Community Language Learning , the principles


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Community Language Learning , the principles

  1. 1. The Principles Teacher Roles Student Roles In Community Language Learning
  2. 2. The Goals of The Teacher The teachers want their student to learn;  • • • • using the language communicatively learning about their own learning taking responsibility sharing knowledge from one another
  3. 3. The Role of The Teacher  Counselor  Understander  Provider of a safe environment  Generator of non-defensive learning
  4. 4. The Role of The Students Learner WHOLE PERSON  There are 5 stages in student roles; 1)) Infant: Dependent on teacher for learning.
  5. 5. 2)) Achieves a measure of independence: by using simple expressions and pharases 3)) Seperate – existance: rejects assistance from teacher
  6. 6. 4)) Adolescence: greater security and readiness to benefit in the language 5)) Independent: capable of defining their understanding, correct using of language
  7. 7. What is The Role of Native Language? Providing a bridge from familiar to the unfamiliar  Meaning is made clear  The feelings of students are understood easily 
  8. 8. What is the Nature of Interactions? Student- Teacher interaction: 2 types 1) The students are assertive 2) The teacher is in charge and providing direction Student-Student interaction: • Spirit of cooperation, NOT competition • Trusting relationship
  9. 9. How is the Language and Culture viewed? Language is for communication  Language becomes the means for developing creative and critical thinking   Culture is an integral part of language learning
  10. 10. How does the teacher respond to student Errors ?  No immediate correction  Repeating the correct form  No calling further attention  Respectful relationship with students
  11. 11. SYLLABUS  Topic-based  Students choose the topic  Teacher doesn’t give the grammar, vocabulary and other language items in advance  Interaction -based
  12. 12. How is the Evalution ? No particular mode of evaluation  A test at the end of a course  Writing a paragraph or oral interview  Encouraging students to self-evaluate 
  13. 13. Some Important Characteristics of the Community Language Learning Responding to the students’ feeling and student security in the lesson  Listening+ Speaking > Writing+ Reading Grammar+ Vocabulary  The most important skillls are understanding and speaking the language
  14. 14. Various activities are made for exploring the language Six elements of non-defensive learning  SECURITY AGRESSION ATTENTION REFLECTION RETENTION DISCRIMINATION
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