?<br />Breaking the Ice…<br />Become a Social Superhero: Week 1<br />
  5. 5. (We prefer HootSuite, but Tweet Deck is also a great option.)<br />Aggregates Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Wordpress, Foursquare, and Mixi into a single dashboard.<br />Built in tools for link shortening, scheduling messages, keeping track of searches, etc.<br />Apps for SmartPhones to keep you mobile<br />Built in Results Tracking Dashboard<br />Get Organized First<br />Set up HootSuite (or Tweet Deck)<br />Become a Social Superhero: Week 1<br />
  6. 6. Profile Checklist<br />These five items should always be present on your Twitter profile<br />View from Twitter:<br />View from HootSuite:<br />Name or Brand Name<br />Photo<br />Location<br />Web (blog / custom landing page)<br />Bio (meta search! 165 Characters)<br />Become a Social Superhero: Week 1<br />
  7. 7. Focus on QUALITY relationships<br />CONTENT is king<br />CONVERSE, don’t broadcast<br />INITIATE conversations<br />Be REAL<br />Let your network grow “organically”<br />Building The Network<br />General Best Practices to Keep In Mind…<br />Become a Social Superhero: Week 1<br />
  8. 8. Locate influencers & key target customers using:<br />KeyWord/Phrase searches<br />Hashtags, ie:<br />#followfriday / #ff<br />#EcoMonday<br />#oibiz, #realestate, #AnythingThatRelatesToYourBusiness<br />Building The Network<br />How To Find The People You Want to Connect With<br />Become a Social Superhero: Week 1<br />
  9. 9. Tweet Actively w/keyword-rich, <br /> quality content<br />Visible links on website & blog<br />Link in Email Footer<br />Add logo/handle to printed materials<br />Add logo/handle to all <br /> Email Marketing<br />BONUS: Twitter specific biz cards / <br /> mini cards / flyers<br />Building The Network<br />Make Sure People Can Find You<br />Become a Social Superhero: Week 1<br />
  10. 10. Initiate conversations by tweeting great info, links, etc.<br />Respond / Jump in when people talk about or mention you (public damage control when negative)<br />THANK people for retweets, mentions & follows<br />Retweet others & give them credit<br />Be sure to give credit where due<br />Use #followfriday, etc.<br />How To Converse<br />Remember: Twitter’s Main Purpose is Conversation…<br />Become a Social Superhero: Week 1<br />
  11. 11. Quality/Constructive product feedback<br />Negative product feedback<br />Relationships that are ready to move “offline”<br />Great business ideas<br />Great resource links<br />How To Monitor Your Brand<br />Follow mentions of your company/brand & check regularly for…<br />Become a Social Superhero: Week 1<br />
  12. 12. @ - always use this before someone’s Twitter name (no spaces!) to give them credit, mention, or converse w/them in the open arena<br />RT – use this (followed by “@username”) to indicate you are “retweeting”<br />DM – use very selectively (followed by “@username”) to send someone a private/direct message. Use only when sharing private info, or when a single conversation string has gone on more than 4 or 5 exchanges.<br /># - Hashtags are a great way to start or follow a specific conversation string<br />General How-Tos<br />What all those weird symbols mean…<br />Become a Social Superhero: Week 1<br />
  13. 13. Know your “magic number”: 140 characters minus the number of characters that “@username” makes up…<br />Example: Magic Number for “RT @MeshMarketing” (17 characters) is 123<br />Stick to Magic Number when possible so others can easily retweet you .<br />General How-Tos<br />How to be sure your full message is visible to all & easily Retweetable…<br />Become a Social Superhero: Week 1<br />
  14. 14. Use the Direct Message feature unless you are taking an ongoing conversation (already initated) private &/or the recipient has invited the message<br />Over-Sell or Over-Advertise.<br />ie: It’s ok to let folks know you’re running a sale or special, but if you need to do so, make sure you’re carrying on other conversations at the same time.<br />DO NOT…<br />With VERY few exceptions…<br />Become a Social Superhero: Week 1<br />
  15. 15. 3 Step Daily Checklist<br />How To Tackle Twitter in 30 min (or less) a day…<br /><ul><li>Check for new followers
  16. 16. Follow the good ones back
  17. 17. Initiate conversations with the really good ones (with a simple hello & why your happy to “tweet” them, bonus if you review their website & use subject matter to initiate a conversation!)</li></ul>PEOPLE<br /><ul><li>Check for mentions of the company/brand
  18. 18. Mentions Column
  19. 19. Search for brand/company name
  20. 20. Respond (thank you, answers, etc)</li></ul>MENTIONS<br /><ul><li>Scan your hashtags/searches for stories worth engaging on &/or retweeting
  21. 21. BONUS: Keep a list of stories you’ve discovered online that your followers might also appreciate, and take a few min to tweet & include your thoughts. Use hashtags where appropriate so your thoughts become part of a larger conversation.
  22. 22. BONUS: Repurpose any of these items by posting the best ones on your Facebook wall, and be sure to provide your personal commentary there as well.</li></ul>SEARCHES<br />Become a Social Superhero: Week 1<br />
  23. 23. It’s Okay…<br />It’s really ok if you DON’T:<br />Check Twitter EVERY day<br />Skipping a day, or frankly, a weekend, is okay…really!<br />Have anything interesting to say <br />(when this happens, just step back, “observe” & enjoy)<br />You’re only human. So is everybody else on Twitter…<br />that’s the point, so don’t beat yourself up over <br />NOT being a superhero sometimes.<br />Become a Social Superhero: Week 1<br />
  24. 24. Remember<br />Twitter is About Using Your Own Voice<br />Use this as a guide to <br />get started, then <br />develop your own style!<br />Become a Social Superhero: Week 1<br />
  25. 25. Next Session…<br />Taking it to the next level by combining Blogging & Twitter<br />Week 2: Now You’re In the Groove…Time implement a Content Strategy!<br />2.2<br />2.4<br />2.3<br />2.1 <br />Twitter Lists<br />Tweet Your Blog Posts<br />Follow & Read Other Blogs<br />Share Info From Other Blogs<br />Start creating more engaging streams of your own using Twitter Lists.<br />How to set up your own custom blog reader & find/follow other blogs<br />How to Interact with the blogs you follow in a way that will engage them and their followers too!<br />How to get maximum exposure for a new blog post by creatively scheduling multiple tweets about it.<br />Become a Social Superhero: Week 1<br />
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